Reading and Blog Goals Progress Update

We’re halfway through the year so I thought I’d check in on the reading and blog goals I set back in January. Overall I’m quite pleased with my progress!

Reading Goals

Read 90 Books – My current total for 2019 is 43 books read! So I’m right on track to meet my goal of 90, which is admittedly pretty lofty with a new baby.

Read 5 Christian Nonfiction Books – I’m not doing quite as well with this one. I read (and loved) The Problem of God earlier in the year. Then, I picked up Rooted but couldn’t get into it, so I abandoned it about a third of the way through. I’m still looking for other options so if you have any suggestions send them my way!


Blogging Goals

Buy a new blog theme – Done! I spent many hours searching for a theme and ended up with one I absolutely adore from SoloPine. It’s fairly simple, but offers plenty of customizable features so I’m happy with how it turned out. They also offer excellent technical support, so I’d highly recommend their company.

Write 52 posts – My goal was an average of at least one post a week. This post will be my 42nd, so I’ll have no trouble hitting this goal! It’s actually been a bit easier than I expected to churn out at least one post per week since I can take advantage of naps and early bedtimes.

Add every post to Pinterest with Tailwind – I’ve definitely missed a few posts here and there, but for the most part I’m keeping my Tailwind queue full. The amount of traffic I get from Pinterest makes this scheduling tool worth every penny! I’ve also started to add pinnable images to my posts to encourage readers to save them to their boards.

Add a used book shop – Done!!! I’ve only sold two books since I created this used book shop but I have so much fun maintaining it. I’ll take any excuse to hunt down popular books in great condition from the local used book sales.

Did you set any goals this year?


  1. If you are looking for a Christian non-fiction book, I recommend Seven Women: And the Secret of Their Greatness
    by Eric Metaxas

  2. I need to do a better job of adding my posts to Pinterest! It’s not really something I think of as drawing a lot of traffic, but it can!

    1. Absolutely! Tailwind has made a big difference for me with remembering to schedule posts. I do end up getting most of my traffic from Pinterest now. It’s crazy that I didn’t used to use it!

    1. Thankfully I wasn’t too ambitious this year – and knocked a lot out while I was still pregnant and didn’t feel like doing anything 🙂

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