50 Bookstagram Ideas To Grow Your Account

Share your love of reading on Instagram with these Bookstagram ideas!

In my experience, Bookstagram is the absolute best social media platform to build a community of like-minded readers.

Between posts in feed, stories, group chats, and now Notes – it’s extremely easy to connect with other readers!

However, it’s easy to get burnt out or feel like you’re out of bookstagram ideas for your own content. This post will help spark some creativity with post ideas and share some tips if you’re looking to increase your follower count. 

From my research and own account, I’ve found the most important mindset if you’re looking to gain followers on bookstagram is finding a cohesive theme that readers can connect with you. You want them to know it’s your post when they see it pop up on their feed!

You don’t have to make it fancy, just consistent! All of the bookstagram ideas below can be adapted to whatever theme you choose.

Bookstagram also highly values engagement with other accounts and with all of their tools. Make sure you try out a Reel, add a Note at the top of your messages and post a lot of Stories! People love seeing the behind the scenes lives of the person they’re getting book recommendations from, so don’t be afraid to share non-bookish content!

Now, on to the list! This collection of bookstagram ideas is split up into 9 categories with a few variations listed for each. 


50+ Bookstagram Ideas


Book Stacks 

A go-to option for a reason! Book stack photos look beautiful and showcase a variety of books, so they’re great for aesthetics and information. The possibilities are truly endless, but here are some options!

  • Match Your Mani – I only use Olive & June, since it actually lasts 5-7 days with no chipping! 
  • Rainbow Stack
  • One Color Stack
  • Spell Your Name Stack
  • Stack for a Cause
  • Monthly Recap – Share star ratings for your recent reads
  • TBR (To Be Read) Pile


bookstagram ideas


My Reading Life 

Give a peek into your personal reading life with these bookstagram ideas!

  • Show off your cozy reading space
  • My Bookmark Collection
  • Open A Book Subscription Box (Here are a few of my favorites!)
  • Share How You Organize Your Bookshelves
  • A Glimpse At Your Physical or Online Reading Tracker
  • Your Favorite Bookish Accessories




Flat Lay Bookstagram Ideas

Flat lays are pretty much exactly as they sound – objects (books) arranged on a surface and a photo taken from above! I most often use them with a slew of books arranged together, so the entire picture is the front covers of a selection of books.

  • One Genre Flatlay
  • One Color Flatlay
  • Summer Reads Flatlay
  • Cover Art Theme Flatlay (Like the flowers below)




Book Review Bookstagram Ideas

  • Mini Book Review – Quickly recap the book and give your star rating
  • In Depth Review – Use a longer post to go into detail about the plot, characters, what you loved
  • Book You Disliked – A controversial, but compelling option. Share a book you didn’t enjoy and why
  • Host A Giveaway of A Book You Loved


Play A Game!

This strategy encourages comments and interaction! Plus, if viewers love a challenge they’ll follow to keep coming back for more games!

  • Guess the book title from a snippet of the cover
  • Guess the book from the first line / first page
  • Create a mini trivia game with themed bookish questions
  • Share a few lines from a book to guess the title
  • Show a few characters names to guess the title
  • Have readers choose your next read (use the poll sticker or have them vote in the comments)



Come With Me… Videos or Posts

Take your viewers along with you somewhere! These glimpses into readers’ lives are always a blast to see! Take a few photos or videos while you’re out and about. You can include entering the place, books you’re considering, what you end up taking home.

  • Come With Me To The BookStore
  • Visit The Library With Me
  • Sit In On My Book Club
  • Do a local Little Free Library tour
  • Experience A Bookish Event / Conference With Me
  • Introduce yourself and your bookish tastes (make sure to add text or encourage viewers to follow you if they share interests!)



Book Haul / Book Mail

It’s a problem all readers share, buying more books when we have a massive TBR pile staring us down. Sometimes it’s easiest to just keep your Bookstagram ideas simple!

  • Show off book mail you recently opened
  • Take a photo of the stack of books you’re about to buy while in a book store
  • Stack up your latest library haul
  • Unbox a book subscription box and show off what’s inside
  • Birthday / Holiday Bookish Gifts You Received


book subscription


Create A Graphic

It’s now incredibly easy to create eye-catching graphics using tools like my personal favorite, Canva. I love seeing these pop up on my feed in between photos of actual books. You can easily create helpful graphics using book cover photos to share information about books you don’t own!

  • Upcoming Book Releases
  • If You Like This…Read This…
  • Bookish gift guides
  • Book Quotes
  • Create A Bookish Meme
  • Book Discussion Questions


Informational / How To Bookstagram Ideas 

Graphics are also great for sharing bookish information in an easy to read format!

  • How To find eBooks / audiobooks at the library
  • How To support your local bookstore
  • Share bookish news (new books, book to movie adaptations, etc)
  • Current deals / sales on books or reader accessories
  • Ask For Advice – encourage followers to comment with the answer to a bookish question you ask
  • Upcoming Author Events / Signings


Which of these bookstagram ideas will you try next?


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