20 Spicy Booktok Books That Will Leave You Breathless

Enjoy one of these spicy Booktok books!

Booktok is taking over as the go-to source of book recommendations! Any reader can find the genres they love, but I’m focusing on #spicytok. Those romance books that serve up some steam!

One of the most wonderful things about BookTok is that it doesn’t focus solely on new releases. Older books that are beloved by readers have a chance in the spotlight again! That’s why my list of spicy Booktok books includes both recent releases and older favorites.

Many of these are also available as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription, so if you want unlimited access give it a try! It’s currently available for FREE for up to 2 MONTHS!! This is an incredible offer and many readers have already taken advantage!!

As always, let me know in the comments if you have any favorite spicy booktok books that I missed!


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Spicy Booktok Books




by Emily McIntire

A Peter Pan reimagining that you never saw coming! I never knew this fairy tale could be so addicting. Revenge vs desire face off against each other in this dark contemporary romance. James wants nothing more than to get revenge against nemesis, Peter and he’s planning to use Peter’s daughter Wendy to do it.

Wendy’s life turns upside down when one night leads to a tumultuous love affair with James. She can’t seem to get enough – just as James planned. Except he never expected to start seeing her as more than a means to end.

Amazon | Bookshop.org




fangirl down

Fangirl Down

By Tessa Bailey

Fangirl Down was basically written for me, as a romance reader who developed a golf obsession the past 2 years! It features a fangirl turned caddie who gets into a relationship with her golfer. The banter between the grumpy golfer and the girl trying desperately to get him to fall back in love with the game is perfection. She challenges him at every turn and he finds himself falling hard.

This may just be my favorite ever from Tessa Bailey! It’s got the perfect amount of steam mixed with excellent dialogue and a ton of heart. | Buy On Amazon





things we never

Things We Never Got Over

By Lucy Score

Knox is beloved as the solitary hero of your dreams! He is perfectly happy living alone, but just can’t help assisting a literal damsel in distress when her life blows up in front of him.

Naomi is left with nothing…except an unexpected 11 year old niece to take care of…when her twin takes her car and all her money. She’s in an unfamiliar town with new responsibilities and no help, until Knox steps in. He doesn’t do drama or high maintenance, but Naomi is getting under his skin in a way he can’t ignore! | Read On Amazon Buy From Target for $9





zodiac academy

Zodiac Academy

by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

If you’re looking for a darker, intense take on Hogwarts, The Zodiac Academy will absolutely consume you! It’s a series of 9 books featuring twins who discover they’re heir to a throne they knew nothing about. Plus, they’re not actually human, they’re Fae.

Suddenly, they’re sent to a cutthroat school where the students will do anything necessary to become the most powerful and prevent the twins from claiming their throne! I wrote a whole post that’s the ultimate guide to the Zodiac Academy series so you can get all the details you need!

Amazon (Available on Kindle Unlimited) | Bookshop.org







Archer’s Voice

by Mia Sheridan

Get lost in this slow burn romance featuring a strong, silent main character that you won’t be able to help but love. Bree is facing her own demons as well, but she finds a kindred spirit in Archer, even though he won’t communicate. 

These two deserve love after everything they’ve been through, and they just might be able to find it in each other. Buy On Amazon 






ugly love

Ugly Love

by Colleen Hoover

It’s no secret that Colleen Hoover is the queen of Booktok! Her books are possibly the most popular reads on the social media platform. Ugly Love is one of the most adored, featuring an airline pilot and his best friend’s sister who give in to their attraction in a sex-only arrangement.

Neither Tate nor Miles are looking for love, so this set up worked perfectly…for a while. Soon enough, they realize that nothing like this is simple. And love gets messy. 

Amazon | Buy At Target






by Maya Banks

A forbidden romance, a sexual contract, a strict agreement not to fall in love. All are wrapped up in Gabe and Maya’s story. Gabe has lusted after Maya for years but as his friend’s much younger sister, she was always off limits. Now she’s 24 and she’s more than willing to agree to his terms.

