What I’m Loving Lately – February 2019

Happy first day of March! Winter seems to be holding on in our neck of the woods, but hopefully warmer weather is just around the corner. We’ve been busy prepping for baby’s arrival! February was full of baby showers, baby classes, and nursery decorating. I’m sharing it all today! Head over to See You In A Porridge on Thursday for more monthly recaps from other bloggers.


TV Shows

Everybody Loves Raymond – Since we just wrapped up King of Queens, it’s on to Everybody Loves Raymond!

Millionaire Matchmaker – I know, this show is absurd but I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole watching old episodes while Jay woodworks in the garage.

The Expanse – This sci-fi show is now available on Amazon Prime. It’s set hundreds of years in the future and a war is brewing between Earth, colonized Mars, and low level workers who live permanently on space stations. We’re about halfway through the first season and each episode keeps getting better and better.



Moana– The songs in this movie are just wonderful and being home alone is the perfect opportunity to belt them out at full volume 🙂

Crazy Stupid Love – Basically an excuse to watch Ryan Gosling. I love him and Emma Stone acting together so this will always be a favorite.



Check out my latest reading roundup here! I’m currently reading:



Baby Shower – The most wonderful event this month was our baby shower! My mom did an incredible job organizing this book-themed party and we felt so loved being surrounded by family and friends who can’t wait to meet our baby boy. I’ll share more pictures in a special post soon.

The Weekend After – Naturally, a baby shower means lots of new gifts for our little one. Thankfully, my parents came back up to visit for the weekend and helped sort through, unpackage, and wash everything we received. It was wonderful not having to face the pile on our own.

Baby Classes – Our hospital offers various prep classes, so we took a tour, a newborn care class, and infant CPR to help prepare us for baby’s arrival. Overall they were fairly informative and we both learned a few things so I’d call them a success. I’m sure we’ll be referring to the handouts quite a bit in a few weeks!

Visiting Local Bookstores – We visited two used bookstores in the area one weekend. One felt more corporate-y and we probably won’t be back even though they had decent prices. The other (Hooked on Books) has more of the small business bookstore feel and still featured a huge selection. Plus, they have a great trade in policy so we’ll be taking advantage of that in the future.

What I’m Loving

Personalized Cake Pan – We received a personalized cake pan with a lid as a gift for our wedding. Cute and practical! I used it to take an Ice Cream Sundae Cake to bible study last week (keep an eye out for the recipe coming soon).

Harry Potter Light Switch – I’m adding the final touches to the nursery and just purchased this light switch cover. It’s a subtle nod to Harry Potter that I can’t wait to put up!

Humidifier – One of the unexpected pregnancy symptoms I’m experiencing is a constantly stuffed up nose. I use a humidifier each night in our bedroom to help me sleep better. It’s especially useful since our pellet stove sucks all the moisture out of the air.

Chai Burt’s Bees Chapstick – I had no idea Burt’s Bees came in different flavors until my secret santa sent me this chapstick for Christmas. It has a light chai scent which smells delicious.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – I used Taste of Home’s recipe to whip up some banana chocolate chip muffins. Yummm! Plus, rather than slicing up banana bread, these are portable and easy to freeze.


What were you loving in February?

Here’s what I was loving in January!


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  1. What a fun baby shower – I can’t wait to see the details. I want to check out the Expanse – sounds like something my husband and I would like. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Crazy Stupid Love is hilarious. The Dirty Dancing scene makes me cry laugh every time. And I love Raymond, but I LOOOOOOVE King of Queens. That used to be my favorite show to fall asleep to. Now it’s Friends, but that’s mostly due to Friends being on Netflix, so it’s easy to binge over and over again.

    1. We actually just wrapped up the entire collection of King of Queens! That’s why we’re moving on to Everybody Loves Raymond. Frasier is probably next…

  3. It sounds like such a fun month – yay baby shower! What do you think of the books so far?! I’ve heard of them but haven’t officially put them on my library hold list… Also, Millionaire Matchmaker is such a guilty pleasure of mine!

    1. The Unhoneymooners was a fun romcom type read! Olive Kitteridge is quite different, so I enjoyed the break into more serious territory. Olive and the other characters are fascinating.

  4. omg i used to LOVE millionaire matchmaker! i totally forgot about that show. obviously i need to binge watch all the episodes this weekend. i’m always looking for shows that both KC and I will enjoy so I will check out the expanse! crazy stupid love is so freaking good. love that move.

  5. I made the banana chocolate chip muffins, they are awesome and super easy! Thanks for sharing the recipe and for making them when we were visiting a few weeks ago, yum!!!

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