Book Themed Baby Shower

In mid-February, my mom threw me a fabulous book themed baby shower! She is an amazing event/party planner and put endless thoughtful details into the day. We’re grateful for all of the family and friends that contributed and were able to share the day with us. It was such a blessing to celebrate our baby boy with those we love.

I shared a brief update in my February recap, but here are a few more details and pictures from the book themed baby shower.

A friend of the family hand made this gigantic Winnie the Pooh book prop, so naturally I had to get my picture taken with it. How impressive are her drawing skills!?


For lunch, Jay’s family put together a delicious spread of pulled pork, veggies, chicken tacos, salad, and meatballs. We were eating leftovers for days afterward 😊


As a dessert lover, my mom made sure there were quite a few options for me! We had chocolate chip cookies, donuts, two flavors of cupcakes, and cake balls! She even formed mini books out of fondant to top the cupcakes. Adorable!

A baby buggy served as a rolling library for all the books I received while opening gifts. Our little guy will have a well-stocked bookshelf, just like his parents!

My mom adapted our wedding centerpieces (stacks of books and mason jars) by crafting new paper flowers made out of children’s book pages. She also scattered coloring pages with letters of the alphabet for guests to decorate throughout the shower. They’ll be collected into an alphabet book to help Baby Kamery learn his letters.

Do you have any fun ideas for a book themed baby shower?


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