Once Upon A Book Club Review

A Complete Once Upon A Book Club Review: Everything You Need To Know

Are you trying to determine if the Once Upon A Book Club subscription box is right for you or the perfect gift for a loved one? I’ve been a subscriber for years, so I’m sharing everything you need to know!

This Once Upon A Book Club review focuses on The Lost Apothecary box, so you can experience this subscription box from start to finish!

Included in this review are details about pricing, what’s included in the box, book choices, customer service, and more!

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*Disclosure – I am a Once Upon a Book Club VIP, so any orders placed using my coupon code (NeverEnough10) result in a small benefit to me and 10% off for you. As always, I’m sharing my honest thoughts throughout this review. Thank you for supporting this book blog!

Once Upon A Book Club Review



Once Upon A Book Club is a unique subscription box that is designed to bring a book to life. Each box includes one recently released novel and 3-4 gifts inspired by the story. There are post-it notes located throughout the pages of the book that instruct you when to open each gift.

There are two options for subscribing: Adult or Young Adult novels. There is no difference in pricing and you can switch back and forth between options from month to month if you choose. 

The cost is $50 / month and includes free shipping. You can get 10% off any subscription and anything in the shop if you use my referral code NEVERENOUGH10


once upon a book club review



Book Selection / Options

Each month, OUABC selects a Young Adult novel and an Adult novel for their boxes. They write a brief description that “hints” at the title/theme of the book prior to shipping the boxes. You can also email Customer Service to ask for the specific title and author.

If the book doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can easily skip a month at no charge. You can also switch back and forth between Adult and Young Adult selections.

The book selections are typically newly released books and I’ve found a good mix between well known authors and new to me writers. There also seems to be about a 50/50 split between highly anticipated books that I’ve heard a lot about and books that are completely off my radar.

The Lost Apothecary that I selected for this Once Upon A Book Club review is one of the novels that was immensely popular in early 2021. The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and A Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult are some of the other well-known options from recent months.

Personally, the majority of the time I’d rate the books 4 stars or higher. However, there have been a few middle of the road selections that I didn’t love. I’ve started to be more selective about which months I skip to ensure I’m receiving a book I’ll love!


Gifts Included In The Subscription

Included in every box are a variety of gifts and accompaniments. The primary value comes from the 3-4 gifts that are meant to be opened throughout the book. These gifts vary widely in nature, but always tie back to the story in some way.

As an example, over the years I’ve received a picnic blanket, sunglasses, French press, ladle, chess set, jewelry, fake succulent, tin mug, and so much more. You truly never know what you’re going to find inside!

Usually there are one or two items that are purely to bring the story to life, but aren’t very useful (like a postcard or letter). Then the remaining one or two gifts are items that I legitimately use beyond reading!

The Lost Apothecary box included a decorative set of eggs and a porcelain bowl, a stylus shaped like a feather that can be used on your phone/tablet, eucalyptus oil, and a glass bottle.

In addition to the story gifts, you’ll find a mini newsletter with author interviews / discussion questions, a print of a quote from the book, a bookmark, and lately most boxes have included a signed book plate!




Customer Service

I’ve reached out to OUABC’s customer service team more times than I can count and they’ve always responded within a day or two and answered my question or fixed my problem. There can be a decent amount of interaction if you often switch between subscriptions or skip months, but one email is all it takes.

Since this is a small business, each interaction feels personal and they are quick to address any issue or answer questions!



Overall Thoughts

With the plethora of bookish subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd but Once Upon A Book Club is truly unique. I adore the anticipation of reading through a book and not knowing when I’ll turn the page and find a post-it to open the next gift! 

My main gripes are the sometimes heavily delayed shipping times and the times I open up a gift that I know I will never use. I’m hoping the shipping issues will improve as the company grows and USPS becomes more reliable. As for the possibly disappointing gifts, I believe that could happen with any subscription box so I take it as all part of the experience!

I’m wrapping up this Once Upon A Book Club review by recommending it to any reader looking for a one of a kind reading experience!


Will you be trying this subscription boxed based on my Once Upon A Book Club review?

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