They embark on a contractual relationship that they assume will eventually run it’s course once they’ve had their fill of each other. So, their connection is kept hidden from everyone they know. As deeper feelings develop though, they realize much more is at stack than a quick fling.

Amazon | Bookshop.org






by Kate Stewart

I honestly have no idea what to expect with this book, so fair warning going in! TikTok adores this, but I can’t really tell much about it from the summary! It seems like part of the allure is keeping spoilers safe and finding out for yourself!

Flock is a loose, modern Robin Hood retelling, which is a concept I love! 

Amazon (Available on Kindle Unlimited!)




hook line and sinker

Hook, Line & Sinker

by Tessa Bailey

Head back into the world of one of my absolute favorite books of 2021, It Happened One Summer! This time we’re following along with Piper’s sister, Hannah, and Brendan’s friend, Fox. When Hannah arrives back in town for work, she ends up crashing at Fox’s place, but makes it very clear she’s interested in friendship only. 

Fox, someone who enjoys flirting more than anything, is taken aback by a woman who only wants to be friends. But he agrees to her wishes happily to simply spend time with her. At least until he starts to realize he can picture spending his whole life with Hannah.

Amazon | Buy At Target







Ice Planet Barbarians

by Ruby Dixon

There’s no denying this is the most out-there recommendation you’ll find on this list of spicy Booktok books. I can’t deny I’m intrigued, though!

As you can see from the cover, the male character is…a big blue alien man… A human woman abducted by aliens becomes an unofficial leader of a group of women when they’re dumped on an icy planet. While out seeking help, she comes across Vektal, the previously mentioned big, very blue, very alien.

He agrees to help htem, but when he declares she’s his mate, Georgie realizes she may never return to her home planet.







spanish love deception

The Spanish Love Deception

by Elena Armas

Fans of office romances and fake dating tropes will adore this addition to my spicy Booktok books list! Catalina is desperate for a date to her sister’s wedding, but finding someone willing to cross an ocean is not exactly easy. When her coworker, Aaron, offers to step in, let’s just say he’s not her first choice. As they get to know each other outside of the office though, she begins to wonder if she had him pegged all wrong. 

I love the office dynamic and books that take place at weddings, so this is high on my list to read! It’s been a huge sensation in 2022, so you can’t go wrong!

Amazon | Buy At Target for $9






twisted love

Twisted Love

by Ana Huang

The new book covers for this series hide some sexy scenes behind the gorgeous covers! I’m tempted to buy the whole series before even reading the first book, honestly. This is one of the most widely recommended spicy Booktok books so I have no doubts you’ll love it!

Ava – the best friend’s little sister. Alex – the older brother’s best friend. A classic forbidden romance with an extra dose of grumpy/sunshine! Alex is a beautiful face haunted by tragedy in his past, so he never lets anything but his gruff, ruthless side show. When he is tasked with caring for Ava, something about her slowly gets under his skin in a remarkable way.

Amazon | Buy At Target for $11






the never king

The Never King

by Nikki St Crowe

A big divergence from the previous cover! The Never King is the dark romance, Peter Pen retelling you didn’t know you needed. In Nikki St Crowe’s novel, Hook was never the bad guy…

In this alternate fairy tale, the Darling women always disappear for varying amounts of time on their 18th birthdays. The only guarantee is that they come back broken. Winnie is on the verge of turning 18 and she knows there’s no escape from her fate. 

This is definitely not the upbeat, rom com romance. It’s dark, violent, and full of morally grey men and intense scenes, but you’ll be in for a wild ride if you’re up for it!

Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited) | Bookshop.org






neon gods

Neon Gods

by Katee Robert

A unique spicy Booktok books retelling that had me hooked from the first chapter! The legend of Persephone and Hades is set in a modern Olympus. I listened to this on audio, which was incredible due to the two narrators. The man in particular nailed the gravelly, rough voice of Hades.

