What I’m Loving Lately – January 2020

It’s been two months since I last checked in with a life update! The holiday season took over and January’s all about moving forward rather than looking back, right? Our January felt slow and lazy at times and frantic at others. So, I guess it evened out in the end.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I always hear that most fizzle out by the time February rolls around. So I’m curious if anyone is still sticking with theirs! Let me know in the comments.

I rarely set specific goals, but I have a few things in mind particularly around reading and blogging. I’m hoping to continue to grow my presence on Pinterest and find an SEO course to take this year. I’d also like to recommend more backlist books – the oldies but goodies.

But before I go too far down that rabbit hole, let’s take a look at my favorite things from January!

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TV Shows / Movies

Jack Ryan – While John Krasinski will forever be Jim in my mind, he does a heck of a job playing a CIA analyst! I’m a few episodes in to this action packed Amazon Prime show and looking forward to finishing the season. We’re cancelling our Prime account (shocking!) when it runs out, so I have to wrap it up soon.

The Bachelor – This season is sooooo badddddd. Yet I’m still watching. I’ve decided capping each Monday night at 1-1.5 hours is plenty. Honestly, at this point I’m mostly watching so I’ll understand the Twitter memes.

1917 – The first movie I’ve seen in a theater in two years!! It follows two young men sent on a 24 hour mission during WWI to deliver a message through enemy territory and potentially save thousands of lives. This is an awards show darling for good reason. The cinematography is phenomenal and the story is completely compelling.

Beauty and the Beast – My favorite Disney movie because Belle is obviously the best princess. Books books everywhere! I rewatched it on Disney + while writing up this post!

To All The Boys I Loved Before – This is another rewatch. This movie is based on a Young Adult book series by Jenny Han that is absolutely adorable. The movie adaptation is practically perfect and I’m super excited for the sequel coming out soon.


Check out my latest reading roundup of book recommendations here! I’m currently reading:


My 5 star reads from January include:
The Martian (audiobook) by Andy Weir, narrated by Will Wheaton – A sci-fi adventure about a man left on Mars
A Night to Remember by Walter Lord – A nonfiction narrative about the final moments of the Titanic



Date Afternoon – Jay and I dropped Connor off with his grandparents and actually went to the movies! We saw 1917 (amazing, as mentioned earlier). We also ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and of course devoured two slices of chocolate cheesecake!

PA Bookstagrammers Meetup – I’m part of a group message with a bunch of other Pennsylvania bookstagrammers and a few of us met in person! We browsed a local bookshop then went out to dinner. It was such a delight talking books for hours and hours!!

Jeopardy GOAT Tournament – It might say a lot about me that this was a highlight of my month! In my opinion, that was must-see TV. I sat down at 8pm every single night it was on. I was initially rooting for James but I’m thrilled that Ken won after seeing him play.

Things I’m Loving

Cosori Electric Kettle in Matte Black – I’m a full convert to the electric kettle! We’ve boiled water for tea on the stove for years and years. Now, it takes a fraction of the time and I have more space on my stovetop! The matte black color looks gorgeous and I love the cute skinny spout on this kettle too.

Blogging Resources Guide – I’ve found this feature helpful on a few other bloggers’ websites, so I decided to share my own favorites! This list contains the tools and services I love and use daily to maintain my blog.

2020 Reading Tracker – Back in the fall, I attempted to recreate an Excel reading tracker to use instead of Goodreads. When I started adding fun graphs, an ARC manager, and other features, I figured it might be useful for other readers too. So, it’s now available for only $5 right here in my shop!


Favorite Blog Posts from January

BookOutlet Review – BookOutlet is one of my affiliate partners, but I absolutely adore buying cheap books from them. So, I broke down everything you need to know about their book selection, condition of the books, prices, and more! If you love buying books at huge discounts and don’t mind a mark or tiny scratch, you definitely need to check out their website.


What were your highlights of January?

Here’s what I was loving in November!



    1. Someone created a group message and kept inviting bookstagrammers who live in PA whenever they found new ones! It’s fun to share local events and chat about books!

  1. I also haven’t been to the movies in quite a while, but I’m looking forward to seeing 1917 eventually!

    I fast forward through probably 70% of The Bachelor. It’s too awkward to watch.

  2. oh beauty and the beast is so good! and i am so excited for the sequel to all the boys, though i need to read the book first of course! i really enjoyed the first one but just haven’t gotten to the second book yet. oops. that chocolate cheesecake looks SO yum!

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