Take My 2020 Reading Habits Survey

Take the Never Enough Novels’ 2020 Reading Habits Survey!

Last year I hosted my first reading habits survey and it was a huge success! Over 200 people took the survey and shared details about their reading life. Based on the positive responses, I’m planning to make it an annual tradition in January.

If you want to know exactly how last year turned out, you can check out my 2019 survey results.

So that means it’s time for the 2020 Reading Habits Survey! This year I’m curious about your 2019 year of reading as well as how you participate in the bookish community. Plus, there’s always a staple section about your reading preferences. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you’d like to see covered on this blog, too!

I’ll leave the 2020 survey open until mid-February. Once it’s closed, I’ll recap the results here on the blog. The goal is to share a summary of your answers by the end of February. Feel free to send the link to anyone you know who might want to fill it out! The more responses the better!

Let’s dive in to the 2020 Reading Habits survey!


Are there any questions, sections or topics you’d like to see in next year’s survey? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I took my reading survey yesterday! I cannot wait to see the final results. I filled it out on mobile–so I kept my answers short. I wanted to write that my favorite reading accessories are my Vera blanket, cats, and a beautiful glass of wine! Lol!

    I also wasn’t sure if I should count a reading challenge as a book club…but since there is online discussion, why not! I’m definitely hoping to read more books this year than last.

    1. Thanks for joining in! I’m up to 50 responses already, so I expect I’ll have a nice chunk of data to analyze by next month. I loveee seeing what books people hated haha. It’s always such a divisive topic.

      Hm that’s an interesting point about the reading challenge! It basically is a book club, so I’d say yes too 🙂 I’ll have to add a question about participation in those next year since I’m curious if a lot of readers do those.

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