A New Chapter

Hello readers! You may have noticed things are woefully slow around the blog these days. Thankfully I have an exciting reason – I’m pregnant!! Our baby is expected in March 2019 and we cannot wait to meet him or her. Despite the horrors of the first trimester 🙂 , we’re so grateful to God for blessing us with this upcoming bundle of joy! 

One of the weirdest side effects of this pregnancy is that I have had zero desire to read or write. Believe me, it’s freaking me out as well as everyone who knows me. I’m hoping that will come back now that I’m in my second trimester, but I’m sure my posting will take a back seat to getting ready for baby and enjoying these last few months with just my husband. I appreciate all of you who have visited my blog and who keep coming back – it’s truly an incredible community! I’ll hopefully check back in at least a few times each month 🙂  


P.S. Since I got to create a fun announcement picture with my books, my husband got to create one with his beloved tools : ) Which one do you like better??


    1. Thanks Brooke! I think your mom might be just as excited as mine : ) Hopefully we’ll be able to see you at the next family get together!

  1. Congratulations! Make no apologies for any absences–the first trimester can truly be a horror. Here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon and having fun planning!

    1. Each day is getting better and better! It’s making me look back and think, eh maybe it wasn’t that bad haha!

  2. Congratulations Rachel! That’s so exciting! The first trimester can be pretty rough. Luckily, with my three I felt much better right around week 13. I also got a lot of my energy back for a bit in the second trimester too. I hope it’s the same for you!

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