What I’m Loving Lately – April 2020

Discover what movies, TV shows, events, and products I was loving in April 2020!


Our first, and hopefully only, full month under the stay-at-home order! We are immensely grateful for our parents help with watching Connor all these weeks. We’ve settled into a pretty consistent routine, which is greatly helping my sanity. Plus, the extra time he gets to spend with them is an absolute blessing. So we’re finding a few silver linings in all this madness!

I think there have only been one or two days this entire month where I haven’t been outside at all to walk. Thankfully even on rainy days there’s usually a break where I can take Connor out for a few minutes.

If you thrive on routines (like me) what have you been doing to maintain some sort of routine this past month?


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TV Shows / Movies

The Beauty and the Baker – This is about as cheesy as you’d expect. A guy (the baker) and a celebrity (the beauty) hit it off and explore the differences between their worlds! It’s nothing to write home about, but passes the time just fine.

Gilmore Girls – There’s nothing more comforting than a Gilmore Girls marathon. I throw this on in the background often when I sit down to work on the blog.

House Hunters International – I’m recently reobsessed with this show. Every few years I start binge-watching any episodes I can find on Hulu and get completely sucked in. I particularly enjoy watching Americans grapple with the unfathomably small living spaces in Europe.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – When Jay and I can’t decide what to watch, we often just throw on a comedy. It’s been years since I saw this, but since we just saw Spamalot in 2019 I thought it’d be exciting to revisit the source material. Still hilarious as always 🙂



Check out my latest reading roundup of April’s book recommendations! I’m currently reading:


My 4 & 5 star reads from April:
Beach Read by Emily Henry – My Book of the Month pick! I adored this unique contemporary romance about a serious literary writer and romance writer who decide to swap genres. | Amazon

What You Wish For by Katherine Center – When a new principal threatens to turn their creative, beautiful school into a high security behemoth, the teachers start to fight back.  | Amazon




Cleaning Out Books – I finally decided to go through our massive book collection and figure out which books I can donate. It was surprisingly exciting and felt terrific to clean up some piles of books on the floor! The picture below shows about half of the books I’m donating – the rest are in a laundry basket 🙂


Bird Watching – Another at home activity that anyone can do! We have three bird feeders in our backyard and I was way more excited than a normal 30-year-old should be to discover goldfinches one day! We now have a few that come visit regularly!! We use a Birds of Pennsylvania book to identify them, because we’re that cool.



Board Games – This is normally a staple of our routine but it’s ramped up quite a bit during quarantine. Jay has been playing solo versions of our games every night, but we play together at least once or twice a week. My recent favorites are Terraforming Mars, Roll for the Galaxy, and Bananagrams (just kidding, Jay NEVER plays that with me but it’ll always be an all-time favorite game hehe)



Things I’m Loving

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – I love listening to music in the shower and while getting ready in the morning, but our speaker needed an upgrade. This little guy is perfect for sticking in the shower or bringing along as you do chores throughout the house. It has Bluetooth and radio features and both offer excellent sound quality! | Amazon


Laptop Backpack – I’m clearly excited to get back to the office, since I bought a new laptop bag! This rose gold and navy option is adorable and functional. | Amazon


Warby Parker Glasses I haven’t bought a new pair of glasses since college, so it was about time to start looking. Warby Parker made the process so much fun!! They let you try on 5 glasses at a time at home and return them completely free. I ended up going through 3 boxes until I made my final decision. Plus, the ALL IN price was only $95!! | Warby Parker


ThirdLove – I kept hearing about this company from other bloggers who swear by their bras, so I finally gave them a shot. Verdict: I am madly in love with the new bras I bought!! They’re super comfortable and high quality. Plus, they give you 60 days to wear and wash whatever you get before making a final decision. Worth every penny!


Favorite Blog Posts from April

Book Adaptations on Netflix – I’m sure we’re all getting a bit tired of scrolling endlessly, trying to decide what to watch next on Netflix. Problem solved! I rounded up the best book adaptations currently available on Netflix!


What were your highlights of April?

Here’s what I was loving in March!




    1. Yes! I was surprised at how simple the entire process was and I absolutely love the result!

  1. My mom needs new glasses, and I keep thinking of Warby Parker. Might have to see what she thinks! I’m off to check out the Netflix Movies Based on Books!


  2. My kid has gotten super into bird watching in the last year, so it’s big around here, whether in our backyard or out on a hike. We highly recommend the Merlin app – really helpful for identifying birds, and you can also use it to play their songs or their calls, which can attract them to fly closer. Kind of fun!

  3. I enjoyed both Beach Read and What You Wish For. I grabbed Beach Read via NetGalley once I saw it made BOTM and everyone was raving about it. So glad that I did. Also, I received and read my first BOTM, Happy & You Know It. I definitely love my subscription. I’m hooked!

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