What I’m Loving Lately – March 2019

March was certainly the month of anticipation. We kept our schedule wide open in case baby made an early arrival. Since he didn’t, we fit in some last minute outings and family get togethers. Head over to See You In A Porridge on Thursday for more monthly recaps from other bloggers.


TV Shows

Suits – I started rewatching this show on a whim in March. It’s a terrific lawyer drama and it’s fun seeing Megan Markle before she became royalty!

The Spring Baking Championship – I’m in Great British Baking Show withdrawal, so this show is helping ease the addiction. I like that they don’t make just cakes, which is what a lot of these baking reality shows seem to do.

Game of Thrones – With Season 8 right around the corner, we’re making an effort to wrap up Season 6 soon so we can knock out Season 7 in two weeks. Is anyone else planning to buy HBOGo for just two months so you can watch the last season? We’re pretty excited that the final season of Veep is happening at the same time so we get both shows!



X-Men 2 – We’re working our way through all of the X Men movies this year. I’m not a huge fan of this one (and ended up taking a tiny nap toward the end).

The Hangover – It’s been ages since I saw this one, but it holds up well. Ridiculous and hilarious rolled together in one crazy movie.

Whiplash – We used a few Amazon digital credits to rent this movie for a night. There’s not exactly a lot going on – a kid honing his drum skills with an insanely strict teacher, but the acting is phenomenal. It was hard to watch at times because it felt so real. Definitely recommend.



Check out my latest reading roundup here! I’m currently reading:



Library Book Sale – Our local library held it’s semi-annual book sale this month. It’s not large, but we still walked out with 10 books! The selection was surprisingly amazing, with us both snagging a few new releases in hardcover for just $1 each.

A Chorus Line – When a coworker let me know he was acting in a local production of A Chorus Line, I knew I’d have to see it! A friend tagged along to the show one Sunday afternoon for a fun day out. It was my first experience with that show, and I can’t say it’s my favorite musical but it was neat to see him act.

Trivia Night – We stopped by a local bar/restaurant in mid-March for their Thursday night trivia. Although it’s hard to compete against teams of 5 and 7 seven players, we held our own pretty well! The questions are usually tough, but not too difficult and they cover a wide variety of topics.

Setting Up My Used Book Shop – You may notice a new page listed at the top of my blog for my used book shop! Since we have loads of books in the house (and are constantly buying more), I thought it would be fun to sell them to fellow readers. We’re also taking requests if there are certain books you’re looking to read but don’t want to buy new!


What I’m Loving

Harry Potter Cross Stitch – As we counted down the days to baby’s arrival, I was also scrambling to finish this Harry Potter cross stitch. I started it over two years ago (!!) and am finally finished!!

Ibotta – I’ve used this grocery cash back app for years now, but lately they’ve featured particularly great offers on items I’m already buying. It’s ridiculously easy to pick out offers, upload a picture of your grocery receipt, and start earning! Plus, you can get gift cards starting at only $20 so it doesn’t take long to reap the benefits.

Fruit Pouches – These might be a kid’s snack, but I’m devouring one every day to get me from breakfast to lunch. I love that they’re the perfect size and extremely portable.

AncestryDNA Kit – When these went on sale over St Patrick’s Day, Jay and I each bought one. We just submitted our DNA samples so we’re eagerly awaiting the results!!

What were you loving in March?

Here’s what I was loving in February!


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  1. Hi Rachel –

    Glad I found your blog and appreciate the books and suggestions. I am rereading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy just for the pure entertainment I have needed lately. I will peruse your used books and bookmark your blog…for sure!

    Thanks again for sharing my friend!


  2. oh, so cool about the library book sale! i tell myself i’m not allowed to go to those because i would just go nuts. i am on a book buying ban right now and will be until i read at least half of the ridiculous amount of books i have at home. and don’t even get me started on all the ebooks i have, oy. so many books. i suppose it’s a good problem to have!

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