8 Best Ways To Support Your Local Library

Discover the best ways to support your local library!

As a lifelong reader, libraries have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. We didn’t have extra money to spend on books when I was growing up, so visiting the library was a weekly (or sometimes daily!) event.

Now, I’m introducing my son to this beloved community through our own weekly trips. It brings me so much joy to see his delight at the sheer volume of books available. 

Libraries are often a critical community institution, but are facing strict budget cuts and lack of support. They provide an incredible variety of services that go far beyond checking out books.

So, here are a few of the best ways to support your local library. Let’s do everything we can to keep books, computers, communites, and resources available for decades to come!


Ways To Support Your Local Library


Check Out Books – Or movies or CDs or eBooks or Magazines! This may seem like an incredibly obvious ways to support your local library, but the volume of materials checked out is used in data that libraries can use to show they are a necessity to the community when they go ask for funding.


Go To Events – You may assume library events are limited to boring book clubs or toddler storytime, but that’s no longer true. Just recently, my husband and I attended a Game of Thrones trivia night! I’ve also seen historical discussions, author events, game nights, teen fandom debates, paint nights, and so much more.

Follow / Share on Social Media – The social media algorithms can be brutal for small businesses and nonprofits. However, Facebook, Instagram, etc are still sometimes the best places to get the word out about events, offerings, funding requests, and more. Anytime you like, comment, or share their posts will help boost it so other folks can see it too!


Use Your Workplace’s Matching Gifts Program – Some corporations offer a matching gifts program that will double any donation you make to a charity! Do a little investigating to see if you have access to a similar program. Then, any monetary donation is automatically increased! 


Attend Used Book Sales – Library book sales are my absolute favorite ways to support your local library! The books are often $1 – $2 and you can find a wide variety of options. Plus, the sales go directly to the library. Also, consider donating some of your own books to their sales. Then you get old books or already read books out of the house.


Become a member – In my experience, most local libraries I’ve used (I think I’m up to a running total of at least 5 now) have some sort of Friends of the Library program. You typically donate a designated amount to join for a year. This sometimes gives you early access to book sales(!!) or other events and you can participate in decision making meetings.

Ask about legislation – Government funding is a vital part of keeping a library running. Periodically check in with your librarians to find out about any upcoming regulations, budget adjustments, or other government decisions that may affect your local library. Then go vote or contact your legislatures to tell them your opinion!



Hopefully you’ve found a few new ways to support your local library! Good luck!


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