11 Authors Like Colleen Hoover With Captivating Novels

If you’re looking for what to read next, check out these authors like Colleen Hoover

Millions of people have fallen in love with Colleen Hoover and her incredible novels. Her ability to bring out emotions is unmatched and she creates characters that you can’t help but root for. 

For this roundup of authors like Colleen Hoover, I purposely picked authors with multiple books that fit her style. I want you to have plenty of options to choose from if you fall in love with one of these authors!

So, instead of just recommending a few books that mirror the emotional depth you’re used to, I’m giving you authors like Colleen Hoover that have entire backlists of material for you to read.

These are all authors I’ve read myself, so I’m thrilled to share them with you and hope you’ll adore them just as much as I do. I handpicked one or two of my favorite books as well, so you know where to start.

If you’re hoping to evoke some of those same feelings, give one of these authors like Colleen Hoover a shot!

Postscript – If you particularly like the spicy aspect of her writing, I have a whole post dedicated to steamy romance books!

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any books by authors like Colleen Hoover purchased through the links below at no extra cost to you – Thank you for supporting this book blog!

Authors Like Colleen Hoover


Josie Silver

If you’re looking for the emotional punch with a dash of romance, Josie Silver will deliver! My recommendation is The Two Lives of Lydia Bird. Lydia’s devastated when her soulmate and fiancé is killed in a crash. The grief is all-encompassing, until she discovers her sleeping pills allow her to be with Freddy when she’s asleep.

She has to decide whether to work through her grief in her real life or continue visiting the alternate reality where Freddy still lives. Doing both takes too much of a physical and mental toll. Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org





what you wish for

Katherine Center

Katherine Center’s books often feature a powerful message wrapped up in light-hearted prose. What You Wish For is one of those books I still think about years after reading it. It showcases how to find joy while dealing with grief in a way that completely captivated me while reading. I also love that the main character is a teacher, which is a profession so many readers can connect with! | Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org





Abby Jimenez

Abby does not shy away from very personal, difficult topics, making her one of the most similar authors like Colleen Hoover on this list. She does an incredible job showing how her characters work through those issues or circumstances. In Part Of Your World, the main characters come from two different social classes, and are trying to make their connection work.

Alexis only knows the high pressure, high status life her family has dictated for her. So she’s completely taken off guard by how much she’s into Daniel and the tiny town she stumbled upon one evening. What starts off as merely a fling quickly turns into a far deeper connection, but their situation feels impossible for a real relationship. | Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org





a not so meet cute

Meghan Quinn

If you love the spice from Colleen Hoover’s books, but still want to read an excellent plot, Meghan Quinn is your girl! She’s written loads of steamy, fun-filled, contemporary romances so you’ll have lots to choose from! Plus, most of her books are available with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (that you can try here for only $5 for 2 months!)

A Not So Meet Cute was my most recent read and I adored the billionaire / regular girl trope. It’s a modern take on Pretty Woman, which was a blast! Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy At Bookshop.org





key to my heart

Lia Louis

Key To My Heart is the latest Lia Louis novel that fit her perfectly into my authors like Colleen Hoover list! This book centers around a widow dealing with her grief, but it’s incredibly uplifting and heartfelt! Lia Louis does an incredible job taking a tough topic and guiding readers through her journey with care and hope. I adored this! Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org




one last gift

Emily Stone

No one handles grief like Emily Stone. At the heart of her books are characters struggling mightily with the deaths of loved ones. Yet, there’s undercurrents of hope running throughout that make you feel like you’re reading an uplifting novel. You’ll also find a romantic subplot that perfectly mirrors the personal growth of her main characters.

When Cassie’s brother leaves her clues for one final Christmas scavenger hunt, she’s not even sure she can get through it without him. As she finds the courage to go on this epic journey he’s created, she rediscovers lost love, establishes new connections with old friends, and discovers a meaningful life that she thought was hopeless. Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop





the ex talk

Rachel Lynn Solomon

As both a young adult and adult romance author, Rachel mirrors Colleen Hoover’s writing choices! She evokes the nostalgia and strong emotions of high school SO well! And her adult romance novels also capture the highs and lows of figuring out adulthood in an extremely relatable manner. 

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow is the best of her YA novels and The Ex Talk is my go-to for adult romance. 




twisted love

Ana Huang

When I read Ugly Love, I was struck by how wrong and flawed the relationship between Miles and Tate started out. It was tough to read, thinking they could never change enough to be what the other needed. It reminded me a lot of Ana Huang’s Twisted series!

In particular, the first book Twisted Love, features a cold, powerful man and an off-limits sister of the best friend situation! This was my favorite book of the series! | Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy On Bookshop.org




mother may i

Joshilyn Jackson

If you’re an avid Colleen Hoover reader, you know some of her novels (hello Verity!!) can get quite dark and twisty. Joshilyn Jackson is hands down my pick for authors like Colleen Hoover that bring out that same thriller energy.  

The lengths mothers will go for their children is front and center in Mother May I, making this novel all the more enthralling. Bree is forced to make devastating choices when she finds a note instead of her infant son in his car seat. | Buy On Amazon | Buy At Bookshop.org






Kristin Hannah

When I think of incredibly talented authors like Colleen Hoover covering an astonishing variety of settings, Kristin Hannah’s recent novels come to mind. Just like Colleen Hoover places her heroines in all sorts of situations, Kristin Hannah is the historical fiction equivalent. 

The Great Alone is my top pick, one of those books that still stays with me. It follows a family that moves to Alaska in the 1970’s who end up battling against the elements and internal demons to survive. | Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org





fastest way to fall

Denise Williams

My last entry in this authors like Colleen Hoover list is Denise Williams. She doesn’t shy away from difficult situations and ensures her characters face very real consequences based on the decisions they make.  

The Fastest Way to Fall is the best example of this. A journalist is assigned to test a new fitness app and ends up paired with a coach…who also happens to run the company. Both end up crossing professional lines and must decide if the chance at real love is worth the fallout. | Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org


Have any of these authors like Colleen Hoover sparked your interest? Share in the comments which of these authors like Colleen Hoover you’ll be reading next!

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