Reading RoundUp #38

April showers are certainly here to stay. Although since we’ve had snow recently, I’m not sure whether it’s really winter or spring! Despite the snow, I planted tomatoes and peppers for our garden on Easter. Now I’m checking each day for those tiny green sprouts! While I’m waiting, I’ve been reading a variety of novels. Take a look!

This week’s Reading Roundup!

Work Book (for lunch time reading):

To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey – After reading Ivey’s other novel, The Snow Child, I was eager to pick up this one. It’s starting out a bit slow, but I’m hoping things will pick up. The daily journals of a husband and wife create this story. The husband is on an exploration mission into the Alaskan wilderness while the pregnant wife details her life at their home. 


House Books:

The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkien – I’m making steady progress through the series! Two down one to go. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman- Practically every fellow book blogger recommends this one, so it’s time to pick it up. I snagged a hardcover copy at a book sale a few months ago for $1! 

The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd – We’re heading off to Ireland in June, so I’m taking this opportunity to reread this Irish saga. Rutherfurd turns history into fascinating generational stories. 


From Around the Web:

Top 10 Historical Fiction I’m a new contributor for a book blog I love, Literary Quicksand! In my first post I listed my favorite historical fiction that isn’t related to World War II.  

BookCon – It’s a dream of mine to attend this book convention one year. Coincidentally, in 2018 it takes place on our one year wedding anniversary. Apparently paper is the traditional first anniversary theme, so this sounds like the perfect gift, right??

Ready Player One Book Vs MovieAn extensive list of differences (with spoilers)! I love comparing and there were plenty of plot and character changes in the movie. It’s still a fun action movie that keeps the spirit of the book intact. Go see it!

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission if you purchase any items through the links above. Thanks for supporting my reading habit!



  1. I need to attempt Lord Of The Rings again, the first time wasn’t a real attempt, I just managed to get through it… but I liked the movies!

    What a great find on Eleanor!

    1. Oh yes please do. I think the first time I read them I was in high school, but I’m enjoying them even more now.

  2. hmmm i didn’t realise Eowyn Ivey had another book – i read the snow child years ago, i will fully admit i read it because i love the author’s name lol. i might have to check that one out. you make me want to re-read LOTR! it’s been years. hope you like Eleanor, what a bargain!

    1. I adore her name too – even more so because of the LOTR connection! You should absolute reread the series : )

  3. I really want to read Eleanor. I do hear great things!

    I’d love to go to Book Con someday. Granted, I’ve been really lucky to do BEA and that has always been a blast. You should TOTALLY go for your anniversary though. 🙂


    1. I was actually researching it a bit more and BEA sounds even better than BookCon to me now. I think the craziness that is BookCon might be a bit overwhelming. Can I ask how you went about getting into BEA? It seems like it’s more of an industry event…

  4. What a great deal on the Eleanor Oliphant book. I really enjoyed it. I’ve heard good things about the movie Ready Player One. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book but I’ll most likely wait to see this on DVD.

    1. I read Ready Player One twice in the past two years and I still LOVED the movie. They do change a decent amount, but if you watch with the right expectations it’s still a lot of fun.

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