Itinerary – Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Jay and I were staring at a four month travel drought between Vegas in January and London/Paris in May, so we did what any reasonable travel lovers would do and booked a short trip smack dab in the middle. To decide where to go, we consulted our new travel map. This beauty was a Christmas gift and has turned into a handy tool for helping us pick our next destination. You see, we want to fill in as much of the map as possible, so we try to visit areas of the country that are looking a little sparse.



This time around we selected the Shenandoah Valley, in western Virginia. I was anticipating great scenery, hiking and small towns. An added bonus is the chance to visit Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, and numerous wineries!

Day 1:  Departure

  • Drive five hours to Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Stay: Holiday Inn Charlottesville – Monticello
    1200 5th St, Charlottesville, VA

Day 2: Charlottesville

  • Visit Monticello in the morning
  • Find a lunch spot then select a winery or two to tour
  • Shopping and dinner in downtown Charlottesville
  • Stay: Hampon Inn Waynesboro / Stuarts Draft
    15 Foursquare Ln, Fishersville, VA


Day 3: Hiking

  • Find some local trails / peaks to wander around during the day
  • Lunch / Dinner in Waynesboro or Staunton
  • Browse the boutique shops in both small towns
  • Drive to Harrisonburg, VA for our night at a B&B (I finally convinced Jay to stay in one!!!!)
  • Stay: Silver Lake Bed and Breakfast
    1331 Silver Lake Road, Dayton, VA


Day 4: Home

  • Eat our (hopefully) delicious home-cooked free breakfast at the B&B!
  • Explore the small town of Harrisonburg / hiking
  • Knowing us we’ll probably head home fairly early to beat traffic : )

Estimated Trip Costs

Holiday Inn Chalottesville                                     $120
Hampton Inn Waynesboro                                    $110
Silver Lake B&B                                                       $145
Gas (10 hour round trip)                                        $50
Monticello                                                                 $25
Total                                                                    $450


    1. Thank you! Glad to hear you like that section. I’m constantly mulling over prices, so I figured there was at least one other person out there who’d appreciate that as well!

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