18 Book Subscription Boxes For Adults: Best of 2023

Discover the best book subscription boxes for adults!

It’s safe to say that I am addicted to subscription boxes. There’s something about the excitement of mail showing up at your door that reels me in every time. As a reader, it’s a no brainer to combine my love of books with my subscription box obsession.

So, I’ve researched the best book subscription boxes for adults to come up with recommendations for you! This post will help you choose from the plethora of options and decide which one is right for you.

While I haven’t tried all of these book subscription boxes for adults myself, I selected boxes that have terrific reviews or have been personally recommended by friends. Some are well established, massive companies while others are smaller, individually curated or just starting out. I love supporting the true small businesses, but also can’t deny the appeal and well-managed nature of the bigger boxes.

Keep this page bookmarked because I’ll keep it updated with new book subscription boxes for adults and include links to full reviews of the boxes I’ve tried.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best subscription boxes for adults organized by those that include a book only versus those that include a book and other gifts. 


*Disclosure – I may receive a discount or free items if you sign up for one of these book subscription boxes for adults through my referral links below. Often that perk is combined with a discount for you!
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Best Book Subscription Boxes For Adults



Book Subscription Boxes For Adults – Books Only


Book Of The Month

Theme: New Releases

What’s Included: 1 Hardcover Book

The Details: This is one of the most well known book subscription boxes for adults for a reason! 5 books are hand picked by celebrities, authors, and industry professionals each month. They try to cover a variety of genres and diverse authors. Subscribers can choose one book or skip the month. Additional books, including prior month selections can be added for $10 each.

Cost: $16 / month (Use my LINK to get your first month for only $5!)





Aardvark Book Club

Theme: The Alternative To Book of the Month

What’s Included: Up to 3 New Hardcover Books

The Details: Another option is finally here!! This low-cost, hardcover book subscription boxes for adults option is a great alternative if you’re tired of Book of the Month. You can choose up to 3 books each month from their hand-picked selection! PLUS – get your first book for only $4 with code: NEVERENOUGH

Cost: $18 / month for 1 book + $10 for every extra book AND Free Shipping!!





read it

Read It And Eat

Theme: A Foodie Book!

What’s Included: A new book + snack from a small business

The Details: I ADORE the concept of this box because who doesn’t love books about food! Plus, the fact that it comes with a snack makes it just perfect. Any other foodies, bakers, or readers who simply love to snack have to try this! You can choose from a foodie romance, general foodie fiction, foodie cozy mystery or foodie nonfiction genres. 

Cost: $22.50 / box – Get your 50% off your first box when you snag a 3mo subscription with code: HALFOFF






Introverts retreat
Photo Credit: Cratejoy

Introverts Retreat

Theme: Genre Fiction Delivered To Your Door

What’s Included: 1 New Book (Hardcover or Paperback) + Relaxing Goodies

The Details: The next option on my book subscription boxes for adults list is made for those of us who like to stay in and read! With this box, you’ll get a brand new book (from a genre you love) and a beverage selection + bath/shower goodie! Plus you can get 50% off your first month when you pick a 3 month subscription with code MOREMERRY!

Cost: $44 / month + $11 Shipping





page 1

Page 1 Books

Theme: Personally Curated Books

What’s Included: 1 New Book (Hardcover or Paperback)

The Details: Bookish matchmakers find the perfect books for you! Answer a few questions about favorite books, authors, and even include your Goodreads account so they know what you’ve read. Plus, if you receive a book you don’t like or have already read, they’ll send you a replacement completely free!!

Cost: $99 / 3 months (includes shipping)






book drop

The Book Drop

Theme: Bring An Indie Bookstore To You

What’s Included: 1 New Trade Paperback

The Details: Choose a “beverage” subscription! For example, Books for Tea features great book club options, literary fiction, etc. Books For Bubbly is all about romance! Books For Coffee includes mysteries and thrillers. Each hand wrapped packaged includes the book and a note about why it was selected. Books may also be autographed by the author! This subscription is run by indie bookstore, Bethany Beach Books.

Cost: $18 / month + $4 shipping








Theme: New Audiobooks

What’s Included: 1 Audiobook of your Choice + 30% Off Additional Books

The Details: Although technically not a box you get in the mail, audiobooks still count as books, right!? Enter Libro.Fm!! This is an amazing program that costs the same as Audible but supports indie bookstores everywhere! Through their subscription, you can “purchase” the books from your local bookstore.

$15/month gives you one free credit to use on any audiobook and 30% off additional audiobook purchases! Plus, use my special offer to get an extra credit to use on any audiobook! A portion of these sales go toward the bookstore of your choice!

Cost: $15 / month (Use this LINK to get one free credit!)






Fresh Fiction Box – Not To Miss

Theme: Surprise Box Of Books

What’s Included: 3-5 Print books and 1-3 eBooks

The Details: If you love a surprise, this box is for you. A completely random assortment of books is chosen each month, with titles from a variety of genres. Books can be hardcover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback. It’s a steal for the number of books you receive! Easily the best of these book subscription boxes for adults if you want value for your money!

