Last Minute Gift Guide for Travelers

Are you looking for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers for friends or family who like to travel? This gift guide for travelers is helpful for business or personal travel. All of the items listed below are for sale on Amazon where you can take advantage of 2 day shipping! Without further ado, on to the list.


Travel Adapters

Any international traveler knows the worst thing when you finally get to an airport or hotel room and your electronics are at 3% battery is to find out you forgot your outlet adapter. I love the bright color and universal usability of this one.

Passport Covers

These passport covers are gorgeous and a handy way to keep a passport safe.

Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is perfect for shorter vacations and can be easily packed in a car or carried on a plane. These are particularly useful for avoiding baggage fees since most can be stuffed in the overhead compartment of a plane.


Toiletry Bag

Airplane trips are much easier using a TSA approved toiletry bag. These are easy to fill and large enough to hold a decent amount of shampoo, condition, or lotion.


Neck Pillow

Although I’ve never been a huge fan, some people swear by their neck pillows for sleeping on planes. This one isn’t too bulky, has great reviews, and features memory foam stuffing.

Travel Guides

Travel enthusiasts like me get just as much enjoyment out of planning for a trip as actually taking one. I’m devouring Rick Steve’s Ireland guide in preparation for our upcoming trip next year. 

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Ok, this certainly falls in the fun but not practical category. We received this as a wedding present and can’t wait to try it out.

Luggage Cubes

This packing essential helps keep clothes organized in any size suitcase.

Puzzle Books

Mini puzzle books keep boredom at bay while traveling. Plus, they don’t take up much space and can be tossed when they’re complete!

What else would you add to this gift guide for travelers?

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