16 Enchantingly Spicy Fantasy Books To Devour

Get lost in one of these spicy fantasy books!

I’m primarily a romance reader, but I love diving into the world of fantasy too – so this book list is a perfect combination of two of my favorite genres! These spicy fantasy books are guaranteed to give you a dose of magic, adventure, and a whole lot of steam!

The wonderful thing about fantasy books is the possibilities and worlds are endless. I included a wide variety of fantasy genres, from magical lands to romance books about witches to mythology to dragons! The one consistent factor is a love story you can’t resist.

Spicy fantasy books take relationships to a whole new level. Potential love interests must overcome obstacles unlike any other: war, magical bonds, powerful enemies! The higher stakes add excitement and page-turning adrenaline to keep you reading late into the night.

As a bonus, most of these books are part of a series so you can get lost in these worlds for a very long time!

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Spicy Fantasy Books



Heartless Hunter

by Kristen Ciccarelli

I’d heard great things about this, but was not expecting to devour it in 2 days!! This is the romantasy book I needed after my Fourth Wing and Throne of Glass hangovers. A thrilling game of cat and mouse between a witch and the man known for ruthlessly hunting her kind. I cannot wait for the next book in the series so I can dive back into this world. 

Since her world changed forever, Rune has desperately hid her true nature and devoted her life to saving fellow witches before they are discovered and murdered. She covers her tracks by acting as ditzy socialite and senses an opportunity to gain information by wooing the worst witch hunter of all.

Gideon also realizes there might be an advantage to getting to know Rune and they both play a dangerous game as they spend time together.  | 5 Stars | Free on Kindle Unlimited! | Buy From Amazon 



court of thorns and roses

A Court of Thorn & Roses Series

First up on my list of spicy fantasy books is one of my favorite series of all time! Feyre is a human living in poverty on the edge of Fae lands. When she accidentally kills a Fae in wolf form, her punishment is being taken captive by Tamlin, a lord of Spring Court.

Despite her lifelong hatred of the Fae, she discovers they are dealing with threats that could alter their way of live as well as everyone she holds dear. And Tamlin isn’t the monster she thought he was. This series gets progressively more spicy as the books go on!

You can also find the rest of Sarah J Maas’ spicy fantasy books in my ultimate guide! Each of her series are absolutely worth reading! | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target for $10







by Raven Kennedy

A unique take on the legend of King Midas sets the stage for this dark fantasy. Auren is one of the King’s chosen women, a literal golden female in a world where everything is gilded. Despite her luscious surroundings, she’s still a prisoner kept in a cage. When a new deal changes her circumstances, Auren becomes aware that the price of freedom may be worth sacrificing for. 

Be warned – this has a lot of intense, dark content and is not a light-hearted fairy tale retelling! | Free With Kindle Unlimited | Buy From Target




fourth wing

Fourth Wing

by Rebecca Yarros

It wouldn’t be a spicy fantasy books list without the hottest book of 2023 – Fourth Wing! This debut novel took the book world by storm due to it’s thrilling dragon rider school setting and GORGEOUS first edition spray painted edges. 

When Violet’s mother, who just happens to be the commanding general, orders her to attend the elite dragon rider school, she has no choice but to try to survive. Everyone seems out to get her, including the dragons and it doesn’t help that she’s smaller and weaker than most. 

With the war getting worse and worse outside the school, Violet realizes there’s more at stake (and secrets to uncover) and she’ll need to graduate to find out the truth. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target

Make sure you preorder now so you can get the second book in the series, Iron Flame, with the painted edges before it sells out! 





zodiac academy

Zodiac Academy Series

by Caroline Peckham & Susan Valenti

I CANNOT get enough of this series!! I’m currently on Book 6 and trying to savor them because I know I’ll be distraught when it’s over! Orphaned twins Tori and Darcy are kidnapped from the human world and left to fend for themselves in a magical world where they’re apparently heirs to the throne!? 

The Zodiac Academy is a brutal, unforgiving school where they must simultaneously learn about their new powers and prove they’re worthy enough to stay, all while dealing with a foursome of boys who are maddeningly both attractive and sinister. If you’re addicted to spicy fantasy books in school settings, you’ll adore these books! | Free On Kindle Unlimited





from blood and ash

From Blood and Ash Series

by Jennifer

Readers RAVE about this series as the perfect mix of fantasy and romance! It’s known equally for it’s heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy love story. Poppy’s life was predestined at her birth when she was selected as the Maiden, a solitary, pure figurine waiting until her Ascension, where she will be given to the gods. 

She’s (mostly) accepted her fate…until she meets Hawke one night and later finds out he’s a guard assigned to ensure her Ascension. He stirs up feelings and questions in her that leave her torn between her duty and her desires. | Buy From Amazon | Buy From Target




Outlander Series

by Diana Gabaldon

This is a historical fiction behemoth set in Scotland in the 1600’s. Clare accidentally travels back in time and must learn to adapt or die. Thankfully she has the help of handsome hunk, Jamie Fraser! Major swoon status. The time traveling aspect pops up throughout the series, affecting both Jamie and Clare…her husband in her original life…and future children.

This is also an excellent TV series, which you can find on Starz! | Buy From Amazon | Get The Box Set From Target





neon gods

Neon Gods

by Katee Robert

The legend of Persephone and Hades is set in a modern Olympus. I listened to this on audio, which was incredible due to the two narrators. The man in particular nailed the gravelly, rough voice of Hades.

