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15 Billionaire Romance Books

Fall in love with one of these billionaire romance books!

The billionaire romance trope has taken off in popularity recently, with all sorts of romance readers discovering the unique personalities and opportunities a billionaire brings!

I rounded up a few of my favorite options that I’ve read and adored so you can dive into one you’ll love too!

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I hope you fall in love with one of these spicy billionaire romance books! 

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Billionaire Romance Books



the fine print

The Fine Print

by Lauren Asher

Buttoned-up Rowan has his reasons for demanding excellence from his employees, but Zahra is making her own rules. Working in the parks day in and out has given Zahra a unique understanding of what guests want, but she isn’t expecting one of her suggestions to actually get chosen for implementation. Suddenly she finds herself on executive Rowan’s team and subject to his demanding rules.

Rowan knows Zahra has what the company needs, but she’s also an unneeded temptation. He can’t let himself get close to her in real life, but when he reaches out to her with an alias he quickly ends up in too deep. As a Disney lover, I thought it was a blast to read a romance set in that type of environment!  | Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





beautiful bastard

Beautiful Bastard

by Christina Lauren

This writing duo is known for enticing contemporary romances, but their earlier novels included a series featuring billionaires! I didn’t discover them personally until later in their careers, so I’m excited to go back and read this series!

This is a classic intern / boss scenario, with an ambitious and intelligent MBA student and her executive boss. Chloe’s been assisting Bennett while he was abroad and he’s stunned to find the gorgeous creature he finds in his office when he returns is the same person he’s worked with from overseas.  | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Bookshop.org & Support Indie!




twisted love

Twisted Love

by Ana Huang

Ava – the best friend’s little sister. Alex – the older brother’s best friend. The first book in the Twisted series order is a classic billionaire romance with an extra dose of grumpy/sunshine! Alex is a beautiful face haunted by tragedy in his past, so he never lets anything but his gruff, ruthless side show. When he is tasked with caring for Ava, something about her slowly gets under his skin in a remarkable way.

This was my first foray into the morally grey hero and I was ADDICTED! I couldn’t get enough of Alex and his protective, overbearing, but clearly tender manner. Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





not so meet cute

A Not So Meet Cute

by Meghan Quinn

A billionaire looking for a fiancé and a woman trolling a rich neighborhood for a man to make her ex jealous. What a meet cute, right? There was nothing typical about their first date since they struck up a very business-like bargain to help each other out. But Lottie is quickly discovering Huxley is unlike any other man she’s met, in all the right ways.

I loved how this played right into the “find a rich man” trope in such an obvious way, but the plot was still surprising and so fun!  | Free On Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $10




wild love

Wild Love

By Elsie Silver

Elsie Silver has a new series!! Wild Love is the first book in the upcoming Rose Hill series, so if you love her small town spicy romances, get excited!

Our billionaire in this book was just named “World’s Hottest Billionaire” but he’s more concerned about opening a new recording studio in his hometown than silly fake titles. Life takes a wild turn when he discovers a 12 year old girl is his biological daughter and he’ll have to figure out this parenting thing.

To make matters worse, his best friend’s little sister is back in town and vexing him in all the worst ways. She’s desperate for a job, but can he stand being around Rosie without falling even more in love with her? This book has everything I absolutely love – a single dad, forbidden romance! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target






by Melanie Harlow

Have you ever accidentally claimed you were engaged to a hot billionaire?? No? Well Felicity now has. Trying to save face at her high school reunion, she mayyybee exaggerates her friendship with a well-known tech billionaire and then convinces him to show up to play her fake fiance…

The rumors spread like wildfire and they find themselves playing this ruse for far longer than they expected…until it starts to become more than just a fake relationship. If you love the friends to lovers trope, you’ll adore the tension that builds up between these two!  | Buy From Amazon | Get It Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Bookshop.org





Something Unexpected

by Vi Keeland

A standalone billionaire romance book that is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings! I couldn’t resist a wily grandmother and her worried grandson! When Beck’s Gram is given an unfortunate diagnosis, she decides it’s time to check some items off her bucket list.

