Introducing My Used Book Shop!

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing an exciting addition to my blog! It probably comes as no surprise that my dream job is running my own bookstore, but as a rather practical accountant, I’m sticking with my day job for now. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to add a mini online used book shop to my blog!

Rachel’s Used Book Shop

Jay and I have accumulated more than 600 books over the years since we can’t resist a good book sale. We’re able to snag our books for terrific prices, so I wanted to share some of them with this community. I’ll continue adding new books as I read them or as we collect more, because we all know I’m not just going to stop buying them 🙂 Most are priced at $6 for paperback ($3 + $3 shipping) and $8 for hardcover ($4 + $4 shipping).

Also, if there is a particular book you’re interested in reading, send me an email ( and we’ll keep an eye out for it! It’s a thrill to hunt down books in great condition at our library sales, so we’re happy to help.

Happy reading!


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