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19 Single Dad Romance Books That’ll Steal Your Heart

Swoon Over These Single Dad Romance Books

There’s something special about a man who’s good with kids, so it’s no wonder single dad romance books are insanely popular! 

Plus, in so many cases the side characters help take a book from decent to amazing. When you’ve got a sweet (or sassy) little kid along for the ride, you know it’ll only add to the story.

This list of single dad romance books has something for everyone, so I organized the books to go from sweet to steamy from start to finish. 

I hope you fall in love with one of these adorable dads! 

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any single dad romance books purchased through the links below. Please consider Bookshop.org if you want to support indie bookstores everywhere!


Single Dad Romance Books You’ll Adore



the match

The Match

by Sarah Adams

This is one of the first single dad romance books I read and it opened my eyes to this swoon-worthy trope. A few of Sarah Adams novels were recently added to Kindle Unlimited, so you can read them for free!! 

A rom com with a heartfelt twist, this novel dives into service dogs and the incredible job they do to enhance lives. Evie works for a company that pairs service dogs with individuals, in addition to relying on one herself. When a girl tricks her dad into pursuing the possibility, Evie finds herself spending way more time with the two of them than is required. Amazon





make a wish

Make A Wish

by Helena Hunting

Make A Wish is technically the third book in the Spark House series, but there’s no need to read the previous books to understand the story (although they are fabulous and I highly recommend them!!) We get to know Harley this time around, when she runs into the man she used to nanny for a decade ago.  

Based on their history, Harley is wary of becoming too invested in Peyton and her dad, Gavin’s, lives again, but she just can’t deny the little girl. As they spend more and more time together, she can’t help but fall for the man Gavin’s become. Unfortunately, despite this new attraction, he’s still dealing with issues from the past. | Amazon | Bookshop.org





cinder nanny


by Sariah Wilson

In addition to being a single dad romance books candidate, this also features a royal dad!! Well, I guess an Earl isn’t technically a royal, but a “titled” dad. Certainly more exciting than anything we’ve got here in the States haha!

In a desperate chance to help her sister with money for a much-needed medical procedure, Diana takes a ridiculously high offer to nanny a precocious boy for three months in Aspen. She mayyyy have overstated her qualifications, but she’s hoping she can bluff her way through for the short time period.

It all threatens to come undone when her charge befriends a girl who’s dad happens to be an Earl from England. She can’t keep lying to him about her past, but she doesn’t want to give up the chance of a lifelong love.

As a bonus, this is also available on Kindle Unlimited!! | Amazon




all rhodes

All Rhodes Lead Here

by Mariana Zapata

If you’re looking for a slow burn romance, Mariana Zapata is your go-to author! I just recently read my first of hers, Kulti, and was obsessed! ln All Rhodes Lead Here, Ora is looking forward to some downtime in a small town, far away from her former musician boyfriend. Scoping out her hot landlord certainly helps pass the time, too!

Tobias didn’t actually rent the apartment to her, though. His son was the culprit…but he’s more than happy keeping far away from Ora despite his son’s actions. Will Ora ever be able to break through his walls and get this stone-cold man to share some feelings!? | Buy From Amazon




the christmas fix

The Christmas Fix

by Lucy Score

Christmas time is here in these single dad romance books!! Noah is focused on two things, his daughter and putting his hurricane ravaged town back together in time for the Christmas festival. His philosophy is keeping his head down and putting in the work. 

That plan certainly does not need some hot-shot renovation star for help. Nevertheless, Cat comes barreling into town with grand plans of her own. The two immediately clash, but in a town this small they also can’t get away from each other… Buy From Amazon





once upon

Once Upon A Royal Summer

by Teri Wilson

Ok I couldn’t resist – this is another single dad romance books with a royal twist! This is a sugary sweet story that unsurprisingly comes from Hallmark Publishing. 

Lacey loves her job as a theme park princess and she’s flattered when she’s picked to escort a VIP guest around the park. To her shock, a crown-prince and his daughter are her new responsibility. What starts off as a few days in the park turns into a profound relationship with a magical ending.

I adored leaving my brain behind and getting swept up in this enchanting story! | Amazon




single dad

Single Dad Seeks Juliet

by Max Monroe

I’m such a sucker for “dating contests” so the premise of this one hooked me immediately (even though the cover is atrocious haha!!) A journalist is less than thrilled when she’s assigned her paper’s Bachelor Anonymous contest. After swearing off men, she’s the last person to host this cheesy event.

At least until she meets the chosen contestant. He’s the perfect package and each day she spends with him gets better and better. If only she wasn’t supposed to be helping him find love with someone else… | Amazon




just another love song

Just Another Love Song 

by Kerry Winfrey

A single dad romance books for all you second chance romance lovers out there!! High school sweethearts, Hank and Sandy didn’t make it through a long distance relationship after school. Now 15 years later, Hank is a country music star and he’s back in their hometown. Sandy never got the chance to pursue music but she’s happily running her own greenhouse.

When Hank and Sandy get roped into planning a town festival, they’re forced to remember what made them so great together in the first place. Kerry Winfrey writes the best rom-coms, so I can’t wait to see what this one has in store! | Amazon  | Bookshop.org





make me yours

Make Me Yours

by Melanie Harlow

An accidentally sent saucy text. A brother’s best friend. This has all the makings of an amazing romance!! Cheyenne was never ever supposed to reveal her crush on Cole, but a tipsy text message changes everything.

