8 Newborn Favorites To Add To Your Baby Registry

We’re three weeks into this crazy journey that is parenthood and we’ve already found a few essential products for making our lives easier! When I was pregnant, I loved researching which items other moms relied on so I could add them to my registry. There are loads of registry checklists on the internet that cover the basics, but here are a few other newborn favorites that we love.


Disposable Changing Pad Covers – We brought home a few of these from the hospital and quickly realized they’re a lifesaver when poop gets EVERYWHERE. You just fold them up and throw them right in the trash. If you’d rather use reusable ones, these are a terrific, cheap option that I also purchased.




Medela Quick Clean Sterilizer Bags – The guidelines for cleaning your breast pump bottles and accessories state that everything should be sterilized once per day. Rather than boiling water, use these quick steam bags for just 3 minutes in the microwave. It’s a huge time saver and I’m incredibly grateful for our friend who gifted these to us!



Metal Cart – I saw this nursery hack on PBFinger’s blog and it’s now one of my favorite additions to his room. The metal cart is an amazing storage solution. We keep diaper changing essentials on the top tier for easy access. The rest of the tiers collect blankets, burp cloths, and other miscellaneous necessities that we use often.




Lawn Drying Rack – The constant washing of bottles and pump accessories is a pain, but having a compact place to let them air dry is undeniably helpful. This drying rack can hold lots of items at one time and it’s easy to clean. I would go crazy if all these parts were strewn across the countertop instead. We also use the tree for vertical storage 😊




aden & anais Swaddle Blankets – Although we’ll never be swaddle professionals like the nurses in the hospital, we’re pretty decent at it and these blankets are part of the reason why. They are the perfect size and the lightweight material is strong enough to keep his little arms and legs in place without making him too hot.




Graco Pack n’ Play with Bassinet – You’ll find Pack n’ Plays on almost every registry checklist, but this version comes with the adored bassinet. We set this up in our living room and it’s his favorite place to lay down during the day! He naps in the bassinet for hours but also sometimes just happily stays in there while he’s awake. Plus, if needed you can flip the bassinet around and use it as a changing table.




Water Bottle – One of the products I’m relying on every single day is this water bottle. Drinking enough water is vital for new moms, so I find it helpful to know exactly how much I consume during the day. My favorite feature are the hours of the day listed on the side so I know if I’m falling behind… It also comes with a fruit infuser so you can add extra flavor to your water!



Himalayan Salt Lamp – The last thing we want during our middle of the night feedings and changings is a bright overhead light waking up baby Connor. So, we turn on this salt lamp each evening. It emits a soft glow that provides just enough light to change and feed him. You can also adjust the brightness to dim it when baby goes back to sleep.




What are a few of your newborn favorites to help get through the first few months with a new baby?

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any products purchased through the links above at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog!!

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