What I’m Loving Lately – May 2020

Discover what movies, TV shows, events, and products I was loving in May 2020!

We made it to June! I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful spring/early summer weather wherever you’re located. I’m looking forward to lots of time outside and using the new pool we got for Connor! I’m also hoping to visit plenty of local small businesses this month as we start to open back up!

Despite the stay at home orders, our family still managed to fit in a decent amount of spring activities in May. Jay and I even went golfing TWICE!

Also, I am super excited because my first Once Upon a Book Club subscription box is coming TODAY!! They send a book and gifts that you open at certain pages. I cannot wait to check it out. Thinking I’ll post a full review on here at some point? TBD!


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TV Shows / Movies

Upload – One of Amazon Prime’s original shows. Upload is set in the future and you can pay to have your loved ones live out eternity in a virtual world. Nathan was killed when his self-driving car mysteriously got in a wreck, but his girlfriend is keeping his conscious alive at a premier resort. There’s a bit of a love story, a bit of conspiracy theory, and a whole lot of random digital fun.

Never Have I Ever – A teenage high school drama full of all the usual terrible decisions, friend drama, and boyfriend/girlfriend angst! I really enjoyed the first season!

Steel Magnolias – A Southern drama about a mom going through a divorce and her close knit friends. I’ve only watched two episodes, but I’m hooked!




Check out my latest reading roundup of May’s book recommendations! I’m currently reading:




My 4 & 5 star reads from May:
The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes – Moyes explores a different genre with this historical fiction novel about librarians in Kentucky during the Great Depression. This is a slower read, but the storytelling is phenomenal. | Amazon

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett – A young adult dystopian book where young women are sent away to live by themselves for a year. This grace year is never discussed, but the women return ready to fall under the rule of the men…until Tierney’s year. | Amazon

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner – A perfect summer read that fits in both great women’s fiction and a murder mystery. Daphne is shocked when her old friend Drue asks her to be in her wedding. They had a falling out years ago, but she can’t pass up a glamorous wedding on Cape Cod.  | Amazon




Golfing – We golfed TWICE in May! That doubled the amount of times I’ve been golfing in my entire life. Everyone warns you how frustrating golf can be, but you just have to learn for yourself. That said, I’ve had an awesome time being outside and hitting a great shot every once in a while!!

Baking – I got back into baking a bit this month and even tried a few new recipes. I highly recommend this chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. I also jumped on the quarantine banana bandwagon by making banana cake and banana bread.


Zoom Trivia – One of my friends introduced us to a company that does trivia nights through Zoom. So, our friend group has done at least 4 of these trivia nights together over the past month! Volo offers a huge variety and it only costs a few bucks to sign up.

trivia questions
Can you guess who said these lines?



Things I’m Loving

Cheery Pillows – I refreshed our bed with a new comforter and finally bought decorative pillows that compliment our walls. I’m so in love with their cheery blue and yellow flowers! It’s amazing how much a little change can bring me so much joy! | Amazon

Book Of The Month – I go back and forth on this book subscription box, but I’m really enjoying their selections lately!! If you want to sign up, you can currently get your first month for $10 with code SUN5!

LOFT Scoop Neck Tee – I was looking for some summer staples and came across these soft, perfect fitting tees from Loft. They’re cheap but well made and fit great. I also picked up this adorable polka dot summer dress (it even has pockets)!

Stemless Champagne Flutes – I’m one of those random people who doesn’t need a special occasion to drink champagne or prosecco. So, I got these adorable stemless champagne flutes to make it even more fun. Plus, honestly I use them for wine or even water when I want something fancy! | Amazon


Favorite Blog Posts from May

A List of Royal Reads – Anyone who follows Will and Kate or Harry and Meghan will enjoy diving into these books about royalty!


What were your highlights of May?

Here’s what I was loving in April!




  1. So funny: I baked a chocolate cake yesterday and I also found a fabulous recipe. I haven’t had luck with cakes prior to that I used to play golf for fun back in college. It’s a great way to relax if you have good weather!

    1. The weather is definitely a huge factor ha! I loved being outside but have no interest if its cold, hot, or rainy!

  2. I’m glad you liked Big Summer – I hope to read that this month. I finally signed up for Book of the Month a few months ago and I’m really loving it!!! I want to check out Steel Magnolias; glad you are enjoying it. I also love the idea of virtual trivia so I need to check that out.


  3. I just started watching Upload as well, and so far enjoying it! I was worried that Never Have I Ever would be a it young, but I’ve seen so many recommendations that I’m going to check it out. And my SIL just told me about Sweet Magnolias, so hoping to start that this weekend! I also won Love Lettering so hoping to read that one soon! Thanks for sharing that Zoom trivia app too- DEFINITELY going to check that out! We need some excitement in our Zoom happy hours haha!

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