Books That Make Great Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re still searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas, books are always a great option! Since I get to celebrate Mother’s Day myself for the first time this year, I loved putting together this list that includes books for every type of mom. What are your favorite books to give as Mother’s Day gifts? Share in the comments!


The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion

If your mom is a baker, this is the ultimate resource for all things baking. It’s loaded with tried and true recipes and tips for anyone who enjoys baking. I love that the recipes include classics such as banana bread, chocolate cake, and buttercream frosting but also include fancier items for more advanced bakers. | Buy From Amazon





people we meet on vacation

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

Emily Henry writes romance novels that are perfect beach reads, so set your mom up for the summer with my favorite – People We Meet On Vacation! Best friends Poppy and Alex were polar opposites when they first met in college. However, a forced road trip to their shared hometown led them into a decades long friendship. Every year since college, they took one summer trip together. Until it all came crashing down two years ago. 

The story of Alex and Poppy’s friendship is told both through their current summer trip and all their previous vacations. I adored the tension of current day and discovering their history at the same time. Although these friends had little in common, they truly brought out the best in each other and as a reader I could easily feel their connection. | Buy From Amazon




A Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

When a crying baby washes up on a remote island, the lighthouse keeper and his wife must make a difficult decision about whether to keep the child or report her missing. The heartache of wanting a child and losing a child are deftly explored in this riveting novel. | Buy From Amazon





#IMomSoHard by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley

I’ve heard this book on real life motherhood written by two friends is absolutely hilarious and super relatable. | Buy From Amazon





My Life in France by Julia Child

Julia’s story about her years spent in France with her husband, Paul, are simply fascinating. She arrived in the country with no knowledge of French or cooking, but developed a love for both over the course of their years there. I loved reading about her acquired cooking skills as well as her delightful fifty-year long marriage. | Buy From Amazon





Still Life by Louise Penny

If your mom loves a classic inspector series, get her started with Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache. The first book takes place in a small Canadian town where a local resident is found dead in the woods. The investigation itself is enticing, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the quirky characters and small town setting. | Buy From Amazon





Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

One of the biggest fiction bestsellers would be a perfect gift for any mom who loves literary fiction. Young Kya is left to fend for herself in the marshes of North Carolina after her mother and siblings leave her behind. Years later, when a dead man is discovered in the swamps, she becomes a primary suspect. Although the murder investigation is a central part of the plot, I enjoyed reading about the years Kya spent growing up and learning to thrive just as much.

 \ Buy From Amazon



Emma by Jane Austen

If your mom can’t help but play matchmaker, she’ll adore Jane Austen’s title character. Emma is a bit of a meddler and loves nothing more than bringing together two single people to create a happy couple. Naturally, her plans don’t always work out the way she expects and she has trouble seeing her own perfect match right in front of her eyes. The Puffin edition is GORGEOUS! | Buy From Amazon




The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I bought this for my mom last year (at her request!).  Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering has taken the country by storm. Just be prepared to end up with loads of items that your mom decides no longer “spark joy” | Buy From Amazon




For more gift ideas for book lovers, check out my Book Lover’s Gift Guide.



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  1. I do love the Marie Kondo book, just about finished it, finally! I am working through my decluttering and it’s wonderful!

  2. Great list! Totally agree with Louise Penny – I was hooked on the series after the first book. I am listening to #imomsohard and it is fantastic – so, so funny but also full of heart. Have a wonderful first Mother’s Day!

    1. Oh that’s a great idea to listen to #Imomsohard. I’ll have to look for the audiobook version at the library. I’m on the second Louise Penny now and enjoying it so far!

  3. Love the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion! I had no idea that was even out there. Thanks for the list…I’ve read all of them except one. LOL

    1. It is quite a majestic book and one of the few cookbooks/baking books that I actually use regularly!

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