What I’m Loving Lately – June 2017

June 2017 was full of exciting events in the Kamery household. Getting married and going on an 11 day honeymoon made it a truly incredible month. I’ll share a detailed review of our honeymoon soon, but for now I’ll stick with my usual monthly recap. Plus, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer as usual.

 TV Shows

Arrested Development – Over the past year I’ve watched episodes here and there when Jay had it on, but now I’m starting from Season 1 and watching them in order. It’s hilarious!


MoanaThis movie was available on our Austrian Airlines flight to Vienna! Although, ironically it was titled “Vaiana.” Is that the international version? Regardless, very cute story and catchy songs. 

Miss Congeniality – Another plane movie. This is a classic I hadn’t seen in ages, so I was excited to watch it again. So many funny moments. 

Big Hero 6 – Apparently the only movies I watched this month were on planes : ) I’ve seen this before, but it’s a cute movie about a boy and his companion robot and a group of unlikely heroes. 

“Hairy Baby”


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Wedding!! – Ok, I’ve mentioned this just a few times lately, but I’m still over the moon about getting married. You can check out a few more pictures from our photographer in this post. It was such a perfect day proclaiming our commitment to each other before God and celebrating with family and friends. 

Honeymoon – Obviously another huge part of this month. We traveled for 11 days to Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany. The majority of the time we toured with Viking River Cruise. Then, the last part of our trip we explored on our own in Munich. Suffice to say, it was an unbelievable experience. I absolutely recommend Viking to anyone looking for vacation ideas!

Gardening – I am in shock at how well our first garden is doing! We started tomatoes and peppers from seed way back in March/April and lately they have grown by leaps and bounds. We’re hoping to start seeing little tomatoes and peppers soon!

Hair Cut – This might not seem like an event worthy of including, but I usually only get my hair cut once or twice a year. In addition, I was purposely letting it grow out for the wedding so it was much longer than usual. I finally got at least six inches chopped off in mid-June! I love how light it feels and how much less time it takes to style. 


What I’m Loving

Amazon / Bed Bath & Beyond Registries – After the wedding, Jay and I used our 10% registry completion discount to order a bunch of things that hadn’t been purchased from our registries. For the next week, we came home to tons and tons of boxes in the driveway. It was like Christmas! 

Panera – If you are even a once a year visitor to Panera, you need to sign up for their rewards program! They seem to give out a ton of great discounts / offers to myPanera members. This month I got a free bagel every single day! This is now the second time it’s happened to me this year. Yummmm. 

Ben & Jerry’sTheir ice cream has been on sale quite a bit lately, so I think I’ve picked up at least 5 pints this month alone! One of my go to flavors in Cinnamon Buns. Also, apparently you can buy it on Amazon? Haha! It’s ridiculously expensive, as expected. Too funny. I can’t wait until our Vermont trip in April because we’ll be visiting their factory!

What were you loving in June?

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  1. Love the shout out to Ben and Jerry’s!
    My husband and I are convinced that a pint of B&J and two spoons are all that is necessary for a great stay-at-home date night!
    Blessings to you in your new marriage — and your new garden! Mine is looking pretty good, too!

    1. Thank you! We’ve definitely had those type of date nights before : ) It’s the simple things in life that are the best, as they say!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding!!! I am looking forward to your honeymoon post, as I’m headed to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia in August with friends. I look forward to hearing all the recommendations!

  3. Congratulations on your wedding!!! My son is obsessed with Moana (he is 2) so we have listened to the soundtrack pretty much nonstop for three months now. Thankfully it’s pretty decent and the movie itself is cute.

  4. what a pretty wedding shot … and all that ice cream, too!

    what a month for you. thanks for sharing your special day …

    and you’re right, there’s always room for another novel.

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