Unique Harry Potter Gifts For Adults: 50 + Unique Options

Ultimate collection of Harry Potter gifts for adults!

If you’re shopping for a Harry Potter lover (or yourself), you’ve come to the right place! My list of Harry Potter gifts for adults includes a variety of options, including home goods, clothing, jewelry, and collector’s editions of the books. 

Whether you know specifics of the gift recipient’s Hogwarts House or just that they love the series, you’re sure to find something in this gift guide.

As a Harry Potter fan myself, I included items that I would love to have in my home or wear to show off my Harry Potter pride!

Keep reading for the ultimate collection of Harry Potter gifts for adults!

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Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

Harry Potter Gifts For Adults: Home Decor


Vintage Travel Posters (Etsy)

Satisfy your wanderlust with this collection of Harry Potter inspired travel posters. Etsy has numerous shops offering different styles. Check out other options, the other European wizarding schools, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang! These would look great in a home library / office or a kids nursery!






Platform 9 3/4 Metal Wall Hanging (Etsy)

This Platform 9 3/4 wall art is an amazing Harry Potter tribute. I love that it fits with a rustic style, but still meets my geeky need to express my love for Harry Potter everywhere in my house!!





Light Switch Cover (Amazon)

Add a unique touch to any room in your house with this Lumos/Nox light switch cover. There’s also a version with text from a Harry Potter book that I bought for Connor’s nursery! Although this shows just a basic one switch cover, you can find a variety of size options on both Amazon and Etsy. They even have outlet covers available!





Maurader’s Map Blanket (Amazon)

I actually purchased this blanket on Amazon Prime Day, so I can personally guarantee that it’s a terrific addition to this list of Harry Potter gifts for adults! The blanket is surprisingly well made and warm for the price. There are quite a few options, including each of the house crests and the Triwizard Tournament logo. The Maurader’s Map is the coolest design, in my opinion.







Harry Potter Gifts For Adults: Clothing / Jewelry


House Team Quidditch Shirt

I am without a doubt a Ravenclaw, so I’d love to wear my house pride in this classic t-shirt! You can find each of the four houses if you were sorted into another one.





Harry Potter Necklace

There are a wide variety of themed necklaces available, but I prefer this subtle nod to Hermione. A cute lightning bolt is another option I would wear every day!



Hogwarts House Scarf

Another chance to wear my Ravenclaw pride. This option is perfect during the cold winter months! Support your house with this scarf knitted in your house colors.





Harry Potter House Socks (Target)

How cute are these socks?? Each of the Hogwarts houses are included plus Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts crest. For $8 these are an absolute steal. I adore they’re low cut as well, so they can be worn anytime.




Harry Potter Gifts For Adults: Boxed Sets / Collections


Harry Potter Trunk Set

This one is a bit of a splurge, but how amazing would it be to have a full set of books…inside their own trunk?? This would be such a fun gift for a Harry Potter fan who may not have the full collection or would love showing off their books in a special way.






Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

A much more affordable, but still amazing, Harry Potter gift idea are these illustrated editions. They recently released Books 3 and 4, so now you have the first four books to choose from!




Hogwarts Library

This special collection contains three books mentioned within the wizarding world. You’ll find The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them!





harry potter cookbook

Harry Potter Cookbook (Amazon)

This is another item I have at home and it’s a blast watching the movies or reading the books while snacking on the same thing as the characters! This cookbook is PACKED with all sorts of recipes for food and drinks that are mentioned in the books.


More Harry Potter Gifts For Adults To Shop





Have you found / purchased any other unique Harry Potter gifts for adults?

If you’re looking for more book lover gifts, check out my gift guide for bookworms!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas


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