Reading RoundUp #37

Is anyone else counting down the days until Easter? I gave up ice cream for Lent and I find myself gazing longingly at the freezer most nights after dinner. In general I find the whole “sacrificing” a favorite food, drink, or past time a bit silly, but it does force me to remember my faith more often throughout the weeks. Fortunately, my church is facilitating a deeper level of spiritual growth this season. My pastor is in the middle of a fascinating series about what it means to follow Christ. If you’re interested, you can find his messages here! Anyway, two more weeks until ice cream. Here are the books I’m using as distractions:

This week’s Reading Roundup!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve by Ben Blatt – Normally nonfiction is a genre I throw into my reading life mainly because I think I “should.” This is the exception to the rule. Blatt takes a statistical analysis approach to books, showing what data reveals about the types of words, phrases, and styles authors use. As an accountant, this is the perfect combination. It’s written for everyone, though and doesn’t get bogged down with too much detail. Highly recommend!


House Books:

The Two Towers by J.R.R Tolkien – I’m planning to jump right into the second book in the series after finishing The Fellowship of the Ring. These books are lengthy, but I love the rich detail Tolkien includes. It’s a completely different experience than watching the movies.

Love Does by Bob Goff – My mom let me borrow this unique Christian book after she read it. Bob tells the stories of incredible journeys, experiences, and moments in his life with the enduring message of showing God’s love by doing

Beartown by Fredrik Bachman – Great news from the library! After a few months long wait, I’m finally getting my hands on Beartown. I’ve heard it’s darker than some of this other novels. A small town with their hopes set on the local hockey team is rattled after a violent act occurs connected with the game. I read this start to finish in five hours. It’s too enthralling to put down.


Kindle Books:

Riven by Jane Alvey Harris – This is my latest selection from IndieReader, a site that pays me to write short reviews. It’s a young adult fantasy novel in which a teenager’s real world and Fae world are colliding. Parts of the story are a little hard to follow, but it’s a decent read so far. 

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – This book is all over my Goodreads feed and it’s no surprise why. It’s relevant, eye-opening, and an important read for our nation. Starr is a 16 year old who is living in two vastly different worlds: the poor community where she lives and the rich prep school school she attends. When she witnesses a police officer fatally shoot an old friend from her neighborhood, who was unarmed, she is pulled into the all-encompassing search for justice and the truth of what happened that night.


From Around the Web:

8 Books Set in Ireland If you’re in a St. Patrick’s Day mood, here are 8 books that take place in Ireland. My personal preference would be enjoying them with a glass of Bailey’s on the rocks 🙂  

A Weekend in Dublin – Might as well stick with the theme. I’m browsing lots of blogs for ideas for our Ireland trip and I came across this wonderful post. I love their recommendations.

8 Essential Blogging Tools – I’m a new fan of Jamie’s blog and she recently shared a list of her essential blogging tools. I’m not at the readership level to need to use most of these, but I’m bookmarking it for a hopeful someday! 

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