Cost: $31 / month (+ $9 shipping) – Use Code: FFBOXSUBSCRIBER for 20% off!!






bookworm box

The Bookworm Box

Theme: All Profits Donated To Charity

What’s Included: 1 New, Autographed Romance Book + 1 eBook

The Details: The theme says it all! This box was started by author, Colleen Hoover as a way to give back. She works with authors to provide autographed books and donates all of the proceeds to various charities! There are both Romance and Young Adult subscriptions available.

Cost: $25 / month (shipping included)







Save This Book Subscription Boxes For Adults Post To Read Again!

best book subscription boxes





Book Subscription Boxes For Adults – With Gifts/Goodies



Hushbug Book Box

Theme: Rom Coms + Useful Gifts

What’s Included: One newly released rom com, a treat, and 3-5 related gifts

The Details: This is hands down one of my favorite romance book subscription boxes for adults options. I cannot find another one that picks such great romance books PLUS has a huge variety of included gifts that I actually use. There is no filler here. I also can’t deny that I adore the fact that you always get something to snack on 🙂

Cost: ~$60 USD / month + $5 shipping to the US (Use Code Never5 to get $5 off!)






Feminist Book Club

Theme: Feminist / Social Justice Literature

What’s Included: One book + 3-5 products from women-owned businesses

The Details: Join the club and start talking about feminist and social justices issues and making a difference with one of these book subscription boxes for adults. A subscription gives you access to their member group and monthly live virtual chat. Members get to suggest and vote on the book titles so your opinion makes a difference! Plus, your supporting marginalized small business owners through the selection of extra gifts!

Cost: $55 / month (includes shipping) or $30 / month for book only (Use code: NEVERENOUGH15 for 15% off!)






Once Upon A Book Club

Theme: Bring The Book To Life

What’s Included: One new book plus 3-4 gifts that relate to the story

The Details: Immerse yourself in a book by opening gifts as you read! Each wrapped gift is associated with a page number, so readers are instructed to open the gifts only when they reach that page. I personally love the thought that goes into this subscription box and the unique gifts that are included! 

For more information, check out my complete review of Once Upon A Book Club!

Cost: $63 / month includes free shipping (Use Code BookClub10 to receive 10% off!)






authentic books

Authentic Books

Theme: New Releases + Gifts That Represent The Five Senses

What’s Included: One hardcover book and a variety of items, depending on your level of membership

The Details: Each month, you choose one of two new releases (often literary fiction, romance, women’s fiction, or thriller). The gifts are loosely connected to the book and each focuses on one of the five senses. This is one of the most unique boxes on my best book subscription boxes for adults list!

Cost: $65 / month + shipping 









Unplugged Book Box

Theme: Popular Fandoms / Fantasy Novels / Thrillers

What’s Included: One new release plus 4-6 self-care items

The Details: Dive into this box designed to help you unplug and unwind. Each month a new release is selected, often from a fantasy, gothic, thriller, etc genre. The gifts in the box are typically themed around popular fandoms from books, movies, and TV. Plus one or two extra goodies to help you relax. 

Cost: $43 / Month + Shipping (Save $5 with code: BOOKLOVER)







wordy traveler

The Wordy Traveler

Theme: Travel Inspired Book Boxes

What’s Included: One book + Destination inspired tea, art print, and 2-3 other gifts

The Details: Travel the world through books with this quarterly book subscription box. Each quarter, a destination is chosen and the books and gifts are inspired by the locale. You can choose either fiction or nonfiction books and save a significant amount with longer subscriptions!

Cost: $50 / Quarter + ~$10 Shipping (Use Code NEVERENOUGH for 15% off!!)







read her

Read Her Book Box

Theme: Indie Black Romance Authors

What’s Included: One book + 3-5 Gifts

The Details: This inclusion on my list of book subscription boxes for adults celebrates Black romance authors! Each box features a Black indie writer and a few goodies, like bookmarks, snacks, T-shirts, stickers, etc. Founded and run by one incredibly passionate woman! The boxes ship once every two months.

Cost: $50 / Box (Shipping Included!)





Bubbles and Books

Theme: Pamper Yourself!

What’s Included: 1 Romance Book + 3-4 Bath/Beauty Items

The Details: Unwind with a great book and a few bath and beauty treats! Romance readers who like specific genres will love this box! Choose from contemporary, historical, or paranormal romance. This is a more economical romance book subscription box if you want gifts too!

Cost: $30 / month + $5 shipping (Use Code METIME10 to get 10% off!)


If you’re looking for more specific book boxes, you can also check out my list of Romance Book Boxes and Fantasy Book Boxes!


Have you tried any of the options on this list of the best book subscription boxes for adults? Which other book subscription boxes for adults do you love?
Share in the comments!


  1. Thank you so much for including us in your excellent list!! We’re already huge fans of many of these and can’t wait to check out some of the others.
    At Feminist Book Club, our members are the ones that vote on the books suggested. Our founder (me!) has very little input into the titles that we feature, which is always a super fun surprise. If someone already has the book of the month, they can swap out for something else in our ever-changing library. That way, our members are always delighted!

    1. Thanks for the extra information! I updated the post to share that members get to vote on selections!

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