8 Ali Hazelwood Books In Order: Your Ultimate Guide

Ali Hazelwood Books In Order: The Ultimate Guide

If you want romance novels featuring strong women in STEM, delightful banter, and a bit of steam, Ali Hazelwood is your author! I’ve been a fan of her since I read her debut back in 2021 and gobbled up each release since then.

You don’t want to miss out, so if you are looking to read all of the Ali Hazelwood books in order, you can find everything you need here!

She has a few standalone novels, a series and a collection of novellas so I’m breaking down the reading order for each of her books.

Grouped by publication date & series, I’m sharing all of the Ali Hazelwood books in order. I can’t wait for you to enjoy these spicy, female powered reads!

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Ali Hazelwood Books In Order



Bride (2024)

In a departure from her usual contemporary romance, Ali Hazelwood’s newest release is a paranormal romance! I can’t wait to see how she infuses her style in a world with vampires and werewolves.

A marriage of convenience sets the stage for this romance between the daughter of one of the most powerful Vampyres in the Southeast and the alpha of the Weres, their mortal enemies. Misery discovers that Lowe is as ruthless and vengeful as his reputation, but he rules with justice and more feeling than the Vampyres she grew up with. | Buy From Amazon | Exclusive Target Edition w/ Bonus Content!





Check & Mate (2023)

Ali Hazelwood books in order continue with her foray into Young Adult romance! Get caught up in the chess craze when a rookie takes down the reigning champ. Chess has torn Mallery’s family apart, but she reluctantly agrees to a charity match and ends up beating the infamous Nolan.

She never intended to continue competing, but the call of the game…and her new opponent is too strong to resist. I love the idea of getting to understand more about the game and how tournaments work through this novel! Plus, nerdy romances are my jam! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





love theoretically

Love, Theoretically (2023)

It’s insanely impressive to me that Ali released both a young adult romance and a contemporary adult romance in the same year! I listened to this on audio since her books translate SO well to that format.

Elsie is grinding away in the horrifying world of adjunct professors when the opportunity of a lifetime comes up. Unfortunately, her nemesis and theoretical physicist hater is part of the hiring team. To complicate matters, he also turns out to be the older brother of the guy she’s fake dating… These two are destined to clash, but he sees through her and challenges her in a way no one else has. When truths start to be revealed, they realize first impressions may not be quite accurate. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





loathe to love

Loathe to Love You (2023)

You get 3 novellas in this collection! Sadie, Hannah, and Mara are three friends who each star in their own short story – quick bites of romance that will have you falling in love right alongside them.

Stuck With You – Getting stuck in an elevator with your ex who broke your heart? Doesn’t get much worse than that for Sadie. Erik can apologize all he wants, but she’s not going down that road again…

Under One Roof – Mara thinks she’ll be the solo inhabitant of the house left to her from her mentor, but she shows up and finds the nephew was also granted permission to stay. With nowhere else to go, Mara and Liam are forced to find a way to cohabitate.

Below Zero – A perilous situation forces Hannah to confront her actual feelings about Ian, the perpetual thorn in her side who’s now risking literal life and limb to rescue her. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





love on the brain

Love on the Brain (2022)

A female scientist once again takes center stage, this time fighting against misogyny at NASA! Bee is thrilled to take on a new project that combines her neural expertise with engineering to create a life changing new piece of equipment for astronauts. Except…her co-lead is a nemesis from school.

She quickly discovers that Levi is throwing up roadblocks everywhere, just as she expected. With the project at risk, Bee forces Levi to hash out their differences and ends up things aren’t exactly as they seem. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




love hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis (2021)

The novel that started it all! The first of Ali Hazelwood books in order, from 2021. When I first heard about this debut novel, I was intrigued by the woman in STEM since they’re still rare in romance novels! I was delighted by the banter and fell in love with her writing right away!

A workplace romance / enemies to lovers / fake dating delight! Olive is a Ph.D. student who needs to get her friend off her back about dating. So, she ends up kissing the first guy she comes across and shockingly he agrees to be her fake boyfriend. Adam is well-known for being a jerk, so she immediately regrets their arrangement. Until she finds out he may not be the hardass everyone assumes. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




Ali Hazelwood Books In Order FAQs


Who is Ali Hazelwood?

Ali Hazelwood is the author of 8 romance books and novellas. She has lived in multiple countries and holds a Ph.D in Neuroscience! Most of her books feature women in STEM, thus creating “STEMinist” romance novels that are beloved by readers! She also is a self-proclaimed “Reylo” fan, rooting for the Rey and Kylo Ren romance!


Are Ali Hazelwood’s books spicy?

Yes – there are explicit sex scenes in her books, but the sexual nature of the character’s relationship is not the main focus of her books! She does an excellent job focusing on the plight of her female characters (particularly those in STEM jobs) as they fight to be taken seriously in their jobs and equally laying the groundwork for enticing relationships with their love interests! The build up to the sex scenes is just as delicious as the spicy parts themselves!


Which authors are similar to Ali Hazelwood?

If you like these Ali Hazelwood books in order, a few other romance authors that feature great banter, strong willed female main characters, and a bit of steam are Christina Lauren, Denise Williams, and Sarah Adams! You can find my favorite books of theirs plus others in my post featuring the best romance authors of all time!


Have you caught up on all of these Ali Hazelwood books in order? Which is your favorite of the Ali Hazelwood books in order?



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