Bride by Ali Hazelwood: Book Review

The newest release from noted STEMinist author, Ali Hazelwood, is a dive into the world of paranormal romance!

Bride features a romance between a Were and his Vampyre bride – an enemies to lovers connection that will leave you salivating for more!

I was a little skeptical going into reading this novel, since I’m not normally a paranormal romance reader. But if anyone is going to get me hooked, Ali Hazelwood is the one! Bride is an excellent introduction to the world of werewolves, vampires, Alphas and more.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re willing to give it a shot you’ll find the payoff worth it!



Bride Book Summary:

A Vampyre sent into Were territory as the Alpha’s bride to maintain a tricky alliance finds herself immersed in this species she’s been taught to hate. 

As the daughter of the Vampyre’s ruthless leader, Misery is used to being sacrificed for the good of her people. For the past few years, though, she’s finally managed to break away and live an anonymous life among the Humans, even finding a soulmate best friend. 

However, her father hasn’t forgotten about her and he’s using her once again to form an alliance with the Weres – she’s about to become the Alpha’s bride. This time though, she’s planning to take advantage of her position to hunt down her friend who mysteriously went missing.

Misery has never felt truly at home anywhere, but the more time she spends with Lowe and his pack, she realizes she’s starting to put down her own roots in the most unexpected of places. 

When Lowe offers to help find her friend and starts opening up to Misery, she discovers a devoted, strong man who she can actually trust. Facing threats from the Humans, Vampyres and within the pack, Lowe and Misery turn into an unlikely team. Together they navigate dangerous situations and the growing attraction between them.



  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forbidden Romance
  • Marriage of Convenience


Steam Rating:

3.5 / 5 – There are explicit sex scenes and the unique nature of the Alpha werewolf’s coupling ratchets the steaminess up a notch! 


One Sentence Recap:

 The paranormal romance you didn’t know you needed!


My Full Thoughts:

This is a good introductory novel if you’re new to paranormal romances! The fantasy elements were easy to understand and the steady but steamy development of the relationship between Lowe and Misery was fantastic.

It started off a bit slow as Misery explained her current situation and the complicated relationship between Humans, Weres, and Vampyres. I found myself struggling a little bit to understand the political climate and why the hatred / alliances between the various groups existed.

Once Misery began her “sentence” with Lowe however, the plot picked up quickly! It was easy to read along as Lowe opened up his heart to Misery, despite the challenges he knew they’d face. 

Overall, I couldn’t get enough of these two and their complicated, but devoted relationship! Throw in an adorable side character who you’ll immediately fall in love with and this little family will easily win you over.

If you want more from Ali Hazelwood, you can discover all of her books in order!

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