Book Review: A Storied Life

When one of my favorite bloggers, Leigh Kramer, announced she wrote a book, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. A few weeks later, I was giddy with delight when she picked me to be a part of her launch team! So, thank you, Leigh, for providing an advance copy of your novel and allowing me to enjoy it and share my thoughts.

A Storied Life is a unique story of forgiveness, growth, and love. Olivia is an art gallery owner who’s been tasked with managing her beloved grandmother’s end of life care. In the same week, she meets the next artist who’s work will be shown in her gallery. He turns out to be handsome and interested in her. Naturally, the timing couldn’t be worse. She now must deal with navigating family drama, a new relationship, and her own emotional response to these last moments with her grandmother.

This novel features weighty issues, but still manages to maintain a chick lit vibe. It’s easy to read and doesn’t try to sound overly literary. As a result, I flew through it in just a few days. Leigh’s writing is accessible and believable. I love the unique blend of topics and how she are seamlessly intertwines them in Olivia’s life.

Taking care of an elderly loved one is certainly not something that you often come across often in fiction. However, I found myself particularly invested in that aspect of the story. Olivia’s emotions, frustrations, and grief were well-written and I felt like I was experiencing everything with her. The conversations with her grandmother are full of humor, honesty, and intelligence. It makes me want to go searching for more grandparent/grandchild stories, since that relationship can be vastly different from a parent and child.

Speaking of relationships, the new man in Olivia’s life added a whole other dimension to the story. Although Reagan isn’t exactly my type, I was still curious to find out what would happen between them. At times he seemed a bit too perfect or one dimensional, but he did start to grow on me by the end!

A Storied Life will appeal to a variety of readers, both those who generally enjoy a light easy fiction read as well as anyone looking for more depth. The unique aspect of taking care of a loved one makes this stand out from the typical summer/breezy fiction. It releases TODAY so you can immediately start reading 🙂


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