Reading RoundUp #40

Happy Friday and early Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone has lovely weekend plans. I’m heading home so my mom and I can participate in a local town’s wine walk on Saturday. All the downtown shops are open and they offer wine samples and snacks while you browse! Now on to books! I’m linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy next week as usual to share mini reviews of recent reads. 

This week’s Reading Roundup!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

The Dry by Jane Harper – I usually avoid mysteries, but I snagged this at a book sale. Joli, a fellow LiteraryQuicksand blogger, raved about it on Goodreads so I’m giving it a shot. So far I love the Australian Outback setting and lots of new facts keep getting revealed about the murders. High hopes for the ending.  


House Books:

The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne – Another book sale buy. I enjoyed Finishing Touches, also by this author, so I picked up this one on a whim. Well, as I started reading I realized the characters and plot sounded familiar. Oh yes, I’ve definitely read this already! Ha. Oops. I figure I might as well keep going since I clearly don’t remember how it ends : ) 


Kindle Books:

Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik- Another mystery! Shocking, I know. This is my current read for IndieReader, but I haven’t really started it yet. The synopsis reminds me a bit of the Lovely Bones with a dead girl’s ghost/spirit involved in the search for her murderer.  


Audio Books (New Category!!):

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng – Until this week, I was dead set against audiobooks. I’d tried one or two and simply didn’t enjoy listening to stories. Recently, though, I began listening to podcasts on my drive home for work…and loved it! The 50 min commute passes in a flash. Combine that revelation with a new subscription to Scribd and audiobooks entered my life again. I started with this popular novel about suburbia drama and now I can’t stop listening!


From Around the Web:

32 Young Adult Book RecommendationsJamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner lists 32 YA novels you might have missed. Lots of excellent options here. 

The Worst Travel Habits Expedia’s study ranks the worst plane and hotel offenders. An amusing list full of annoyances we’ve all had to experience. 

The Benefit of Reading Aloud with KidsNot just for vocabulary and comprehension, but teaching them how to love others. 

*Disclosure – I earn a tiny commission if you purchase any items through the links above and the price you pay is the same. Thanks for supporting my reading habit!



  1. I have a really long commute, too, and my life changed after a coworker insisted I start listening to podcasts! I’ve been all over the map with them, too, but true crime is definitely my favorite. And I’ve been listening to audiobooks every since my sister moved 5 hours away and I would visit her. Unfortunately my local library doesn’t have a great selection, so I haven’t been listening to them very often, but every now and then I find a good used deal on Amazon. It really does make long drives easier to handle!

    1. If you regularly listen to audiobooks, it might be worth trying Scribd. I can give two free months to anyone who signs up. They have a terrific selection of newer books. Even if you cancel after the trial at least you might get to read some things on your list!

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