What I’m Loving Lately – February 2020

How was everyone’s Leap Day?? I saw quite a few bookstagram posts dedicated to the extra reading fit in on the bonus day. Our Leap Day just involved a trip to Lowe’s, takeout, and a bottle of champagne. Gotta celebrate somehow right?

Don’t forget to spring forward and turn your clocks ahead this Sunday! We legitimately thought it was this past weekend and only realized our mistake at the last minute 🙂

The nice thing about having a kiddo is he’ll sleep later on Sunday! We end up getting excited about the opposite time changes as everyone else. Spring forward – heck yes!


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TV Shows / Movies

The Witcher – The most exciting thing in the Kamery household right now is our dedication to watching The Witcher on Netflix! It’s a fantasy series based on a book/video game and we’re both completely hooked. It’s definitely a bit out there, to be expected from the fantasy genre, but the characters are terrific and the writing is solid.

Top Chef – I’ve watched every single season of Top Chef, but apparently missed the most recent one in Louisville! Since we don’t have cable, I have to catch it on Hulu after a delayed release. The amazing part is Jay and I scheduled a vacation to Louisville just days before I discovered the missed season!

The Bachelor – Yes, I’m still watching The Bachelor, even though it’s got to be the worst season in history. I’m so ready for it to be done. Bring on the next bachelorette!



Check out my latest reading roundup of February’s book recommendations! I’m currently reading:



I had a few 4.5 star reads from February:
Recursion by Blake Crouch – An intense time travel sci-fi thriller. This one kept me literally on the edge of my seat.
The Friend Zone
by Abby Jimenez – A unique contemporary romance that made me unexpectedly emotional!



Louisville Weekend – I was desperate for a vacation this month, so Jay and I booked a last minute weekend trip to Louisville! We dropped off Connor with the grandparents and spent two glorious days without the kiddo. Louisville is an awesome city for a short trip. We packed in a lot, including the Louisville Slugger Museum, Churchill Downs, and a few distilleries. Stay tuned for a full recap!


Major Blog Accomplishment – I sent out my first newsletter!! Just recently I set up a newsletter email list and it’s been ridiculously exciting seeing people subscribe. If you have already, thank you so much for sticking around to get my updates. If you haven’t, you can sign up easily in my sidebar 🙂 My goal is send one out around once per month, so hopefully I can make that happen.


Church Revitalization Team – I was selected to join a new committee at my church that’s focusing on how we can make the building more welcoming. It’s exciting to be part of a group that’s passionate about welcoming visitors and encouraging people to stick around. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can change!


Things I’m Loving

Swiss Gear Backpack – I packed everything for our Louisville weekend in this single backpack! It’s a lifesaver for short trips. It keeps all your gadgets, cords, and clothes organized. Plus, it’s TSA friendly and full of pockets and zipped sections. | Amazon


Cake Batter Chapstick – I have chapstick on me at all times and this is one of my all-time favorite flavors! It kind of feels like I just ate dessert? Anything with a hint of sweetness is a bonus in my eyes! | Amazon


First Lines of Literature Mug – It’s almost the end of winter, but I’m still regularly drinking tea from my literary mug! See if you can identify all the first lines listed. Don’t worry, the answers are on the bottom 🙂 | Amazon


Favorite Blog Posts from February

Fiction Books for Foodies – I adore books about anything food related, so I had a blast putting this book list together. It features novels with chefs, bakers, restaurants, bread, cupcakes, and more!


What were your highlights of February?

Here’s what I was loving in January!



  1. I watched the first episode of The Witcher and thought it was interesting. My husband hated it. So strange because he’s the one who would normally be into the fantasy genre shows.

  2. Ooh fun to hear about Louisville – my whole family is meeting up at a big AirBnB there in May for a long weekend, and I’ve never been, so I’m excited to hear more about the fun options! We will have kids along on the trip but also grandparents, so here’s hoping for a chance for a dinner out 😉

  3. Oh, I love literary mugs! A couple years ago, I went on a girl’s trip to Louisville with my mom and sister. We don’t live far, but it was really fun to actually stay there!


  4. Congratulations on your first newsletter! I’ve never done one before but they are fun to receive and maybe something I should look into soon. I’ll subscribe now 🙂
    Sounds like a great month and that chapstick sounds awesome

    1. Thank you! Just realized I should probably send another one out this month haha! It’s easy to forget it’s there…

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