What I’m Loving Lately – October 2018

I missed my last What I’m Into Post due to this news!! Now that I’m feeling better, blogging and reading are picking up again. Plus, our fall is quite busy thus far, so I have lots to share! I also signed up for a free month of Netflix to specifically watch two book to movie adaptations. Now, I’m getting as much use out of the remaining three weeks as possible! Don’t forget to add what you’re loving or share your monthly wrap up posts in the comments 🙂 


TV Shows

Last Man Standing We’re thrilled this show is back and so far the first few episodes of the new season do not disappoint. The first episode directly addressed the cancellation, conservative politics, and new Mandy, which was so entertaining. After that episode they got right back into their usual mix of humor and heart. 

AtypicalI’m finally watching the second season of this show featuring an autistic teen and his family. The actor playing Sam is incredible and there’s drama everywhere this season.

Dawson’s CreekI’m jumping on this bandwagon quite late, but I’m absolutely hooked! I started watching on a whim and am almost finished with the first season now.

Nailed It! – This Netflix reality competition showcases the disastrous failed attempts of baking enthusiasts. We’ve all been there – inspired by Pinterest, but our execution is not quite the same haha.



To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han’s trilogy about a teenage girl who’s secret love letters get sent to their recipients is an absolute delight. Thankfully, the movie lived up to the book! I’m hoping they continue with the series and eventually release the second and third installments as movies also.

Rumble in the Bronx – I couldn’t decide what to watch one night, so Jay picked out this Jackie Chan action flick. It was Jackie’s first movie for American audiences and it is something haha. The dialogue is ridiculous, but his martial arts skills are insane. I enjoyed it more than I expected!

A Quiet Place – Despite normally avoiding scary movies, I couldn’t resist the John Krasinski/Emily Blunt combo. You’re dropped right into a dystopian type existence where killer aliens can only find you if you make noise. While suspenseful at parts, this wasn’t necessarily scary because you knew what triggered the alien attacks. I thought the story was interesting and the ending had quite an impact.



Check out my latest reading roundup post here! I’m currently reading:



Lancaster County Weekend – Back in September, we took a quick trip to Lancaster County for the weekend. We stopped at the Turkey Hill Experience (review here!), the Bird in Hand Bakery, and did some antiquing. It’s a gorgeous part of PA and full of things to see and do.

Philadelphia Zoo – My idea for my birthday celebration was a day at the zoo with Jay and my parents. It’s been ages since we went to a zoo so it was a lot of fun seeing all the animals and exhibits!

Board Game Night – Our friends stayed overnight for our regular board game get together in October. We continued played the legacy game, Charterstone and took a crack at the newest addition to the collection, Gloomhaven! Gloomhaven essentially lets you play D&D in board game form. It is incredible and we all can’t wait to continue playing!

Birthday Dinner – We celebrated my friend’s 30th birthday at a new Mexican restaurant in Allentown. You can’t go wrong with nachos, burritos, and catching up with friends!

4 month bump pic before dinner!

Women’s Bible Study – I started a five week bible study at church based on Christine Caine’s book, Unexpected. The group of women are wonderful and honest, so I’m so glad I signed up. It’s helpful having an hour and a half devoted to studying the Bible and learning more about God in the middle of the week. 


What I’m Loving

Hello Fresh – Whenever I fall into a cooking rut, it’s helpful to have someone else plan my meals for a week. I had a $20 credit to use, so I signed us up for another delivery in November. HelloFresh is my favorite meal subscription because the dinner options aren’t too fancy and they don’t take as long as Blue Apron to cook. If you want to try it, get $40 off with my referral link!

Fall Baking – Fall flavors are in full force at the Kamery house! I made a pecan pie and a pumpkin streusel cheesecake so far this year. Yummm!

EbatesHere’s another service I’ve been using for a while that’s particularly helpful during the holiday season! Ebates gives you cash back at a huge number of online stores when you make a purchase. They send you a check every 3 months. We just got 10% back on a mattress we bought from Walmart. The cash back is a percentage of your order and often they offer higher incentives during the holidays. Once again, I’ll peddle my referral link since you can get $10 free to kick you off! Hot tip – add the Ebates extension to your internet browser so it’ll pop up with an alert anytime you’re on a website that offers cash back. Otherwise, I’d forget to use it all the time 🙂 

V8 Juice – Although I’m trying to eat more fruits and veggies for my growing baby, there are days I just don’t feel like munching on an apple or carrots. So, I turned to V8 juice to make it all taste better! Sweet Greens is my favorite flavor so far. Now, who knows where I can find coupons??

Cross Stitching – I’m ashamed to admit it’s going on two years since I started this Harry Potter cross stitch! Since I want to hang it in the nursery though, I finally have an actual deadline. With the weather turning colder, I’m quite enjoying getting back into this hobby, especially when I can sit right in front of our fire!  

What were you loving in October?

Here’s what I was loving in August!


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  1. Congrats on the impending arrival! Pumpkin streusel cheesecake sounds delicious, I’m excited for Thanksgiving and some Fall baking. Hello Fresh doesn’t take as long as Blue Apron, what do you think about their meal selections? It could have just been the months I was signed up but they repeated a lot and one of the reasons I like them is learning new recipes. You definitely can’t go wrong with Mexican, always a good choice for birthday celebrations!!

    1. As I was browsing the menus again this month I did notice that a lot of their recipes are similar or use similar ingredients. That’s probably what makes them simpler/quicker to cook. Blue Apron definitely had more interesting dinners and new-to-me ingredients, so it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of it!

  2. That cross-stitch is adorable! I’ve been thinking about trying to learn cross-stitch – seems like a good small-space hobby, and ample gift-making opportunities.

    1. I do like that it doesn’t require many supplies and I can easily pack it away in a drawer when I’m not working on it. Plus, I can still watch TV or listen to music at the same time!

  3. I swear I just had a dream last night about Dawson and Pacey – how bizarre! You’re going to want to visit Wilmington NC after watching, I warn you. My sister and I used to take annual trips while the show was still on, and thanks to the studio tour we were able to go in many of the “houses” on the show. My sister ended up writing a letter to the owners of Dawson’s house and we were invited over to take as many pictures as we wanted to! (The folks at Jen’s house are horrible people – do not even look in the direction of the house.) So much of downtown Wilmington is featured in the show, and UNC Wilmington stands in for Capeside High. You know, I should just go with you when you inevitably plan a trip! I’ll be your guide (and then promptly encourage you to watch One Tree Hill since it was also filmed there)!!

    1. That’s hilarious!! I had no idea where this was even filmed, but it sounds like a terrific place to visit.

    1. Thanks! I probably should have started with an easier pattern, but it’s a little late for that now haha

  4. Congrats on the baby news! (My husband and I just welcomed our first one to the family just a few weeks ago. Totally worth the wait ;D) Also, that Harry Potter cross stitch is AMAZING!

  5. aw dawson’s creek! love it. i need to rewatch it. i named my dog after one of the characters lol, but i was 18. congrats on your news! i love ebates, i use it a lot because i order a bunch online for work. i love it!

  6. I love Atypical! So good.
    I was a big Dawson’s Creek fan as a teenager and I tried to rewatch it a few weeks ago. I just couldn’t do it. So much 90s angst!

    Super cute cross stitch!

    1. My husband gets up and actually leaves the room if I want to turn on Dawson’s Creek haha! It might help that this is my first time through because it is just ridiculous. Oh well!

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