Reading RoundUp #22

I’m sitting here writing this during our first significant snow of the season! I love the quiet and the forced hibernation. Plus, my work was closed which meant a bonus work from home day! Since it’s been over a month since the last update, here’s February’s first Friday Reading RoundUp. 

This week’s Reading Roundup!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons – A former coworker convinced me to try out V for Vendetta after I essentially forced him to read Ready Player One. Since I (surprisingly) enjoyed it, his next suggestion was Watchmen. I love it so far! The story is a bit easier to follow and it’s got some intriguing superhero characters.  

Apartment Books:

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – I was debating between reading the Harry Potter series again (for probably the eight time) or rereading The Name of the Wind. As you can see, Rothfuss won the battle! The first time through I read quickly because I was eager to find out what happened. This time I’m looking forward to paying more attention to the details. 

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier – This novel popped up on one of Modern Mrs Darcy’s lists and it was available at the library (basically my only two requirements for trying a new book 🙂 ). It reads like a modern classic despite being written in the 1930’s. The story is compelling and just a bit creepy. 

Kindle Books:

Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead – I stumbled upon this novel when I was desperately searching for a new book on my library’s eBook website. We’ve moved the vast majority of books to our new house, so I essentially have no real books to read. eBooks to the rescue! It’s a family drama about a three day wedding weekend in New England. 

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines – Everyone’s favorite home improvement couple wrote a book! It’s short and sweet and feels just like hanging out with them in person. They tell the story of their relationship and their business andall it’s completely delightful. 

From Around the Web:

 Amazon Prime Audible Did you know you can listen to certain audio books and playlists for free with a Prime membership??

Domino’s Wedding Registry? In hilarious wedding news, Domino’s now has a wedding registry to “bring couples together over their shared love of pizza.”

Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder – Here’s a list of some of things we learned from Little House on the Prairie (the prairie can be a terrifying place). 

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    1. I didn’t either! I haven’t seen the Watchmen movie yet, so I’m waiting until I’m finished to compare the two.

  1. I have not read Rebecca but always felt it was a classic that I would love. Sometimes I really love a good classic and other times they are a pain to slog through. Hehe – reread Harry Potter for the 8th time. Glad to know that I am not the only one who rereads it over and over. 😀

  2. I did the Kindle Unlimited trial, but when it ended realized that with Prime you have access to so many of the same books/audio anyway! I liked the whispersync option for a few of them.

  3. The Name of the Wind is a definitely to-be-read book for me this year. I think I will start it soon actually, maybe even next. I have been looking forward to it for ages.

    Oh I love the new Audible Channels! I have an Audible membership so I got access to Channels as well and I have been enjoying maybe a short story because of it. It’s perfect for between audiobooks when I can’t decide which one to pick up next.

  4. I loved The Magnolia Story on audiobook, read by Chip and Joanna! It was fun to hear their own voices and I had never heard their story so it was a real treat to hear the beginnings of the Fixer Upper duo.

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