Second Trimester Pregnancy Favorites

Even before becoming pregnant, I enjoyed reading about other bloggers’ pregnancy experiences. Now that I’m expecting myself, I’m going back and rereading all their posts! The most helpful topics are lists of favorite items from each trimester. I considered writing a post for my first trimester favorites, but a lot of the suggested products didn’t actually do much for me or I’d love something one week then hate it the next. Luckily, as everyone says, the second trimester is going much more smoothly!

Beachbody On Demand WorkoutsI pay $100 for a year’s subscription to access all of Beachbody’s workout videos. Thankfully, they offer a few prenatal options because my usual workouts are far too intense. Jillian Michaels’ series is my go-to so far.

V8 Juice – It’s a struggle to consume the recommended fruits and veggies every day, so I’ve turned to this juice to help. Plus, drinking this in the mornings helps keep my blood sugar up. I’ve already had a few instances where it dropped too low and believe me, it’s not fun.

Ovia Pregnancy App – Helpful articles and videos plus a variety of adorable themes to track baby’s growth make this my #1 pregnancy app. 

Motherhood Maternity Leggings – Although I can still wear all of my regular tops and dresses, it’s just not happening with pants. At Week 21 I finally reached the point where the belly band (see below) wasn’t enough. Leggings to the rescue! I love the over the belly style the most.

Belly Band Jay did the sweetest thing and got me a pregnancy subscription box for my birthday back in August! Included in the second trimester box was a black belly band. It holds up unbuttoned pants so I can wear them longer! It’s a lifesaver, especially since I haven’t purchased maternity pants for work yet. 

Burt’s Bees Belly Butter – This soft and creamy lotion feels luxurious and it contains natural ingredients as well as Vitamin E, which is supposed to help repair stretched skin. It’s a bit greasy, so I just apply it every night before I go to bed. 

Chia Seeds – After reading this post about the health benefits of chia seeds and a recipe for chia seed pudding, I splurged and bought a bag. I’ve made a chocolate version of the pudding as a healthy snack and also tried adding them to pancakes. Both turned out surprisingly well!

Do you have any second trimester favorites to add to this list?


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  1. A belly band is a must! I had some regular pants I almost wore my entire pregnancy because of that thing. It was also a lifesaver in the weeks after I had my daughter since my maternity pants were then too big and kept slipping down, but my regular pants were still just a smidge too tight. Best wishes!

  2. The second trimester is the best! Enjoy it before your feet disappear. 😉 Belly bands are awesome! I agree they’re also great for postpartum. I love chia seeds! I buy them for a steal at Aldi. I usually put them in my overnight oats and smoothies. Yum!

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