What I’m Loving Lately – July 2018

Who else is finding it hard to believe we’re in our last month of summer already? July was filled with friends, family, and lots of time outdoors. Check out Leigh Kramer’s linkup to see what other bloggers are into this month too!

TV Shows

The Bold Type – Another show my friends got me hooked on. It’s sometimes a bit too much millennial drama, but the three girls are lovable and fun to watch!

The Great British Baking Show – My love for this show knows no bounds. I’m eternally grateful to PBS for bringing this joyful, polite reality baking show to U.S. audiences.

The Bachelorette – This is a pure guilty pleasure that Jay endlessly makes fun of me for watching. I’m dying to know who Becca chooses this week! The last two men were my favorites all along so I’m excited to see who’s proposing at the end!



Game Night – Aer Lingus offered this movie on the flight to Dublin and it was even funnier than expected. The terrific cast and ridiculous plot made this a winner.

The Greatest Showman – My second in-flight movie was this musical. The songs are ridiculously catchy and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. As an added bonus, our church featured this movie as part of it’s summer sermon series. Every year they pick a few movies and show how the themes point toward scripture. 

The Patriot – Jay insists on watching The Patriot or Independence Day every 4th of July, so I picked The Patriot this year. Man oh man it’s a tear-jerker! I love the entire story, though. 

Kindergarten Cop – This was one of our Prime Day purchases. The story of a cop that goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher is ok, but it’s Arnold’s one-liners that make the movie (as with most Arnold movies…). It’s not a tumor!!!



Check out my latest reading roundup post here! I’m currently reading:



Jay’s 30th Birthday BBQ – We used his birthday as an excuse to have a few friends over for a BBQ. Both kiddos and adults had a blast spending the entire afternoon and evening hanging out in our backyard. 

Recapping Ireland – My parents came to visit one Saturday to check out our Ireland pictures. We also snuck in a visit to the local antique store to search for treasures. You can check out all our adventures in my Ireland trip recaps starting here

Twelfth Night – I organized this event through the Activities Committee at work, which meant discount tickets! This Shakespeare play turned out to be hilarious! All the actors did an incredible job interpreting this classic. 

New Car – We bought a car! For a few months we’ve kept an eye on used SUVs and one popped up with super low mileage at a great price. We went for a test drive and bought it that same night. It’s a silver 2015 Nissan Rouge and I just love it. Plus, I get Bluetooth and a backup camera!! Major upgrades for me haha.


What I’m Loving

Perrier Strawberry Sparkling Water – When a variety pack of Perrier went on sale at Costco we went crazy and stocked up. The strawberry is absolutely delicious and contains no sugar or aspartame.

Barnes & Noble Discount Section – I always seem to find at least one or two random books in the B&N discount section. They served up a pleasant surprise this last visit when I got to the register and my two books were $5 each!

Tailwind – This Pinterest scheduling app is making a huge difference in my exposure on that platform. It identifies the best days and times for me to pin and schedules my pins for those times. I love that I can schedule a bunch at a time then not worry about it for a week. I’m currently using the 100 free pins trial, but might upgrade once they run out. 

What were you loving in July?

Here’s what I was loving in June!


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  1. I’ve really been enjoying The Bold Type, too! It’s a fun show. I’ve always loved the movie Kindergarten Cop, and we’ll probably watch Game Night this weekend!

  2. I’m also really loving The Bold Type! I watched both Game Night and The Greatest Showman on my flights to and from Italy. How funny–we are flight movie twins. Congrats on the new car!!

    1. What a coincidence! They are great plane movies, although I found myself wanting to sing along with The Greatest Showman and that just would have been massively embarrassing haha!

  3. I love the Great British Baking Show! It’s the only reality show I like because it’s totally drama free—those Brit’s know how to keep it classy!

  4. Hi! I found your blog throught the linkup and I’m glad I did!! Twelfth Night is one of my favorites. So cool that you got to go see it. I really want to watch The Bold Type. Right now I’m into The Good Place, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and izombie!

  5. As a Brit, I’m SO glad you’re enjoying what we know as the Great British Bake Off – I had no idea it was being broadcast in the States. I always thought they picked really great characters to compete (not just good bakers, but fun/nice/articulate/eccentric people!).

    Also really pleased to hear about Tailwind as it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. May check it out!

  6. That’s a pretty good deal at Barnes and Noble! I was pretty happy last night when I got A Thousand Perfect Notes for $.99. I love it when I can find a good sale!

    Congrats on the new car! It’s pretty cool that you got to go to Ireland too. It looks like such a pretty place.

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