Jenny Colgan Books In Order (Updated in 2023)

Jenny Colgan Books In Order + The 5 Must Reads

Jenny Colgan has been one of my go-to authors for a decade. Her novels are a mix of sweet romance and women’s fiction. They’re a guaranteed delight, so if you are looking to read all of the Jenny Colgan books in order, you can find everything you need here!

Since she writes a lot of “series” (books that are typically based in the same location with recurring characters), you’ll find notes about which of books go together in release date order. 

I’m also sharing her five best novels, so if you’d rather go straight to the five star reads, you can scroll down to find the best Jenny Colgan books listed at the end!

Starting with the most recent releases first, I’m sharing all of the Jenny Colgan books in order. (I’ll also admit, I left off a few of her earlier novels – I’ve found she really hit her stride a few books in!)

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Jenny Colgan Books In Order



summer skies

The Summer Skies

Published: 2023

Synopsis: I’m kicking off this list of all the Jenny Colgan books in order with a very recent release! A pilot returns to her Scottish hometown to help with the family business and ends up stranded with a stranger on a remote island. While there, she realizes her lofty goals in aviation may not be as appealing as she once thought. | Amazon | Buy From Target

Series: Standalone Novel





the christmas bookshop

The Christmas Bookshop

Published: 2021

Synopsis: Next up on this list of all the Jenny Colgan books in order is one of my absolute favorites. Carmen takes a last-ditch job helping an old bookshop owner revive his store during the Christmas season in Edinburgh | Amazon | Buy From Target

Series: To Be Determined! First Book set in Edinburgh





sunrise by the sea

Sunrise By The Sea

Published: 2021

Synopsis: Marisa escapes to Mount Polbearne to retreat into her grief – until she’s interrupted by the incredibly noisy and gruff neighbor next door. | Amazon | Buy From Target for $10

Series: Little Beach Street #4




christmas at the island hotel

Christmas At The Island Hotel

Published: 2020

Synopsis:  Revisit the island just in time for the grand hotel opening! Konstantin has been sent away to learn the value of work and meets quiet, but compelling Isla there. | Amazon | Buy From Target for $11

Series: Mure Island #4





500 Miles From You

500 Miles From You

Published: 2020

Synopsis:  Nurses Cormack and Lissie are forced to swap assignments and end up relying on each other for guidance. Highlander Cormack is out of sorts in London and city-dweller Lissie is clueless in the countryside. | Amazon | Buy From Target for $10

Series: Scottish Highlands #3





bookshop on the shore

The Bookshop On The Shore

Published: 2019

Synopsis: Single mom, Zoe, uproots her life in the hopes that a new start will help her son. They move into an old mansion where Zoe will split her time as the family’s au pair and helping with a local bookseller. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Scottish Highlands #2




christmas on the island

Christmas On The Island

Published: 2018

Synopsis: Flora and Joel are back as well as a few new characters this holiday season. While the couple work through communication difficulties, new local doctor and refugee Saif is struggling with how to handle the season with his boys while still holding out hope his missing wife will appear. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Mure Island #3



the endless beach

The Endless Beach

Published: 2018

Synopsis: Pickup where The Cafe By The Sea left off. Flora and Joel are beginning their relationship as Flora continues adjusting to life on the island. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Mure Island #2







cafe by the sea

The Cafe By The Sea

Published: 2017

Synopsis: Flora spent her adult life living as differently from how she grew up as possible. When she’s unexpectedly brought back to her small, remote village, she discovers a new passion that might just convince her to stay. | Amazon | Buy From Target

Series: Mure Island #1





christmas at little beach street

Christmas At Little Beach Street Bakery

Published: 2016

Synopsis: It’s Christmastime in Mount Polbearne and all the shops and islanders are getting festive for the holiday season. Until a terrible storm cuts them off from the mainland and they must band together to get through. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Little Beach Street #3





The Bookshop On The Corner

Published: 2016

Synopsis: A book for book lovers! Nina is a city librarian who suddenly finds herself looking for another job. She takes a risk setting up a mobile bookshop in faraway Scotland and finds the life she always dreamed of.  | Amazon | Buy From Target for $9

