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Harry Potter Gift Guide

It might seem a bit early for the Christmas gift guides to start, but my birthday is coming up in a few weeks. So, I started browsing Etsy, Amazon, and other websites for a few gift ideas! I’ve been on a Harry Potter kick lately (re-reading all the books and re-watching all the movies). Naturally, my thoughts turned to Harry Potter accessories, home décor, etc… If you’re looking for birthday presents for a fellow Harry Potter fan or just want to get a head start on Christmas shopping, here are some of my favorite items that I found on the world wide web.

Vintage Travel Posters

Satisfy your wanderlust with this collection of Harry Potter inspired travel posters. Etsy has numerous shops offering different styles. Check out these and these as well.

House Team Quidditch Shirt

I am without a doubt a Ravenclaw, so I added this Quidditch team T-shirt to my wish list. You can find all of the house teams if you would be sorted elsewhere : ).

Harry Potter Necklace

There are quite a few different themed necklaces to choose from, but I prefer a nod to Hermione or the subtle lightning bolt versions.

Hogwarts House Scarf

Support your house with a scarf knitted in house colors! Once again, you’ll find the Ravenclaw blue and silver for me here.

Light Switch Cover

Add a unique touch to any room in your house with a themed light switch cover. Lumos and Nox are the perfect spells for this household accessory.


Harry Potter Box Set

This last one is a complete splurge, but how amazing would it be to have your own trunk to keep your books safe and sound??

Have you found / purchased any other unique Harry Potter items?


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