Until Next Summer by Ali Brady: Book Review

Head back to summer camp in this new romance!

Writing duo Ali Brady are back with another novel that blurs the lines between women’s fiction and romance! I adore how these two focus just as much on the female relationships and friendships as the romantic ones.


Until Next Summer Book Summary:

Calling all campers! This novel is an ode to the unforgettable experiences that summer camps give you and the bonds that are forged in the woods. Jessie and Hillary attended Camp Chickawa for years when they were kids and they always dreamed of continuing as counselors…until Hillary bailed and their friendship was torn apart.

Decades later, Jessie is now the camp director and hasn’t talked to Hillary since the summer that their priorities changed. When Jessie receives horrible news about the camp’s future, she arranges one last summer full of adult camps that allow former campers to return to the place they love.

Hillary followed the path her father laid out for her and has a successful business and a partner that she may not exactly love but who fits perfectly into the professional life that’s expected of her. On a whim, she applies to be the Arts & Crafts Director for this final summer, hoping to rekindle some of the spark she used to feel.

Although things start out frosty between Jessie and Hillary, they soon learn that their bond survived the years apart. Which comes just at the right time since Jessie desperately needs the girl talk to help deal with her confusing feelings toward another summer-long resident and former camper, Luke. 

Meanwhile, Hillary decides that a summer fling with their chef, Cooper, is just the thing she needs to embrace her fun side again after her stuck-up boyfriend asks for a break while she’s gone. Throughout the summer, relationships deepen and the team works together to make this experience incredible for campers while exploring every possible avenue to keep the camp open longer than they expect.

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  • Grumpy / Sunshine
  • Summer Fling


Steam Rating:

2.5 / 5 – A few steamy scenes, but only a few pages long. Can easily be skipped over.


One Sentence Recap:

An ode to the bonds formed at summer camp!


My Full Thoughts:

As a former camper, Until Next Summer holds a special place in my heart! While I was only a weeklong camper (and not the full summer), I still remember how incredible it felt to be away from the world in the woods, spending time with other kids my age. 

It was such a fun experience going back to camp as an adult through this novel! Ali Brady also did a great job explaining the unique aspects of the camp experience for readers who haven’t been themselves. There was nothing exclusive about this story, just a celebration of a special place!

As I’ve come to expect from Ali Brady, they continued their tradition of placing a female relationship at the center of the story. Whether it’s sisters or friends, I love the importance they place on these treasured connections. The romance is there, but it’s not center stage. It serves as a sweet complement to the true joy of some of the most important relationships in women’s lives.

Final Rating: 4.5 Stars!

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