Cole is utterly unavailable – devoted entirely to being a stable, single parent to his daughter. Yet he can’t get his neighbor, the sweet Kindergarten teacher, Cheyenne, out of his head. I came across this while researching the best single dad romance books for you and now I’m dying to read it myself!! | Amazon





weather girl

Weather Girl

by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Weather Girl features Ari and Russell, two news station co-workers who end up “Parent Trap”ing their bosses to get them back together. The formally married couple has made life unbearable at the station, but there’s still something between them. So Ari and Russell plan date nights and romantic moments, never expecting to find love themselves! | Amazon | Bookshop.org







by Beverly Jenkins

I couldn’t resist adding a historical fiction option to this single dad romance books list! Set in the Old West, Tempest features a feisty mail order bride named Regan and a reluctant widower, Colton. Each have their own agenda, and neither outcome involved falling madly in love.

I haven’t read many books about the Old West but have always been fascinated by the woman who went West to marry men they’ve never met! This seems like such a fun read! | Amazon




wrong kind of love

The Wrong Kind of Love

by Lexi Ryan

I’m giving all the credit to the Romance Book and Chill subscription box for bringing this book to my attention! (Sidenote – get 10% off when you use code: NEVERENOUGHNOVELS10). 

The set up for this novel is wild – Nicole finds out on her wedding day that her sister is pregnant with her fiancé’s baby. So she flees and ends up in the arms of a stranger, hoping to forget everything that happened. Hoping to avoid her regular life, Nicole takes her sister’s job as a nanny for a new client – and who is the dad but the stranger from the night before. 

She never intended to get deeply involved, but the chance to untangle the truth keeps slipping away as she falls hard for Ethan. | Amazon




getting real

Getting Real

by Emma Chase

Get ready for a dad of three boys to win over your heart!! Connor’s a single doctor who never expects to find love in between his parenting duties and career as a doctor. But he can’t get the young nurse, who literally fell face first in front of him, out of his head.

Violet has had a massive crush on Connor but always assumed it would stay completely under wraps. At least until she catches his attention tripping over her own feet. These two are an unlikely pair, but want to give this budding relationship the best shot they can. | Amazon





tools of engagement

Tools of Engagement

by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is one of my favorite steamy romance authors, so I’m willing to forgive that this is technically an “uncle with primary responsibility” rather than a single dad romance books option! I promise it’s got all of the save lovey-dovey feelings!

The third installment of the Hot and Hammered series features a house flipping contest and an enemies to lovers romance! Bethany and Wes end up teaming up together to work on a seemingly hopefully house renovation. | Amazon | Bookshop.org





by Sawyer Bennett

Every spicy romance reader has at least one hockey guy they can’t resist. Get ready to meet Zack! After a tragic accident, Zack is left caring for his son alone. As a hockey player, his travel schedule and team demands force him to hire a nanny to help. 

Kate easily wins over Ben, which is the only reason Zack decides to keep her around. He doesn’t need another distraction, but the sparks between them are immediately evident. Kate knows better than to get involved with an emotionally unavailable man, though, especially her boss. Will that stop them from finding common ground…and something more? | Amazon





the nanny

The Nanny

by Lana Ferguson

The perfect blend of sweet dad/kiddo moments and sexy scenes! The new nanny for an incredibly hot single dad is obsessed with her new boss but knows without a doubt nothing can come of it. Until she notices the way he starts to look longingly at her too.

One night though, she recognizes a mark on his body and realizes he was was her biggest supporter of her now-closed OnlyFans account…She’ll never risk the relationship she’s developing with the little girl to pursue him so she keeps their past a secret. It’s only a matter of time before he finds out and things turn all sorts of steamy!  4 Stars |  Buy At Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org







by Elsie Silver

I asked for this spicy single dad romance books option for Christmas after seeing it all over BookTok!! If cowboys are your thing, you’ll definitely want to give Heartless a read. It will have you longing to ride off into the sunset with a hot guy in a big hat and calloused hands.

Willa takes a short term job as a nanny for single dad and rancher, Cade. She can’t seem to grab his attention until a late night game turns steamy. All of a sudden they can’t get enough of each other, but there’s a ticking clock on her job and she’s finding the city life she came from may not be home anymore. | Amazon | Bookshop.org








by Sara Cate

There’s no way I could keep this take on the single dad trope off my list. Praise is right at the top of my spicy TBR since it’s been recommended to me SO many times!  The twist here is the “single dad” is the main character’s ex-boyfriend’s dad. This whole “ex-boyfriend’s dad” is a niche trope on it’s own, so I needed to include representation on this list! It also appears on my must-read Spicy BookTok Recommendations post!

Charlie’s new boss is all sorts of wrong for her…twice her age…owner of the Salacious Players Club…and her ex’s father. She knows all this, but he wants her like she’s never been wanted before. He makes her feel treasured, valued, and worthy. Is that enough to overcome the significant obstacles facing them? | Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 



Which of these single dad romance books are you swooning over the most?

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