18 Best Romance Audiobooks of All Time

Discover the absolute best romance audiobooks to steam up your listening!

Sometimes listening to a book instead of reading it can result in a completely different experience! Romance novels are my favorite type of audiobooks since the experience truly brings the witty banter and tension to life! So many of the characteristics I love about romance translate beautifully to audio.

However, if the narrators don’t have chemistry or they don’t match the character’s qualities, it can be a cringeworthy experience.  So, I’ve put together a list of the best romance audiobooks that I guarantee you’ll love!

I collected a mix of my personal best romance audiobooks and those recommended from fellow bloggers and bookstagrammers! 

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I also get audiobooks from my library’s website, so you can find out whether your library uses options like OverDrive, Hoopla, or CloudLibrary to find one of these best romance audiobooks.


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Best Romance Audiobooks


honeymoon crashers

The Honeymoon Crashers

by Christina Lauren

This novella was written SOLELY for audiobook, so of course it’s first on my list of the best romance audiobooks! It features a full cast of voices, making the experience a truly unique experience.

The Honeymoon Crashers is technically a sequel to The Unhoneymooners, but you’ll quickly get up to speed if you haven’t read that first. When Ami’s sister decides to elope, she organizes a secret ambush wedding to give her sister the friends, family, and celebration she deserves.   | Listen On Audible







same time next summer

Same Time Next Summer

by Annabel Monaghan

The audiobook version of this summer novel truly transports you to the beach setting, bringing the story to life!  This popped up on my radar because I loved Monaghan’s last novel, Nora Goes Off Script! Normally I’m not a huge fan of second chance romances, but this completely charmed me!

Sam cautiously heads back to her family’s beach house with her fiancé to scope out a wedding venue and introduce him to the best parts of her life growing up. Shockingly, she discovers Wyatt is back too. The boy who broke her heart at 17 and hasn’t talked to her since…

As the summer progresses, Sam can’t help but feel there’s unfinished business between them. She’s hoping to get the closure she needs to move forward with Jack, but Wyatt opens her eyes to all the ways her life isn’t as perfect as she thinks.  | Listen On Audible | Listen On Libro.fm





A Court of Thorns & Roses

by Sarah J Maas

Next up on my best romance audiobooks post is the first book in the insanely popular A Court of Thorns & Roses series by Sarah J Maas! This is actually a GraphicAudio production, meaning there’s a full cast AND sound effects!! It was a listening experience I’ll never forget!!

Feyre is a human living in poverty on the edge of Fae lands. When she accidentally kills a Fae in wolf form, her punishment is being taken captive by Tamlin, a lord of Spring Court. Despite her lifelong hatred of the Fae, she discovers they are dealing with threats that could alter their way of live as well as everyone she holds dear. And Tamlin isn’t the monster she thought he was. | Listen on Audible







well met

Well Met

by Jen DeLuca

This was a recent book that I “re-read” by listening to the audiobook version! It’s an all-time contemporary romance favorite and I was delighted to find it’s just as terrific on audio.

Emily reluctantly agrees to volunteer at a local renaissance faire and has no idea why one of the organizers, Simon, seems to hate her. The two constantly clash during prep for the event. However when the Faire starts, their new identities indulge in an unexpected flirtation.  | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm 





the off limits rule

The Off-Limits Rule

by Sarah Adams

The Off-Limits Rule stars a single mom who returns home to give herself a fresh start. Right off the bat, she discovers her brother’s former roommate is insanely attractive and actually a decent guy. Naturally, they both know her brother would flip out if anything happened, so they keep things entirely friend-zone only…for as long as possible.

The tension build up between Lucy and Cooper was scrumptious! It was thrilling and exasperating to read how they danced around their feelings, but all worth it in the end. The bits with Lucy’s son were also authentic and adorable, adding a lovely dimension to this relationship!  | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm






the duke and I

The Duke and I (Bridgerton Book #1)

by Julia Quinn

I first discovered these books as a result of the Netflix series and then fell head over heels for the novels!! They are witty and fast-paced and felt like reading a Jane Austen novel written in a modern style. 

The books follow different Bridgerton siblings as they navigate life and love. There’s drama, banter, family relationships, and conflict. Everything you could hope for in the perfect romance novel! Plus the accents make this a delightful addition to the best romance audiobooks. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm






the hating game

The Hating Game

by Sally Thorne

It’s the perfect time to listen to this book and then watch the new movie to see how they compare! A classic enemies to lovers romance with the added bonus that they’re coworkers fighting for the same position. This one is full of witty banner and delicious tension.

It’s one of the first contemporary romances that I’ve read and it got me completely hooked on the genre. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm





you had me at hola

You Had Me At Hola

by Alexis Daria

Thanks to Jess at ReadItAndQuip for this recommendation!  Jasmine and Ashton have an incredible opportunity to play the leads in a telenovela that’s being made by a huge streaming service. It’s a chance to make a break into mainstream Hollywood, but they’re each plagued by their own baggage.

