What I’m Loving Lately – February 2017

It’s been two months since my last “What I’m Loving Lately” post, so I’ve got lots of updates for you. In the biggest news, we just moved into our new house last weekend!! After three months of weekend renovations, we finally started living in our home. Admittedly, I was sad to give up our apartment (I can get very sentimental :)). After getting all of our furniture and books organized though, I’m thrilled to be permanently in the new place. Read on for the rest of the things I’m loving this month! Also, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer as usual.

 TV Shows

The People vs O.J. SimpsonWe noticed this popped up on Netflix recently and watched the first episode on a whim. Wow, it’s good!! I know almost nothing about this whole situation, so I’m finding it all fascinating. We’re about halfway through the trial right now. 



La La LandWe saw this back in January, but with the Oscars this past weekend I had to mention it. I had high expectations going in and it absolutely lived up to it’s reputation!! Ahh there were so many emotions haha! I just adored it.  

Clearly we haven’t been watching many TV shows / movies lately…too much else going on!


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Game Nights – A few former coworkers and I got together for a game night in mid-February. We had a great time catching up and playing Wits and Wagers. Here’s hoping that becomes a regular event.

Get the Led Out – My work offered discounted tickets to see Get the Led Out in Reading, PA. Jay and I both like Led Zeppelin and we’d heard this cover band was excellent. Well, we were both blown away by the show! The lead singer sounded exactly like Robert Plant and the band was phenomenal. I highly recommend seeing them if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan!!

Reception Follow Up – We had our second meeting with Blue Mountain Resort to finalize all the details for our wedding reception. Lots of decisions! Food menu, drinks, linen colors, decorations, and on and on and on. Happy to have that completed! 

Moving Day – God was watching over us and sent gorgeous weather on the day we moved. 60 degrees in February?? Unheard of. I’m so appreciative of Jay and his friend who did a tremendous amount of work transferring everything from our apartment to the house. 

What I’m Loving

Home Goods – I can’t resist the lure of this store, especially now that I have a whole house to furnish. I love that the merchandise is constantly changing and I can find unique items at a discounted price.

Panera – For some reason I received a free bagel every day in February through their rewards program!! I finally started taking advantage midway through the month and started stopping there every day after work. 

Slate Quarry Hotel – This bar/restaurant is only a mile down the road from us, so we stopped by for dinner on the first weeknight at our house. It looks like a serious dive bar on the outside but is surprisingly nice inside! The food and drinks were cheap and delicious, so we’re pretty excited to have this option nearby. 

What did you love best about February?

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