What To Read & Skip – October 2019

I ended up reading lots of 2019 new releases this past month! Fortunately, there was an excellent selection on NetGalley and Scribd. So October’s recommendations of what to read and what to skip feature more recent books. Since I rarely post full reviews, these are mini reviews of what I’m reading in October 2019.

I also slightly changed the format of this post. I still read books during lunch at work, at home and while out and about. However, I’ve started to mix and match them all. I broke down the books by format instead to show how I read (or listened to) them. So let’s get to what to read and what to skip in October! I’m linking up with Jana Says and Modern Mrs Darcy as usual to share what we read this month!

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Physical Books:

No Judgments by Meg Cabot – I read this new release for a book tour and posted my full review over on Literary Quicksand. A contemporary romance that takes place during a hurricane! Unfortunately, I wasn’t swept away by this one. I’d say skip it unless you’re particularly fond of the romance genre, hurricanes, or animal rescues!

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn – I only took one actual book to Florida for our weekend vacation, but I started and finished it there! I couldn’t put this down. It’s a take on Jane Austen’s Persuasion, which I didn’t realize before reading. Anne is an English professor hoping to obtain tenure when her former fiance takes over as the university president. She tries to grapple with her feelings for him, but knows her abrupt end to their relationship has most likely soured his feelings toward her. This novel is perfect for book lovers who love to read books about books!


eBooks (reading on Netgalley / Scribd):

The Simple Wild by KA Tucker – I posted a full review of this Alaskan romance novel because I loved it so much. I absolutely recommend this one both for the endearing romantic relationship and the heartfelt father daughter one that develops. The Alaskan setting adds a unique element that enhances the story as well.

Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch – I decided to read this young adult book after realizing it was set in Ireland! I discovered it while researching my book list of recent novels set in Ireland. It also features some of the characters from Welch’s popular novel, Love & Gelato. I adored that book and was thrilled that this lived up to my high expectations. A brother and sister end up on a road trip through Ireland exploring a local band’s roots. This features a number of popular spots in Ireland, so it’s particularly neat to read if you’ve ever been there. If not, you’ll definitely want to visit afterward! I liked that this focused more on friendship and sibling connections rather than a typical high school romance.

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella – Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy! I had every intention of rereading the Shopaholic series before tackling this latest installment, but then the release date crept up on me! Luckily, I quickly fell back into the world of Brandon (nee Bloomwood) 🙂 All the charm and hilarity of the series is present in this latest release. Becky is suddenly tasked with hosting Christmas for all of their friends and family members. It’s an enormous task, but nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix! If you’re into chick lit, you’ll adore this cute Christmas-y story.


Audio Books (listening on Scribd):

Tidelands by Philippa Gregory – A new historical fiction from a master of the genre! Her latest is set in the late 1640’s during a civil war between subjects loyal to their English king and those who prefer Parliament. Alinor is an abandoned wife living with her two teenagers on the outskirts of the country. Their poor, uneventful life is upended when a dashing young man who serves as a spy for the King encounters her on Midsummer’s Eve. I can’t get enough of this novel and I’m already dreading its end. The audiobook is particularly entrancing, since there’s an excellent narrator. The plot isn’t exactly fast-paced, but it’s enthralling and filled with unique characters. The political and religious wars also serve as a fascinating backdrop for this story.


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  1. I tend to enjoy books with Alaska as a setting – the landscape and weather are such that it’s almost a character in itself.

  2. I haven’t read a Philippa Gregory book in forever! I used to love her! I always think of Meg Cabot as cutsey YA, with her Princess Diaries series. I’m not sure I’ve read any of her newer books. Christmas Shopaholic sounds like a cute holiday read.

  3. glad i’m not alone with no judgments – romance is my jam but that was a definite let down.
    i really, really, really disliked by the book lol. but that is because i knew it was a persuasion retelling before i read it so had certain expectations that were definitely not met.

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