Jasmine has been splashed across the tabloids due to a messy breakup and needs to be taken seriously. Ashton has a private life that MUST stay private, but all he’s ever wanted is to make it big. They both know the chemistry between them is dangerous, but they just can’t deny the attraction and feelings that keep deepening. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm






evvie drake starts over

Evvie Drake Starts Over

by Linda Holmes

Narrator, Julia Whelan, gives her voice to some of the most popular books of the past few years for good reason! Within her catalog are books by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emily Henry, Kristin Hannah, and V.E. Schwab!! So she’s a staple on this list of the best romance audiobooks.

Recently widowed Evvie Drake is struggling to get her life back on track. Dean Tenney, former major-league pitcher, can’t throw straight anymore, and doesn’t know why. When Dean moves into an apartment at the back of Evvie’s house, the two make a deal: Dean won’t ask about Evvie’s late husband, and Evvie won’t ask about Dean’s baseball career. But rules are made to be broken.

It’s always a pleasant change of pace to read about singles in different stages of life. A widow and aging baseball player certainly aren’t the usual candidates for romance. Ultimately, this story was about overcoming their struggles, with an unexpected bonus from finding each other. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm





love hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis

by Ali Hazelwood

This is one of the most beloved romance’s of 2021 for good reason! Ann from Reading.Is.My.Happy.Place suggested it on audio, so I’m excited to include it on my list of the best romance audiobooks. 

Calling all fans of enemies to lovers and fake relationship tropes! You’ll get a bit of both when Olive ends up kissing the first man she sees to appease her best friend and it turns out to be a well-known jerk. A sexy, scientific romp ensues which plays out oh so well on audio. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm




bringing down the duke

Bringing Down The Duke

by Evie Dunmore

Historical romance lovers will adore this first book in the League of Extraordinary Women series! Georjenna at ReadingThroughSpeech recommends the whole series on audio!

Annabelle has joined the suffragette cause and is tasked with convincing influential men to help secure their right to vote. Her assignment is the very traditional Duke of Montgomery. As sparks fly between them though, they both detest the idea of a relationship but just can’t help themselves. | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm





truth or beard

Truth or Beard

by Pennie Reid

Get ready for the Winston brothers! These bearded men are full of charm and charism, so you’ll love every minute of their antics, both romantic and otherwise. All of these would earn a place on my best romance audiobooks list, so you’ve got a lot of listening ahead of you!

In Book 1, Jessica is torn between the two identical twin Winston brothers. She’s always had a massive crush on outgoing Beau and rather despised the surly, Duane. At least until a case of mistaken identities has her rethinking everything…

Thanks to Brittnay from Neverenhoughbooks for this recommendation! | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm





act your age

Act Your Age, Evie Brown

by Talia Hibbert

I know this is the third book in the series, but bear with me if you haven’t read the first two! It works perfectly as a standalone novel and the fact that it legitimately made me laugh out loud is why its on this list of the best romance audiobooks!!

Eve takes center stage in this novel, bringing lots of chaos and a whirlwind of sunshine. Jacob, who runs the B&B where she’s hoping to work, is her exact opposite. Despite his protestations, Eve takes up residence in the kitchen and gets under his skin in ways he cannot help but admire! | Listen on Audible | Listen on Libro.fm



If you find any of these best romance audiobooks you love, use Libro.fm to support indie bookstores!

Share which of these best romance audiobooks you’ll be listening to next in the comments!


  1. Once I had got used to Julia Whelan’s voice (think it’s because I am in the UK and have to ‘tune in’ to any book narrated by someone from the US! It took me a bit to get used to EB White doing Charlotte’s Web and the Little House narrator as well) I thoroughly enjoyed Evvie Drake Starts Over and some of the issues that came up in the story. I knew nothing about baseball but I don’t think that mattered too much!

    1. Oh I would love to listen to Charlotte’s Web and the Little House books! Thankfully Evvie Drake did a great job of telling the story without needing baseball knowledge 🙂

  2. I’m rather new to audiobooks and borrow them on Hoopla. I personally didn’t Like The Hating Game as an audiobook. A lot of the novel was Lucy’s inner thoughts. This meant that there was little deviation in the narration, and my mind kept wandering. I’m learning that novels with lots of dialogue work for me as an audiobook because the voice changes for each character. I also like audiobooks with two narrators.

    I have been lurking on your blog for a few months. I really do enjoy your posts.

    1. That’s helpful to find what you really like! Thank you for your comment – I’m so happy you have been enjoying my posts. Hopefully one of these other audiobooks will be right up your alley!

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