Best Books I Read In 2024 (So Far)

Since we’re halfway through the year it’s a great time to look back on what I’ve read so far and share my favorites!

2024 is off to an incredible start with 85 total books read and plenty of five-star reviews!

Although I read primarily romance (80% of the books), I also want to highlight a few standouts from the mystery/thriller and fantasy genres! Some, but not all, of these books were actually published in 2024. I personally like highlighting both new and older titles.

I hope you find something new to add to your To Be Read list for the remainder of 2024!

Share your favorite books of the year so far in the comments so we can find even more book recommendations!

Favorite Romances of 2024 So Far

fangirl down

Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey

Fangirl Down was basically written for me, as a romance reader who developed a golf obsession the past 2 years! It features a fangirl turned caddie who gets into a relationship with her golfer. The banter between the grumpy golfer and the girl trying desperately to get him to fall back in love with the game is perfection. She challenges him at every turn and he finds himself falling hard.

This may just be my favorite ever from Tessa Bailey! It’s got the perfect amount of steam mixed with excellent dialogue and a ton of heart. Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target



My Phony Valentine / My Lucky Charm by Courtney Walsh

Did you know that non-steamy hockey romances existed?? They seem rare, but these are both incredibly entertaining! In My Phony Valentine, a happenstance encounter turns a small town chef into the new girlfriend of a hockey star.

The next book in her small-town hockey series features the sister of the main character from Book 1! I adored this just as much and it felt like enough of a standalone story that you don’t need to read them in order. Free on Kindle Unlimited! | Buy From Amazon 





the rule book

This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2024, so I was thrilled to snag it from the New Books section at my library one week! Sarah Adams brings us another sports romance featuring a football star and his agent / former flame.

Derek is on the cusp of returning after an injury and finds out his new agent is the woman who destroyed his heart in college. They create a set of rules to keep things professional but one wild night in Vegas throws everything in disarray. Now they’re forced to play pretend husband and wife and are both realizing the feelings from college haven’t gone away…at all.

Nora is an absolute delight of a character — wildly quirky and bursting with joy but also full of ambition and grit. I loved that she didn’t change her personality to fit into the world of sports agents and instead made it work for her.

The buildup between her and Derek was also delicious!! So. Much. Tension!! These two were so easy to root for and clearly grew into people that deserved each other — showcasing all the best ways to support your partner and show them love. SWOON!! Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target 


done and dusted

Done & Dusted / Swift & Saddled by Lyla Sage

Lyla Sage’s contemporary cowboy romances continue to deliver. Emmy returns to her family’s ranch after a nasty accident, adrift and unsure where she wants her life to go. She’s planning to spend time soaking up the life she left, but didn’t factor in local badboy and her family’s unofficial fifth member, Luke.

Luke is taken aback to find Emmy back home and infiltrating his mind in all sorts of unexpected ways. These two were enemies, but can they find common ground and something they never expected in each other?

In Swift & Saddled, we head back to Rebel Blue Ranch and get to know Weston as he takes on a huge new project. Part of the restoration of the old house on the property involves working with the designer, who also happens to be the woman he made out with at the bar the prior night…

Ada is looking to grow her business and an opportunity this big is one she can’t mess up. That means staying far away from anything romantic with the man who hired her… Except Wes is persistent and even her hardened heart seems to be falling for his charms. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target


Favorite Fantasy of 2024 So Far


Heartless Hunter by Kristen Ciccarelli

I’d heard great things about this, but was not expecting to devour it in 2 days!! This is the romantasy book I needed after my Fourth Wing and Throne of Glass hangovers. A thrilling game of cat and mouse between a witch and the man known for ruthlessly hunting her kind. I cannot wait for the next book in the series so I can dive back into this world.

Since her world changed forever, Rune has desperately hid her true nature and devoted her life to saving fellow witches before they are discovered and murdered. She covers her tracks by acting as ditzy socialite and senses an opportunity to gain information by wooing the worst witch hunter of all. Gideon also realizes there might be an advantage to getting to know Rune and they both play a dangerous game as they spend time together. | Free on Kindle Unlimited! | Buy From Amazon 


Favorite Thrillers of 2024 So Far

First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

This thriller was…incredible. It’s not at all creepy or super suspenseful, so if that normally keeps you away from the genre this would be perfect for you! On the other hand, if you love twisty plots and enthralling stories, you have to read this!!A woman working for the mysterious Mr. Smith is given a name and backstory for each new job she’s required to complete. This time around, she’s Evie Porter and she’s wormed her way into Ryan Sumner’s heart. They’re engaged, but he has no idea she’s not who she says she is.

Normally Evie is one of Mr. Smith’s best assets, but this job is different and she’s growing attached to Ryan. As she tries to untangle the real nature of the job…and her feelings for Ryan…we learn more about her past and the dangerous situation she finds herself in.

I couldn’t put this down! I loved the storytelling from each of Evie’s past jobs and following her investigation as she tries to understand what’s going on in the present. It is utterly compelling from start to finish! Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target 




murder road

Murder Road by Simone St James

Another compelling mystery from Simone St. James! She’s the master at spine-chilling mysteries with just a hint of the paranormal that will have you completely invested in the story. A newlywed couple find themselves caught up in the investigation of a string of murders along a country road and discover this wasn’t just a coincidence.  | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target 




Survive The Night by Riley Sager

Survive the Night is a thrilling ride that left me guessing at every turn!! Eager to get out of town after her friend is murdered, Charlie accepts a ride that changes her life forever. Josh seems like a normal kid around her age at first, but she starts to notice idiosyncrasies that are lead her to suspect she might just be in the car with the serial killer.

Fighting against her growing suspicion but also unable to trust her own mind, an intense game of cat and mouse plays out on a lonely stretch of highway. I was so caught up in this I read it in 24 hours!! The twists and turns kept me constantly guessing and I ate up every second of it! Buy On Amazon Buy From Target



What was your favorite read of 2024 so far? Share yours in the comments!

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