What I’m Loving Lately – November 2017

Let the Christmas season begin!! I do love Thanksgiving, but a big part of that is the weekend after when I can finally start decorating for Christmas! It’s such a blissful time celebrating Christ’s birth at church and getting caught up in the holiday spirit everywhere else. Before I get too far ahead of myself, check out my highlights from November. As usual, I’m also linking up with Leigh Kramer.


TV Shows

The Goldbergs – This show is playing nonstop on our TV lately. After a mediocre first episode, it straightened out a few flaws and is now our go-to comedy. 

Game of Thrones – After a trip to Croatia, my parents decided to start watching Game of Thrones. Jay and I also just finished re-watching the first season, so during our Thanksgiving visit we watched one episode with them. For all you fellow fans, it was season 1 episode 9. My poor parents had no idea what was coming, but it was oddly entertaining watching them go through it.  

Top ChefThank goodness for Hulu because it’s the only streaming service that has Top Chef! I’ve watched every single season of this cooking competition. Padma and Tom are just the best. 



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 I’m finally getting around to finishing the movies since it’s been about two months since I finished reading the series again. This one is definitely a little slower, but it’s a great set up for the final movie! 

Austin Powers We seem to watch this one at least a few times a year. It’s one of Jay’s absolute favorite comedies and to me it’s a great background movie!



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Thanksgiving – Obviously Thanksgiving is a big event this month. This year we spent Thanksgiving Day with my family. Since my parents left for Disney on Friday (so jealous), we had a relaxing morning at home watching the parade then went to Cracker Barrel for the traditional meal. Delicious!  

Black Friday – Most of our Black Friday shopping takes place online these days, but we did wander out into the hubbub around 9am on Friday. We sought out BluRays at Best Buy and Christmas decorations at Lowe’s. Luckily our town doesn’t get too crazy, so it was a fun and successful morning!

Library Book Sale – We drove over half an hour to stop by one of the best library book sales in our area. Plus, there was a bake sale as well. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Cubicle Decorating Contest – My department is hosting a decorating contest for the holiday season, so I went a little overboard trying to win! Since I spend just as much time at work as at home, it’s completely worth it 🙂 


What I’m Loving

Stitch Fix I received a pair of magenta corduroys in my last shipment and I’m so excited to wear them this winter! As a bonus, anyone who signs up using my link gets the $20 styling fee waived!! You can check out my last review here for more info

ViticultureJay’s latest board game purchase is a strategic worker placement game where you get to manage a winery. It’s perfect for two players which is particularly helpful when our friends are busy. 

Blue Dragon Pad Thai – I’ve been systematically making my way through every pad thai sauce I can find at the grocery store. This one is by far the best of the bunch. It’s not exactly like the dish in a Thai restaurant (I’m close to admitting that’s impossible) but it’s still delicious.

What were you loving in November?

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