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12 Best Summer Romance Books of 2022

Sneak Off With One of These Best Summer Romance Books of 2022

Summer reading is meant for light, fun, happy ever after novels! At least in my book 😉

I handpicked a dozen of the best summer romance books of 2022 that you need to pack in your beach bag, throw in your suitcase, or download on your Kindle for poolside reading!

These romance books feature vacation destinations, beachy settings, or are simply laugh out loud funny and full of delightful couples.

As always, let me know in the comments if you have any summer romance books of 2022 that you’ll be reading!


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Best Summer Romance Books of 2022




Part Of Your World

by Abby Jimenez

When you have to force yourself to slow down your reading pace to draw out your enjoyment of a book, but then still finish it in two days, you know you have a winner. This might just be my best book of 2022. It’s that good.

Part of Your World is a classic trope of characters from two different social classes, trying to make their connection work. Alexis only knows the high pressure, high status life her family has dictated for her. So she’s completely taken off guard by how much she’s into Daniel and the tiny town she stumbled upon one evening.

What starts off as merely a fling quickly turns into a far deeper connection. But there’s no way their worlds can combine…

I completely fell in love with these characters and the insane electricity between them! The progression of their relationship felt so natural. Plus, Abby transforms a simple love story into this novel that touches on harder topics, like emotional and physical abuse, what chances are worth taking, and discovering the value of a simpler life.

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beach trap

The Beach Trap

by Ali Brady

Two debut authors team up for this heartfelt novel. Estranged friends are reconnected after taking dual ownership of an old beach house. Over the course of the summer, they begrudgingly discover what they missed and loved about each other all those years ago.

This is the perfect blend of women’s fiction and romance. The characters find a beloved friendship again with a few opportunities for romance along the way. These polar opposite characters each have redeeming qualities so you’re hoping for the best for both of them!

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something wilder

Something Wilder

by Christina Lauren

This second chance romance is part love story, part adventure! Lily is the daughter of a famous treasure hunter, but learned early on to fend for herself due to her father’s long absences. Ten years after the love of her life and the ranch she adores are taken away, she’s struggling to stay afloat leading cowboy tours. 

Everything changes when Leo shows up on one of her trips. She refuses to engage with him, but Leo is desperate to set the record straight and win her back. Over the course of a week in the wilderness, they find themselves wondering not only if their love is real, but if the treasure Lily’s father hunted is actually real as well!

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! It was insanely fun to read: fast paced, heartfelt, full of twists and turns. Christina Lauren did an amazing job combining their typical romance with an adventure story!

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in a new york minute

In A New York Minute

by Kate Spencer

This book was a completely unexpected surprise!! I picked it up on a whim at the library and devoured it!!

Even as someone who strongly dislikes New York City, I couldn’t get enough of this story!

This has a classic embarrassing meet cute that leads to the sweetest relationship (and many many odes to NYC). If you’ve ever wanted to visit the city on vacation or are a fan yourself, this book will be right up your alley!

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set on you

Set On You

by Amy Lea

This is the perfect summer romance books of 2022 for anyone who gets sucked into fitness influencers or ramps up their workouts for the summer! It features an incredible message that’s a much needed play on “body positivity” and rampant “self love”. 

Self made fitness influencer, Crystal, finds a new nemesis when a brawny, annoying (but gorgeous) man steals her favorite squat rack. Their rivalry heats up each day they cross paths at the gym, until one night they unexpectedly meet in the real world.

The last thing she wants is to actually fall for this jerk, but the more Crystal gets to know Scott, the more there is to love.

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book lovers

Book Lovers

by Emily Henry

This is the undeniable hit of 2022 and a novel you’ll find on all the best summer romance books of 2022 lists! I have this sitting on my shelves, but I’m waiting to enjoy it on my own beach vacation in August!

Our two main characters are a literary agent and a book editor. Nora knows she’s not a rom-com main character, because she’s literally read them all. She’s a cutthroat dealer, without any of the charm, quirks, or soft edges she knows readers love. 

When her sister decides she needs to get away from the city and try to absorb some small town vibes, the last person she expects to keep running into is Charlie, a brooding editor she’s met many times before.

However, circumstances keep throwing them together and just maybe they are meant to be the heroine and hero of their own romance story.

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Save this list of the best summer romance books of 2022 for later!

summer romance books of 2022





by the book

By The Book

by Jasmine Guillory

Authors are pulling out all the stops for book lovers in the summer romance books of 2022!

Set in the publishing world, this novel features a black female trying to find her opening to take her career to the next level. She jumps at the chance to placate a particularly difficult author and get his manuscript in their hands. 

Not only is this a book featuring the book world, its a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which makes it one of these perfect best summer romance books of 2022.

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love connection

The Airport Novellas

by Denise Williams

There are so many reasons this collection is the perfect add for my best summer romance books of 2022 list! 1. The Airport Novellas are 3 short stories, making them quick and easy reads. 2. They take place in airports, a common destination when we’re traveling. 3. They’re only $1.99 each!!

Enjoy one of the masters of contemporary romance as she creates love stories out of thin air. Pick one or treat yourself to all 3 this summer!

The Love Connection | The Missed Connection | The Sweetest Connection






my killer vacation

My Killer Vacation

by Tessa Bailey

If you like your summer romance books of 2022 to have a murder-y twist, My Killer Vacation is the pick for you! Tessa Bailey mixes the two genres in this steamy, summer read. Two siblings are expecting a relaxing Cape Cod vacation, until they discover a corpse in their rental house and a ruthless bounty hunter at their door.

The bounty hunter wants nothing to do with the sister, but he begrudgingly teams up with her to solve this mystery. Soon, he discovers she brings out a protectiveness and sense of belonging that may stick with him long after this job is over.





roughest draft

The Roughest Draft

By Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Cowriters who were taking the literary world by storm ended up splitting on bad terms over three years ago…but they still have one book left on their contract. So, they end up hunkered down in a beach house in Florida hoping to get it over with as painlessly as possible.

Unfortunately, the book is a romantic novel and its forcing them to confront all the reasons why they’ve hated each other these past three years.

I received this in one of my Once Upon A Book Club boxes and had a ton of fun opening up beachy / writerly gifts alongside reading the book! It brought a  whole new dimension to my summer romance books of 2022 reading!

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dream on

Dream On

By Angie Hockman

When a woman wakes up from a coma seeking out her man, her friends and family tell her this Devin guy doesn’t actually exist. All of her memories of him must be induced by her injuries. Until, a year later she meets him in person. 

Shockingly, Devin believes her story and is willing to give this shot at true love a try. Despite protestations from everyone, they settle into an idyllic life. But fate might not be quite done with them yet… The slightly magical element to this story makes is a fun addition to the best summer romance books of 2022!








Rivals: American Royals III

By Katharine McGee

A young adult addition to this summer romance books of 2022 collection! Although this is the third book in a series, I’m including it because the first two are fantastic as well, so honestly just read all 3 this summer!

This series takes place in an alternate reality where the US has its own royal family! Readers follow the lives of the royal siblings, and those who love them, as they deal with all the challenges of being young adults, in addition to royals. 

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Which of these best summer romance books of 2022 catch your attention?

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  1. Thanks for your info! Summer romance refers to a romantic relationship or a period of romantic involvement that typically takes place during the summer season. These relationships can be short-lived and based on the excitement and freedom that summer often brings, or they can be longer-lasting and more serious. Summer romances are often associated with activities such as vacations, outdoor adventures, and an overall relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

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