What I’m Loving Lately – August 2018

We’ve had a few days of cooler temps in August and it’s making me look forward to fall! Our August was pretty low key, which was a perfect way to wrap up the summer. Plus it’s my birthday tomorrow – Hooray! Time to cash in on all those birthday freebies 🙂 Check out Leigh Kramer’s linkup to see what other bloggers are into this month too!


TV Shows

Veep – We’re currently on Season 6 and HBO just announced Season 7 will be the last. I’ll be sad to see it go because all of the characters are just hilarious. 

The Great British Baking Show – I wrapped up six episodes of the current season on PBS one Saturday in August. Jay was woodworking in the garage so I took advantage of the free time!

Younger – Season 5 just wrapped up and I can’t say I loved it as much as the last four. Although some long awaited relationships FINALLY happened, it still has felt a bit all over the place and directionless. 



Mystic Pizza – I happened upon this on Amazon Prime and just couldn’t resist. I love this sweet story about three friends in a small town in Connecticut. 

The Thor Trilogy – We spent three nights in a row watching all three Thor movies. This was the first time I’d seen them and I loved them! Hands down the third movie is the best, though. Mostly because of Korg… “Hey man!”

American Made – Despite my protests, Jay convinced me to watch this one. The story of an American pilot who becomes a drug runner for the CIA in the 80’s is fascinating and the movie is well done.



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Dinner with Families – We spent a few evenings this month catching up with each of our parents over dinner. Since they all live at least 45 minutes away, it’s a blessing to see them whenever we can. 

Brother’s Baseball Game – The weekend we saw my parents coincided with my brother’s baseball playoff game. He’s in an adult league and his team has since made it to the championship game! I’ll be rooting for him from afar this weekend.

Kayaking / Archery Adventure – In early August Jay and I took advantage of another event offered by my work. LL Bean put together a four hour lesson that included kayaking and archery! We spent half the time on the lake and the other half with bows in the woods. It was such a blast learning both activities!

Harry Potter Trivia Night – My library hosted their second HP trivia night at the end of August and it was a blast! The questions were difficult, but I knew a fair amount. I always love being around fellow fans 🙂

Our Team Name : )


What I’m Loving

RobinHood – We discovered a new stock trading app this month that is ridiculously easy to use. When you sign up you get a free stock to start. Then you transfer money from your bank account and it’s completely FREE to sell and buy as many times as you want! We know a few friends and family who have used it for a while and now we’re a little obsessed.

Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasure Shampoo/Conditioner – I found a sample of this in my Real Simple magazine. Not only did it feel luxurious in the shower, my hair was soft and silky when it dried! 

Real Simple – Speaking of, I adore this magazine! It’s always full of helpful tips, fascinating articles, and relatable contributors. 


What were you loving in August?

Here’s what I was loving in July!


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  1. It looks like August was a good month for you! I love the Thor movies! My fiance and I actually saw Amerian Made on a whim when it released in theaters and I’m so glad we saw it. It was so touching! I hope you have a lovely September!

  2. I’m with you, Rachel … The British Baking Show is a lovely, quiet alternative to the evening news. I calm down when it’s on. And Real Simple? Yes, please. I smile when I see it in my mailbox.

  3. I watched Mystic Pizza for the first time a few months ago and loved it! I just saw that there’s a new season of GBBO on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it– though I’m definitely going to miss Mary Berry!

  4. Veep is the best. I love Gary so much.

    Happy happy birthday!

    Real Simple is one of three magazines I still subscribe to. I used to get a ton.

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