12 Books Like Bridgerton That’ll Make You Swoon

Books Like Bridgerton For When You Can’t Get Enough Historical Romance

Whether you were first introduced to Bridgerton through the Netflix series or the books first, there’s no denying it’s a cultural sensation!

Bridgerton is full of drama, intrigue, wit and of course passion! Who wouldn’t want to find books like Bridgerton that will recreate that experience in your imagination?

Get lost in these historical romance novels that will fulfill the Bridgerton void until the next season arrives.

Also, most of these books like Bridgerton are the first in a series, so you can fly through the rest of the books!

Get ready to lose yourself in these bingeworthy reads!


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Books Like Bridgerton To Binge Read


ladys guide

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting

by Sophie Irwin

This Bridgerton women are undeniably strong-willed and tenacious, just like the heroine of this novel! Kitty has twelve weeks to find a rich husband after her family is left with her father’s debts. Within the world of the ton, Lord Radcliffe immediately spies Kitty’s scheming and is determined to keep her from conning another man. Except…the more they end up interacting the more they want it to continue… Amazon 



artfully yours

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting

by Sophie Irwin

Just like a certain Lady Whistledown hides her true nature, Nina hides her involvement in her brother’s art forgery endeavor in this books like Bridgerton option! Nina had no desire to help her brother, but she was hoping to use the money to persue her own passion – opening a bakery.

When their painting catch the eye of an art critic, Nina finds herself in a precarious position…even more so when he offers her a position in his household. Alan De’Ath has always had a sharp eye, but he’s quickly falling under Nina’s spell. Will their divided loyalties tear them apart or can they find a way to be honest with each other? Amazon 







by Lex Croucher

This is is literally described as Bridgerton meets Mean Girls, so it’s the perfect option for this list of books like Bridgerton! When Georgiana heads to spend the summer in the countryside with her aunt and uncle, she falls under the spell of it-girl, live life to the fullest, Frances. Frances and her friends bring Georgiana along on their hijinks and debauchery, all while maintaining a proper image in society. 

As Georgiana falls for a young man who’s unimpressed by her crowd, she starts to question what she really wants from her life and where she truly fits in. Enjoy a historical setting with modern day issues. Amazon | Bookshop.org






bringing down the duke

Bringing Down The Duke

by Evie Dunmore

Historical romance lovers will adore this first book in the League of Extraordinary Women series! This even made it on to my list of the best romance audiobooks, so it’s the perfect option to try on audio.

Annabelle has joined the suffragette cause and is tasked with convincing influential men to help secure their right to vote. Her assignment is the very traditional Duke of Montgomery. As sparks fly between them though, they both detest the idea of a relationship but just can’t help themselves.

Amazon | Libro.fm






cold heart

Cold Hearted Rake

by Lisa Kleypas

The fiery chemistry and matching wits will keep you turning the pages in this first book in the Ravenels series. A proclaimed rake, Devon, is suddenly saddled with huge responsibilities when he inherits an earldom. Including the late earl’s sisters and young widow, Kathleen, who still live there.

Kathleen knows better than to fall for this type of man, but when their interactions turn into an irresistible passion, she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to give him her heart. 

Amazon | Bookshop.org






the duchess deal

The Duchess Deal

by Tessa Dare

A relationship of convenience, similar to the beginnings of Daphne and Simon, will draw you into The Duchess Deal! The Duke of Ashbury has returned from war and finds he has a new assignment – making an heir. When a seamstress literally appears in his library in a wedding gown, his problem is solved. 

They agree to a facade of a marriage, in which her sole role is provide an heir. But Emma has terms of her own, that involve actually getting to know each other…

Amazon | Bookshop.org






to have and to hoax

To Have and to Hoax

by Martha Waters

It’s been four years since THE BIG FIGHT and married couple, Lady Violet and Lord James haven’t spoken since. When a mistake leads Violet to worry for her husband’s safety accidentally, she’s determined to get him back. Thus begins a war of one upmanship between the two

As they start to flirt among all the theatrics, they have no choice but to acknowledge what’s between them. Or face going back to a life they lived apart.

Amazon | Bookshop.org





Brazen and the Beast

by Sarah MacLean

Relive the delicious enemies to lovers tension between Anthony and Kate in Book 2 and Season 2 of Bridgerton! Just like Kate, Hattie has goals for her life, all of which do not include marriage.

She commits herself to the Year of Hattie, such as experiencing just a taste the life she’ll miss out on as a spinster so she can pursue her business goals. When a delicious looking man unexpectedly appears in her carriage one evening, he offers to help with her pursuit.

They immediately start clashing over power and pleasure and plans – nothing one of them willing to give in! Can they get past their own selves and admit they might be better together?

Amazon | Bookshop.org







duke of my heart

Duke of My Heart

by Kelly Bowen

Scandal strikes fear in the heart of every regency family! It’s no different for Captain Maximus, who returns from a voyage to discover one inside his own house. He turns to the services of Miss Ivory Moore to smooth things over.

Miss Moore has yet to meet a scandal that rattles her and her assistance to the Captain, Duke of Alderidge is no different. While she handles his problem, all he can think about is her. 

Amazon | Bookshop.org






a summer for scandal

A Summer for Scandal

by Lydia San Andres

If you love Lady Whistledown, this is the best of the books like Bridgerton for you! Emilia Cruz is the author of a popular serial, but she keeps her identity anonymous to avoid scandal. Meanwhile, Ruben Torres takes on a secret side project writing for a gossip paper and discovers the more he tears down the serial, the more attention his articles get.

He’s determined to find out the author and she’s determined to never be caught. Everything gets so much harder when they meet at a boating party and find themselves drawn to each other. 








the friend zone

The Friend Zone

by Abby Jimenez

You might not have expected a contemporary romance on this books like Bridgerton list but it has all of the drama, wit, and emotional depth of Bridgerton. Kristen is a straight talking woman with infertility issues who’s currently planning her best friend’s wedding. That’s how she meets Josh – the best man and all around amazing human. Except, she has a boyfriend and Josh won’t stop talking about how much he wants kids. They decide to stay friends despite the undeniable attraction.

When tragedy strikes, she’s forced to decide if she can accept his love. This is at times an extremely tough book to read if you’re a mom or want kids. I was a bit put off by Josh in the beginning, but he grew on me. By the end, I was so emotionally invested I was sobbing on the couch.

Amazon | Bookshop.org





the duke and I

The Duke and I (Bridgerton Book #1)

by Julia Quinn

Obviously I have to include the actual Bridgerton books! They are witty and fast-paced and felt like reading a Jane Austen novel written in a modern style. You can also find a full list of Julia Quinn’s Books in Order Here!

The books follow different Bridgerton siblings as they navigate life and love. There’s drama, banter, family relationships, and conflict. Everything you could hope for in the perfect romance novel!





Which one of these books like Bridgerton will you choose to keep the romance alive? Keep the passion alive with any of these books like Bridgerton!

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