Persephone hates her life among the Gods of Olympus, but things turn dire when her engagement to the notoriously brutal Zeus is announced without her knowledge. She flees to the only place where Zeus can’t touch her, the lower city where Hades reigns.

Hades and Persephone agree to a mutually beneficial relationship, where he very publicly seduces her and pulls her into the dark fantasies expected of his character. Their attraction is undeniable though and both realize their play-acting isn’t just for show. | Amazon Buy At Target for $8






by Grace Draven

Two individuals bound by duty to an arranged marriage find that despite being two different races, one human…one not, the bond they form is greater than they could have ever imagined. 

In the human kingdom, Ildiko’s worth has always been in her potential for marriage. When she’s needed to seal a treaty with the Kai race, Ildiko finds herself married to a prince of the Kai, Brishen. He’s shrouded in darkness and completely foreign to her, but they find strength in each other. A strength that’s tested when another kingdom threatens to tear them apart. | Buy From Amazon





feral sins

Feral Sins

by Suzanne Wright

Did you know werewolf romance is a whole sub-genre?? Millions of fans love the fated mates aspect and swoon over the alpha males you’ll often find. Feral Sins is one of the best, so it deserves a spot on this spicy fantasy books list!

I love that Feral Sins includes not only a dominant male, but a perfect counterpart in his female mate! Taryn is a leader in her own right and isn’t afraid to stand up to Trey, an alpha from a different pack. The two form recognize that convincing their respective packs that they’re mates will benefit them both. What starts as an act may not be fake for long, though! | Free on Kindle Unlimited




a marvellous light

A Marvellous Light

by Freya Marske

A baronet’s reality is altered forever when he’s assigned as the liaison for a secret, magical society.  With beautiful world-building and a fascinating magical system, A Marvellous Light is a delight for fantasy readers.

Robin is completely out of his element as he gets to know this new world. It’s no help that his magical counterpart in the society’s government is clearly not a fan. Edwin and Robin are forced to work together to find out what happened to Robin’s predecessor, though. Their time spent together becomes more dangerous, but also results in something blooming between them.  | Buy From Amazon (Free With Kindle Unlimited!)





promise of darkness

Promise of Darkness

by Bec McMaster

A classic struggle between love and duty. Princess Vi is at the center of a bitter war between rival Fae courts. Her mother, the Queen of Thorns is ruthless in her attempt to destroy the Prince of Evernight. Vi is sent to Prince Thiago’s court in recognition of an ancient treaty, but her mother is sending her as an assassin. 

However, when Vi arrives and starts to unravel Thiago’s secrets she can’t go through with her mother’s orders. Forced to reconsider everything she’s known her entire life, is Vi willing to give up her family for love? And will they all survive when a curse threatens the Fae everywhere? | Buy From Amazon







by Jay Kristoff

A young woman seeking revenge is taken in by a trained killer and sent to a school for assassins. This school is not just for teaching…in order to become a chosen killer she must actually survive all the trials thrown at her. If she fails – she dies. 

While at school, Mia not only learns to wield the shadows she attracts but also explores her desires for the first time. Sex and bloodlust are mixed together in this dark coming of age fantasy novel.  Buy From Amazon






the bridge kingdom

The Bridge Kingdom

by Danielle Jensen

I guarantee this spicy fantasy books option will hook you from the very beginning! A warrior princess is sent to bring down the Bridge Kingdom from within it’s own walls. Lara has known her whole life that her enemy is The Bridge Kingdom and it’s King, Aren. So, she’s going to be the one to destroy him.

When she’s accepted as his bride, Lara is given the chance to fulfill her life’s destiny. Except the more time she spends in the Bridge Kingdom, the more she understands about the King, his people, and their purpose. She never expected to develop passionate feelings for her fiercest enemy. Ultimately, the choice is hers. Will she save her former home or her new love? Buy From Amazon





promise of fire

A Promise of Fire

by Amanda Bouchet

Fans rave about this series for anyone who loved Sarah J Maas and Jennifer Armentrout, so it deserves a place on this list of spicy fantasy books! When a novel starts off with a kidnapping, you know it’s going to be an adventure! 

As a Kingmaker, Cat knows she’ll be hunted for her gifts if she reveals what she is. So, she’s perfectly content disguising herself within a traveling circus. Until she locks eyes with Griffin and ends up kidnapped. Griffin needs her help to keep his new kingdom, but he’s having trouble even keeping her by his side. There’s so much delicious banter and tension as these two strong personalities clash at first! | Buy From Amazon





stars are dying

The Stars Are Dying

by Chloe C Penaranda

The last book on my spicy fantasy books list includes a variety of magical creatures and one woman trying to find her place in the world. Having broke free from her captor, Astraea is left trying to find safety in a region under threat of vampires. Throughout her journey, she’s visited by the mysterious Nyte who seems to live in between her world and the stars. 

She ultimately decides to fight in a series of trials to win protection for her region from the vampires. Will she have the cunning and strength to emerge triumphant? And will she give her heart over to Nyte? I can’t wait to find out! | Free With Kindle Unlimited



Did one of these spicy fantasy books catch your eye? If so, share which of the spicy fantasy books you’ll be picking up next in the comments!

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