Persephone hates her life among the Gods of Olympus, but things turn dire when her engagement to the notoriously brutal Zeus is announced without her knowledge. She flees to the only place where Zeus can’t touch her, the lower city where Hades reigns.

Hades and Persephone agree to a mutually beneficial relationship, where he very publicly seduces her and pulls her into the dark fantasies expected of his character. Their attraction is undeniable though and both realize their play-acting isn’t just for show.

Amazon | Buy At Target for $8



Save This List of Spicy Booktok Books For Later!






By Elsie Silver

I couldn’t offer up a spicy Booktok books list without giving you a cowboy/rancher option!! Heartless will have you longing to ride off into the sunset with a hot guy in a big hat and calloused hands.

Willa takes a short term job as a nanny for single dad and rancher, Cade. She can’t seem to grab his attention until a late night game turns steamy. All of a sudden they can’t get enough of each other, but there’s a ticking clock on her job and she’s finding the city life she came from may not be home anymore.

Amazon | Buy At Target






a not so meet cute

A Not So Meet Cute

by Meghan Quinn

I love these spicy Booktok books that are hiding behind sweet or cute covers!! A Not So Meet Cute certainly fits that trend.

A billionaire looking for a fiance and a woman trolling a rich neighborhood for a man to make her ex jealous. What a meet cute, right? There was nothing typical about their first date since they struck up a very business-like bargain to help each other out. But Lottie is quickly discovering Huxley is unlike any other man she’s met, in all the right ways.

This was actually included with my Prime subscription!! So you can read it for free simply for having a membership, no Kindle Unlimited needed.

Amazon | Buy At Target






haunting adeline

Haunting Adeline

by H.D Carlton

Haunting Adeline is BY FAR the darkest romance on this list, but if you want the quintessential morally grey, dangerous man then meet Zade… Be sure to hunt down and read any trigger warnings before getting into this stalker romance as it’s not for the faint of heart, but the readers who dove in absolutely adore it!

Adeline moves into her grandmother’s house and soon begins to suspect that someone is stalking her. She finds ever increasing evidence that a man is trying to get close and eventually she meets him face to face. Meanwhile, she’s discovering the truth about her grandmother’s past that is becoming eerily similar to her own.

 Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited)









by Sara Cate

This wouldn’t be a spicy Booktok books list without a billionaire popping up. Or a book showcasing the power of a man saying “Good Girl” which I think we’re all obsessed with!

Charlie’s new boss is all sorts of wrong for her…twice her age…owner of the Salacious Players Club…and her ex’s father. She knows all this, but he wants her like she’s never been wanted before. He makes her feel treasured, valued, and worthy. Is that enough to overcome the significant obstacles facing them?

Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 






court of silver flames

A Court of Silver Flames

by Sarah J Maas

There is nothing I want more than to stay in the world of ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses series) forever. So, for that reason I was undeniably thrilled to whip through A Court of Silver Flames. The 4th book is certainly the spiciest, with tension levels between Nesta and Cassian ratcheting up to insane levels! It’s no wonder it’s taken over as one of the spiciest Booktok books. To catch up on all Sarah J Maas books, you can check out my full list!

It was certainly more focused on character development and less on the intense action of the prior books. However, the journey Nesta took to overcome her depression and anxiety and showcasing her courage is incredible to read in a fantasy book. I imagine it will give so many other girls and women the hope that they can overcome similar challenges when they see themselves in her.

 Amazon | Buy At Target for $13





american queen

American Queen

by Sierra Simone

A love triangle plays out with life or death consequences in this spicy Booktok books finale. Greer becomes involved in a passionate love affair with the President of the United States…and his best friend. This story is a retelling of the King Arthur legend, with love and passion blooming between all three characters.

The threat of war is looming over all of them as they navigate these fraught waters and try to keep their enemies at bay…while also not betraying each other.

Amazon | Bookshop.org



Which of these spicy Booktok books catch your attention?


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