What I’m Loving Lately – September 2017

I’m throwing together this September recap at the last minute since I just got back from five days in Italy!! We took quite a whirlwind trip, but I had to go to work the day after getting back. Let’s just say I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend right now.  As usual, I’m also linking up with Leigh Kramer to share my monthly highlights.

TV Shows

Insecure – I just finished the first season of this HBO comedy and I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Issa deals with work, friend, racial, and relationship drama with a great dry sense of humor. 

Westworld – Since I had lots of time to kill on my flight home from Italy, I watched the first episode of Westworld. The concept is fascinating but I’m still undecided about continuing. Has anyone else seen it?? What do you recommend? 



Table 19 I’m a sucker for anything Anna Kendrick, so I gave this movie (which I’d never heard of) a shot on my flight home. Anna plays a recently dumped ex-girlfriend of the best man in her friend’s wedding. She is placed at the “loser” table and bonds with her fellow band of misfits throughout the evening. Cute movie, but not anything terrific. 

Beauty and the Beast Apparently all the movies I watched this month were on the plane! I saw this version of the classic in theaters when it first came out, but it’s such a delight to re-watch. I probably looked a bit odd mouthing the words to all the songs, though : )



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ItalyThe biggest event this month was my first trip to Italy!! Jay travels there at least once a year for work, so we left a few days early to explore Venice, Florence, and Verona. I’ll post my full trip recap next week!

Oak Ridge Boys – Part of my birthday gift this year is tickets to see the Oak Ridge Boys!! Jay and I first saw them at the Grand Ole Opry and loved their energy and music. They put on a really fun show and played all their hits.

Bloomsburg Fair – I adore pretty much all fairs and festivals and Bloomsburg hosts one of the best. My parents and I made the hour and a half drive at the end of September to visit the fair. This one has everything you want – amazing (and tons of) food, games, livestock, exhibition halls, and live music. My absolute favorite tradition is a cinnamon roll I get every time I go that’s almost the size of my head. 


What I’m Loving

SplendorJay is on a bit of a board game kick, so this is another new one he found that is highly rated. I love it because it’s simple to understand and fairly quick to play. 

The Bayou – A second location of this restaurant opened recently in Easton, PA. Jay and I stumbled upon it on my birthday and we’ve been back twice now. The food and drinks are influenced by New Orleans Creole style. We love the relaxed atmosphere and great bar for people watching. 

What were you loving in September?

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  1. Looking forward to your Italy trip. Wanted to say – stick with Westworld. The cast and performances are spot on and the story gets deep and dark. Quite a nice expansion of the original Westworld story. Plus, there are numerous fan sites/blogs to help you dissect each episode if you are into that sort of thing (which I found quite useful). Ciao.

  2. 5 days in Italy sounds delightful! We did a trip to Maine in September and loved it so much. It’s very different from my home state of Alabama. I remember listening to the Oak Ridge Boys when I lived at home; always loved them but haven’t kept up. Sounds like you had a great time seeing them. Visiting from Leigh’s.

    1. Maine is one of my favorite places in the US. So far I’ve only been to the southern tip but I’d love to see Acadia someday!

  3. I LOVED Westworld – there were parts that were predictable, but also tons of twists and turns that kept me engaged throughout the whole thing. Plus, I’m a sucker for Thandie Newton ever since Run, Fatboy, Run, and she is incredible in that show! I’m looking forward to reading about your trip – I have gotten more frequent with my international travel after a really long hiatus (14 years!) and Italy might have to be next on my list. I last went to Italy at 20 years old, and know that it would be a totally different place at 35!

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