What I’m Loving Lately – January 2018

I saw a quote on the internet that January is the Monday of the months. It’s hard to argue with that logic, so I try to fill this time of year with simple things I love. That meant lots of reading, baking, standing two inches from our pellet stove, and a few nights with friends! Read on to find out more. As usual, I’m also linking up with Leigh Kramer.


TV Shows

9-1-1 – This is a new show on FOX that I’m watching on Hulu. Two episodes in and I’m hooked. It’s pure ridiculous drama, but the scenarios the first responders encounter are fascinating.

Game of Thrones – We wrapped up Season 2 this month and are planning to start Season 3 soon. I’m also still trying to convince my parents to keep watching. They’re on the last episode of Season 1 but took a long break over the holidays.



Rogue One – After watching Episodes I – III, Rogue One was a breath of fresh air. I loved the characters and the story. No more Hayden Christensen! I certainly thought it was a lot better than the new movie, The Last Jedi. 

Pitch Perfect – After seeing the third movie in December, I was in the mood to watch the original. Much much better than the newest version haha. 

Wonder WomanMy library came through for me! After waiting about a month I finally snagged a copy. Although the CGI was heavy handed, Diana is a fascinating character. I might dive into some of her comic books soon. 



Check out my latest reading update here!



Board Game Weekend – Early this month we made the trek to New Jersey for another weekend full of D&D and board games. We always have a blast playing obscure games with our friends. 

Pie Extravaganza – Two pies in one month that I consumed almost entirely by myself. Peanut butter and pecan. Wow they were delicious, but so many calories. Completely worth it! 

Birthday Celebration – Jay’s closest friend turned 30 this month, so we spent an evening at their house hanging out with a small group of friends. 

Colony Meadery TourAs part of my Christmas gift, Jay purchased tickets for a tour and tasting at a local meadery. The tour was informative and dove into the recent history of mead making. The meads are delicious, too. They have a ton of varieties to choose from, but we ended up taking home their most popular, no flavor added version.


What I’m Loving

Prepworks 6-piece Prokeeper Storage Containers – These babies are a life saver for bakers. Each container is designed specifically for a certain ingredient (flour, sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, baking soda/nuts, and sprinkles). 


War of the Ring – Jay’s latest purchase is a board game based on the Lord of the Ring books. This is no Monopoly. The map is massive and the rule book is 45 pages. Our first game took 7 hours over the course of one weekend! There’s lots of strategy and decisions to make, so we had a blast playing. 

Kitchen Cart – Our kitchen is tiny, so I’m always looking for opportunities to free up counter / cupboard space. I finally pulled the trigger on this kitchen cart to keep in a corner of our dining room. We turned it into a delightful coffee and tea station!


What were you loving in January?

*I earn a tiny commission for any products purchased through the links included above. Thank you so much for supporting my reading habit.


  1. Good morning from over at Leigh’s, Rachel! Peanut butter pie sounds most intriguing right about now … actually any kind of pie would do! And those storage containers look too fun … and necessary.

    Stay cozy …

  2. War of the Rings. Wow, I have a Tolkien geek in my house who would love that. (He’s reading his way through a boxed set of little-known Tolkien works right now . . .)
    Thanks for sharing the idea!

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