Series: Scottish Highlands #1




summer at little beach street

Summer At The Little Beach Street Bakery

Published: 2015

Synopsis: Polly has happily settled in Mount Polbearne, but must redirect when her business is threatened by a newcomer. Plus, her boyfriend seems distant and she’s unsure how exactly to help a friend dealing with grief. Can she get everything sorted and out of this mess?  | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Little Beach Street #2




the christmas surprise

The Christmas Surprise

Published: 2014

Synopsis: Rosie and her fiance have settled into a happy life in their village and she’s eager for a new year ahead in the sweetshop. But they are dealt a terrible blow and must come together with the rest of the town to make it through.  | Amazon 

Series: Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop #3




Little Beach Street Bakery

Published: 2014

Synopsis: Polly escapes a ruined relationship by retreating to a small, abandoned flat in a remote seaside island. She turns to one of her few passions, baking bread. As the hobby helps heal, she finds her new experiments are a hit with the locals too! If you want to read more books that feature food, head over to my list of 28+ Novels About Food! | Amazon 

Series: Little Beach Street #1




christmas at rosie

Christmas At Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop

Published: 2013

Synopsis:  Rosie and her boyfriend are prepped and ready to invite both their families to their charming cottage and show off their new life together. When the town experiences a terrible accident, they all must band together restore hope for the Christmas season. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop #2






loveliest chocolate shop

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris

Published: 2013

Synopsis: Being a supervisor in a chocolate factory is a whole lot different than actually creating chocolate candy, as Anna unexpectedly finds out. When she’s sent to Paris to work with a renowned chocolatier, she struggles to hide the fact that she actually knows nothing about making chocolate!  | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Standalone Novel





christmas at the cupcake cafe

Christmas At The Cupcake Cafe

Published: 2012

Synopsis: Although her cupcake business is booming, Issy is finding cracks everywhere else in her world. Her boyfriend is being recruited to move overseas and her friends are each suffering heartbreaks. Will they be able to make it through and enjoy the Christmas season? | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Cupcake Cafe #2





sweetshop of dreams

Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop of Dreams

Published: 2012

Synopsis:  A request to help an elderly aunt with her candy store seems horrendously dull in comparison with Rosie’s London life. However, she finds herself taken in by the charming village and history of the store! | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop #1





meet me at the cupcake cafe

Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe

Published: 2012

Synopsis:  You’ve made it to the (unofficial) first in a long line of all the notable Jenny Colgan books in order! Get swept away into the world of small business as Issy pursues opening a cupcake shop after being sacked from her stable job. | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Series: Cupcake Cafe #1




The Best Jenny Colgan Books To Read

If you have time to read all of the Jenny Colgan books in order, go for it! Otherwise, pick and choose the best with these top 5! In no particular order, these are my picks for the best Jenny Colgan books. As a bonus, even if they’re part of a series, they all are just as delightful if you read them as standalones!



Little Beach Street Bakery

Why I Loved It: Polly is one of the sweetest protagonists, but Neil the puffin truly takes center stage! There’s also the baking factor – I adore reading books about bakers!




Sunrise By The Sea

Why I Loved It: This goes deeper than the typical Jenny Colgan book – dealing with serious issues of anxiety and grief. Despite the heavy topics, there is still the signature light hearted writing and hope that makes this a truly incredible and lovely story.




The Christmas Bookshop

Why I Loved It: Jenny Colgan does the holiday season so well! I loved the sister dynamic and how Carmen unexpectedly discovered a purpose at the bookshop. Plus, truly there’s nothing more magical than a bookshop at Christmas!




The Bookshop On The Corner

Why I Loved It: Honestly, who doesn’t dream of escaping to the Scottish highlands to start a new life as a bookshop owner? It was magical living out this fantasy, full of small town charm and brooding love interests.




Christmas At The Island Hotel

Why I Loved It: Some of the reviews of this are less than stellar due to some minor inconsistencies in side character names and storylines, but that didn’t detract at all from my enjoyment of this one. I adore the development of Konstantin and Isla’s friendship and deepening of their feelings!



Have you tried to read all of these Jenny Colgan books in order? Which do you think is the best Jenny Colgan book?

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