Beck does NOT agree, so she cuts him off and forces him to communicate only with her companion, Nora. Beck trades messages and pictures back and forth with Nora but eventually decides it’s time to put a stop to their crazy plans. In an unexpected turn of events, he accidentally pisses Nora off even more but decides it’s the perfect time to crash their party. | Buy From Amazon 





king of wrath

King of Wrath

by Ana Huang

King of Wrath is the first book in the Kings of Sin series, which features each of the seven deadly sins. I’ve been absolutely devouring these! Their spicy and compelling – full of fascinating characters and men struggling against their title sin. | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target





The Stopover

by T. L. Swan

This series makes me want to hop on a plane more often!! Get ready for some mile high spice in these Kindle Unlimited romance books featuring 4 billionaire brothers. The first book, The Stopover, involves a chance meeting in first class resulting in an incredible day…and night together.

It’s been a year since Emily met Jim and hasn’t heard from him since…except when she walks into her new job and discovers he’s Jamison Miles – the CEO of her new company… | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon 







by Sara Cate

Charlie’s new boss is all sorts of wrong for her…twice her age…owner of the Salacious Players Club…and her ex’s father. She knows all this, but he wants her like she’s never been wanted before. He makes her feel treasured, valued, and worthy. Is that enough to overcome the significant obstacles facing them?

This book was incredibly hot! I discovered I am a huge fan of men using “good girl” because of this one!!  | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon 




under the stars

Under The Stars

by Laura Pavlov

This may be considered “Book 2” in the series but each of these books can be read as a standalone. So if you’re looking for the rare small town billionaire romance book, this is a perfect option!

A CEO looking for a new personal assistant ends up hiring Georgia, a kind but sassy woman who’s stellar at her job. Maddox is surprised by this ray of sunshine who keeps getting under his skin, but he can’t deny his feelings for her are growing steadily. At the end of the day though, he’s her boss and he doesn’t want to cross any lines… right? | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon 





The Worst Best Man

by Lucy Score

Brand New Cover Alert!! How gorgeous is it?? Francesca is taking her Maid of Honor duties extremely seriously, even if the wedding party is an absolute nightmare. She’ll do anything it takes to keep everyone in line, including the pretentious jerk of a Best Man. 

Aiden is used to getting what he wants both in the boardroom and bedroom. No one has presented a challenge like Francesca, but he’s confident he’ll get her out from under his skin before the wedding weekend is over. Little does he know life (and love) has different plans. Buy From Amazon



eligible billionaire

The Last Eligible Billionaire

by Pippa Grant

Is it worth putting up with the grumpiest of grumps if he’s got an enormous bank account? She’s about to find out. Begonia knows that Hayes is notoriously difficult and HATES dealing with anyone, but she’ll help him to avoid a secret getting out. 

All she needs to do is play up their relationship in front of his family so they’ll stop their incessant matchmaking. The time they spend together turns into some sort of friendship that also involves a whole lot of sparks. | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon




the royal

The Royal

by Susan Stoker

One of the variations on the billionaire romance book that I love involves a royal! In Susan Stoker’s versions, she writes a retelling of the Cinderella story! With his former military background, Callum has a protective instinct ingrained in him. So, he was does a favor for his cousin who’s love interest of the moment claims to have a stalker.

Callum doesn’t expect to be entranced by Juniper, the stepsister of the woman. Juniper is stuck under her stepmother’s cruel rules after her father’s death. When Cal offers her an escape, she jumps at the chance. They leave their worlds behind, but soon find that the threats to her family may be following them too. | Free on Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Amazon





marriage of inconvenience

Marriage of Inconvenience

by Penny Reid

In the last entry for this billionaire romance books list, we’re flipping the script with a female billionaire! Kat (formerly known as Kathleen Taylor – billionaire heiress) is trying to fly under the radar by giving up her family’s legacy. She’s managed until now… some mistakes from her past are forcing her to act.

She needs to find someone to marry and quick. Thankfully, she knows the perfect person. Dan O’Malley has no interest in her and she can trust him, which is all she needs. This contractual arrangement will solve all her problems. Except Dan has other ideas…. Buy From Amazon




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