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2021 Reading Tracker: Track & Analyze Your Books

If you’re looking to enhance how you track books you read, my 2021 Reading Tracker is the solution! Most readers have a method for tracking the books they read throughout the year. Some use hand written journals or note cards. Some turn to apps on their phone or Excel spreadsheets. Many of us use Goodreads (and then complain often about it’s issues)!

For the past five years, I’ve exclusively used Goodreads to record what I’m reading. However, as an accountant and book blogger, I know Excel provides much more flexibility, customization, and analytical capabilities.

So, I created my own 2021 Reading Tracker! This is a comprehensive tool for all of your reading needs. The 2021 version includes a tracker, TBR list, extensive analytics, and more!


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The 2021 Reading Tracker

My reading tracker is available for $5 and is designed for both casual readers and book bloggers/bookstagrammers:

  • Casual readers can take advantage of the detailed reading tracker to input books you read. It’s similar to Goodreads, but much more user friendly and easy to filter and sort.
  • NEW FOR 2021 – A To Be Read list to keep a record of books you want to read.
  • Book bloggers and bookstagrammers will love the ARC Tracker to help manage advanced copies and due dates for posts and reviews.
  • Everyone can see their reading stats updated real time throughout the year! There’s even a graphic that tracks your progress toward your yearly reading goal.
  • One of my personal favorite features is the ability to rate books with half stars! No more wavering between a 3 star or 4 star read! Anyone using Goodreads knows this will save HOURS of internal debating 🙂


2021 Reading Tracker

2021 Reading Tracker Analysis

For only $5, my reading tracker also includes a variety of tables, charts, and graphs that show you an in-depth look at your reading habits, including:

  • Progress toward your yearly book goal
  • Summary of basic stats including total pages read, average star rating, etc
  • Pie charts showing the % of male vs female authors and book format
  • New for 2021 – Diversity tracker that shows the % of books written by authors of color
  • Number of books read by month and genre
  • Average star rating by genre and publisher
  • And more!


Book Analysis




If you would like to purchase my 2021 Reading Tracker, head on over to my Shop!


2021 Reading Tracker


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